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Campus Rangers International School, 9Seputeh

Recent Reviews

Taska Ceritamu, Kelana Jaya

Dear Ceritamu, First and foremost, we would like to thank the teachers involved with Karlsen for providing him a positive learning environment. We are very supportive of the balanced teaching concept of academic. physical activities and arts and crafts. He really enjoys going to school from Day 1. Although he is unable to complete the full term in school. we can see tremendous growth in him in year 2020 alone, particularly being independent on a few areas. Karlsen also mentioned occasionally that he loves his teachers and friends. We are glad that he is able to spend another year with Taska Ceritamu. Teachers, keep doing what you do best and spread your teaching passion around for more children to enjoy. See you in year 2021!

Kok Soon Weng (Kelven) & Dang Slyvien
Tadika Mutiara Cerah (Bright Pearl Educare Centre), Subang Bestari

My son is a very talkative and naughty boy. He needs someone to serve him eat and carry his bag. His study is quite bad too. The first day he went to bright pear, he cry for being scared without mummy. But that day evening, Ms Tee sent me some pictures about my boy playing very enjoy with his new friends. The teachers are very patient. They read stories and play games to let the children understand the class more. My son always share the fun things he does in school to me. He also start enjoy study. During the living skills sections, they learn how to do some house chores. Now, my son often help me to wipe the table and sweep the floor. Every time when the school trip comes, he will be super excited to go out with his friends. The teachers there also train my son to be not picky in food. They also train him to be self discipline and responsible. Bright pear is a well trained preschool

Ms Yan (Yap Ming Hao's mum)
Tadika Mutiara Cerah (Bright Pearl Educare Centre), Subang Bestari

女儿在三岁时就已在乐乐明珠就读,直至今年6岁。。。 从她爱哭的性格到她会拿着扫把,桌布等等帮我分担一些简单的家务,这些生活技能,是老师们的教导 从她不爱说话的性格到她现在会阅完一本故事书,虽然偶尔读错音,读错字,但她会不耻下问并且完成她的阅读,这不屈不挠的精神,我知道也是老师们的教导 当然,女儿的进步不仅如此,老师们的教学方式也不再只是在乏味的课本上要孩子们生硬死背。 老师们都会透过生动形式来让小朋友们辨认,辨识,辩解123是充满趣味的,abc是可爱的以及富有创意的是部首与笔画 使得数字,字母与文字不再枯燥,上学不再打瞌睡。。 我希望我的孩子们在一个无压力的幼儿园爱上上学,而乐乐明珠也会是我第二孩子的首选

Ms Tan Chin Yen(Eunice Lee's mum)
Mama Kids Early Childhood, Seri Kembangan

Saya memilih Mamakids kerana yang pertama fasiliti dan tempat pembelajaran yang disediakan bagus dan kemas. Kedua yuran tahunan dan yuran bulanan yang bersesuaian dengan keadaan parent dan masa. Ketiga persekitaran sekolah yang terkawal dan selamat kerana mempunyai banyak CCTV dan pintu keluar masuk menggunakan system autolock yang perlu disahkan terlebih dahulu untuk dibukak. Keempat mata pelajaran yang diajar oleh teacher mudah untuk anak-anak difahami.

En. Mohamad Ali Bin Ibus, Adam & Umar’s Parent
Mama Kids Early Childhood, Seri Kembangan

Hi, my name is Nor Shuhada and I am Uwais's mummy. He is my 1st son and we started to send him to Mamakids since he was 2 months old. At such early ages, we chose mamakids because that's where my heart feel at ease. With the amenities provided such as CCTV, baby cot (for my 2 months old at that time) and different floor for different group of ages. Most importantly are reliable teachers n staffs. They also updated baby progress and activity from time to time. Will definitely send my baby here for a very long time.

Pn Nor Shuhada
Playwright Childcare Centre, Ipoh

I am highly satisfied with the care and guidance provider by the teacher in educating my child. Especially Ms Leong who has a gift of calming and tackling the children. The activities offered are not only engaging but it helps in the child’s development. I like how the teacher keeps the parents updated daily about the activity conducted in the school by sending written feedback and also pictures. I could see my child improving in many aspects especially in his character development. The school’s facilities are also satisfying. I like how the teachers could tolerate the parents who sometimes had to pick their kids late due to work or some other unavoidable reasons. Playwright childcare center is highly recommend for parents who are looking forward to see their child enjoy going to school not only to play but to learn! Keep up the good work

Parent's Review