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Teach Your Children to Respect Other Religions

Teaching your child to respect other religions as well as the people of other faiths can be key in upholding the peace and harmony of the community and country alike. So how do you talk about this sensitive subject without being prejudiced yourself?

Creating learning opportunities at home

Young children are natural mathematicians and scientists because of their desire to explore, experiment and their natural curiosity. Here are things you can do with your pre-schooler at home to increase his learning experience.

7 Ways to Promote Creativity in Preschoolers

By the time your child is 4 years old, you will begin to notice how they use their creativity and imagination to play, interact, make decisions and solve problems. Here are some top ways to promote creativity and imagination with your children.

Pet Power

From bringing joy to protecting to boosting self-esteem, the power of a pet cannot and should not be underestimated, especially on a young child. Here are the benefits of having a pet for your child.

Where Did Grandpa Go?

Children will experience losing something important at some points of their life. It could be a lost toy or maybe something more traumatic like the death of a loved one. Let's look at how we can guide them on coping with death.

How to Teach Your Child About Strangers

How do you tell your child which stranger is nice and which is bad? How do you teach them to be wary of strangers but yet not to be scared of everyone? Teach your child about strangers the effective way with these tips.

Staying Sane While Being an SAHM

Feeling like you’re going to lose your mind if your child spills juice all over the carpet one more time? Maybe you think being an SAHM is not for you after all? Hold that thought and read these tips to transform from Screaming Mom to Sane Mom.

How to Handle Different Parenting Styles in Family

The caretakers of our children, and even our partner, have their own ideas of parenting and sometimes these ideas may not suit us. Here are some tips when it comes to handling different parenting styles.

How to Handle Your Toddlers’ Tantrums

Handling a toddler’s tantrum can be a challenge especially for first-time parents, but knowing the basic things to do when faced with a tantrum can at least lessen the stress and pressure of pacifying your toddler.

Five Ways to Prepare your Child for Preschool

Try these helpful tips at preparing your child for preschool. These tips are aimed at getting your child to do the three most important things in a preschool – listen, follow directions and get along in a group.