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Choose The Right Musical Instrument For Your Children

Have you ever realized which music instrument that your children will enjoy the most? Is it really good for us to decide what the best instrument is for them to learn, solely based on the most popular instrument learnt by others?

Teach Your Children To Accept Failures

Is it right for us to always deliberately lose to our children while playing games with them? It doesn’t serve any purpose when it gives ways to their reluctance to accept failure.

Fantastic Weekend With Theater Performance

Looking for a fun weekend for your kids? Well, now you can give them a fun and educational weekend in May!

Pretend Play With Your Kids

Include pretend play as one of the elements apart from other learning activities you have scheduled for your kids. Let them roam free in the world of playing, and build up their foundation with fun!

Brand Your Family

How you define your family, will be how your children are going to define themselves.

Help Your Baby Learn To Talk

The first three years of your baby’s life is the most crucial period to learn to talk. Whether he can develop his language skills early or later, it really has to depend on the both your “baby talk” skills and your baby’s learning abilities.

Discipline vs. Punishment

Punishment controls child’s behavior through pains or unpleasant experiences. It only stops the undesired behavior for a short time, Discipline teaches them self-control, awareness about the benefit of doing right things, and doing things right.

Develop Healthy Habits By Playing

Playing - through physical activities or games-which is previously perceived to be unproductive to learning, have been shown to assist children in establishing healthy habits and behavior.

Cultivate Good Eating Habits From Young

There can be plenty of interesting ways to instill good eating habits in your children.

What to do When Your Child Has a Nightmare?

It is important that you attend to a child who suddenly cries out in the middle of the night as fast as you can.