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Published: 28/04/2014

Migration – Better Future for Your Children?

Many Malaysian families are either sending their kids to boarding schools or migrating themselves for a better future. There are obviously many pros and cons to this decision. Is it all worth it?

Published: 10/04/2014

Parents’ Role in Children’s Education

Contrary to popular belief, your child’s education is not only their teacher’s responsibility. Your contribution to their education is just as important.

Published: 24/03/2014

Positive Parents

On the surface, being positive may seem like an easy thing to do. Hey, all you have to do is think and act positive right? Not quite. Read on to learn how to be and stay as a positive parent.

Published: 11/03/2014

My Child Hates Losing!

Young children especially around ages 5 – 6 hate losing whenever they play games. However, competition can be used as a tool to teach children how to handle a situation when they do not win or get what they want.

Published: 04/03/2014

10 Things to Avoid When Disciplining Your Child

Why does disciplining my child always seem impossible? No matter how many times I tell them to pick up their toys, they act like they can’t hear me! What else can I do? Perhaps, telling them too many times is the problem.

Published: 25/02/2014

Mommy I'm Sad...

Current society’s demands make life stressful even for kids. Hence depression is becoming increasingly common. Signs that will alert you as to whether your child is depressed and how you can help them through this difficult time.

Published: 17/02/2014

Why Preschool Education is Important For Your Child?

Preschools are the right places for children to develop in academic, social and emotional ways – all the pre requisites of entering the Primary School years.

Published: 22/01/2014

Better than iPad

Old school games like "batu seremban" or "lompat getah" may sound alien to kids nowadays. But for parents, we know how much fun they can be. So why not bring the good ol’ games back and have fun with your kids!

Published: 06/01/2014

Do You Really Need Insurance for Your Kids?

With the ever-increasing medical costs and reported cases of critical illnesses among children, it’s no wonder parents are busy buying insurance policies for their kids. But do you really need insurance for your kids? Read on before you decide.

Published: 01/01/2014

Why Do Most People Prefer a Boy?

Boys are easier to take care? Boys are less clingy? Why do most people prefer a boy to a girl? It may sound like an old-fashioned belief but surprisingly many families still prefer a boy.