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Taska Ceritamu, Kelana Jaya

Dear Ceritamu, First and foremost, we would like to thank the teachers involved with Karlsen for providing him a positive learning environment. We are very supportive of the balanced teaching concept of academic. physical activities and arts and crafts. He really enjoys going to school from Day 1. Although he is unable to complete the full term in school. we can see tremendous growth in him in year 2020 alone, particularly being independent on a few areas. Karlsen also mentioned occasionally that he loves his teachers and friends. We are glad that he is able to spend another year with Taska Ceritamu. Teachers, keep doing what you do best and spread your teaching passion around for more children to enjoy. See you in year 2021!

Kok Soon Weng (Kelven) & Dang Slyvien
Tadika Mutiara Cerah (Bright Pearl Educare Centre), Subang Bestari

My daughter studies at here and she very excited go to school everyday. Tadika Mutiara Cerah is an excellent choice for preschool.

Ms Gillian Lee(Wong En Xuan's mum)
Tadika Mutiara Cerah (Bright Pearl Educare Centre), Subang Bestari


Ms Chia Kwai Thingh( Tang Shinenee's mum)
Tadika Mutiara Cerah (Bright Pearl Educare Centre), Subang Bestari

非常感恩我的两个女儿都在乐乐明珠读书上课。虽然才上了几个月的课就mco了,不过在这几个月里真的学了好多知识。虽然在mco期间一天只是上一个小时的网课(对我的女儿来说可以坐着静静地上课我就非常的欣慰了☺)除此以外还要非常感谢老师的用心与耐心。老师们真的很用心的找教书的素材录影像来让小朋友们可以不用那么枯燥的上课。 在此我向所有的老师说声谢谢。谢谢你们的耐心与爱心

Ms Ong Guat Kean(Chin Zi Yan's mum)
Tadika Mutiara Cerah (Bright Pearl Educare Centre), Subang Bestari

In June 2020, when i was still searching good kindy for my daughter, someone recommend me Bright Pearl which operating many years and mentioned that the teachers are good, experience and patience. I didn't really have any idea of it as there is none of my friends send their children to this kindy. However, i still decided to give a try as i really need my love one to back to school to continue her normal school day. After attending school for few weeks, my daughter likes it so much and keep praising the teachers in the school. Keep sharing her school days compared with the previous kindy which make her stress everyday. Until the announcement of MCO 3.0 when kindergartens are not allowed to operate, the school sending videos in WhatsApp everyday. This make feel comfortable and happy for me as working mother who can't accommodate my time if she has to attend online class. i spend my time teaching her whenever i am free, this is really a good idea. In August, school starts putting effort to let children attending online class as teachers wanted to make sure children completing their homework everyday. This is another good way pf teaching children as teachers will repeat what they have taught in the recorded video nad make sure all children understand. I really hope my daughter can go back to this kindy soonest possible as the SOP of this kindy is really strict and good. I highly recommend this kindy to all parents who still thinking where to send their children to.

Ms Kelly Chan(Lam Jing Wen's mum)
Himawari Preschool, Selayang