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Recent Reviews

Taska Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya

Thank you so much Teacher Grace and Teacher Michael. My 5 year old daughter has improved so much after joining your school. I am really grateful for all your patience and dedication in educating and nurturing the children there. The teachers are always kind and supportive towards parents and share precious moments of my girl at school. On top of focusing on academics, the school also provide fun educational activities and events to keep the learning interesting. The kids can truly enjoy their learning journey through experiencing all aspects in life with the teachers at school.

Taska Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya

Thank you teachers for the patience and guidance. My 5 year old son definitely has shown improvement after joining your kindergarten program. Thank you for teachers' nurture and patience as well. We can see rapid improvement and progress of our son in his studies and behaviour. He became more responsible, independent and proactive of learning and helping others out. My son loves all the teachers at school as they always take care of him well.

Taska Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya

My two sons are outstanding in terms of academic and good morality thanks to the joint efforts by teachers like you all who has guided and mould them since young. SJKC syllabus were challenging but my boys made it through their primary school days with all the dedication and guidance from the teachers.

Ai Lu
Taska Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya

I am beyond grateful that I’m able to find the most amazing and dedicated team of teachers with great level of patience when it comes to teaching. I was too, a former teacher, and so I understand the challenges of being a teacher. My two kids started when they were 5 years old and now in SJKC primary school. My kids constantly talk about their day at the daycare when they’re home which I realised they have learnt a lot from the teachers. I wished that I had such loving teachers as my kids when I was a child. I’m thankful with all the extra help and guidance from the teachers. I trust my kids are always well taken care of. By knowing that, I’m able to focus on my career as a working mum. As a parent, the daycare’s existence is a blessing to me.

Mei Kee
Taska Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya

Thank you for all support and kindness given to my son all these years. We really appreciate all the teachers dedication and guidance to him. My son struggled with learning three languages at the same time which are Mandarin, English and Bahasa Malaysia. However, the teachers teach in bilingual and my son was able to speak, write and read in Mandarin. With the great patience and guidance of the teachers, my son is able to have a strong fundamentals to attend SJKC.

Kiddies Wonderland Educare Centre, Damai Utama

致和心乐园全体老师、工作人员: 您们好! 时光飞逝,转瞬即逝;我们的三位孩子们都陆续从该园毕业,升上小学。 回想孩子们在幼儿园度过的点点滴滴,我的心中更多的是感激! 走入幼儿园,是孩子们人生中第一次走出家庭、离开父母,接触社会; 和心乐园让孩子们来到了另一个快乐而温暖的大家庭,园里的老师们让孩子们真切感受到了除父母外的另一种亲人般的呵护。和心乐园给了孩子们创造了一个安全, 快乐,充满宽容向上气氛的环境; 老师们让孩子们学会了讲卫生,懂礼貌,热爱学习,敬爱大自然。。。。为孩子们迈向人生的下一个台阶,积累了知识,奠定了基础。 在温暖的窝,也留不住长成的难度:我的孩子们在和心乐园一天天健康快乐地成长,现如今也离开心爱的幼儿园进入人生的另一个驿站。孩子们在小学的表现优异,自信开朗,在孩子们未来的人生旅程上,会永远铭记和心乐园的悉心哺育,用心努力向前走好每一步,用更优异的表现回报老师们多年的教导和鼓励!感恩和心乐园全体老师工作人员,您们幸苦了。祝愿您们身体健康,工作顺利!祝愿和心乐园越来越好,桃李满天下! 特此敬谢!

Parent of Phang Li Xiang, Kai Yu and Zheng Yuan