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Recent Reviews

Tadika Sejuta Kasih (TSK), SS2

We are so grateful that we found TSK for our daughter. She used to attend another kindergarten that did not suit her learning style or personality. She became unhappy and reluctant to go to that kindergarten. She was falling behind in her academic skills while losing her confidence and interest in learning. We knew we had to make a change. That’s when we switched her over to TSK. Teacher Abby and her team have been amazing in helping our daughter grow and thrive. They use effective and engaging teaching methods that cater to the children’s individual needs and interests. They also care about the children’s physical and emotional well-being and foster a warm and supportive environment. Our daughter loves going to TSK and has made many new friends. She has also improved tremendously in her reading abilities in both English and Chinese. She can now read simple children’s books on her own and enjoys them. We are so proud of her progress and happy with our decision to switch her to TSK. TSK is the best kindergarten for our daughter and we highly recommend it to other parents.

Wong Vin's Parent
Tadika Sejuta Kasih (TSK), SS2

Lianne enjoys going to school everyday to learn from her teachers and play with her friends. In the evenings, she will share with me her day which includes learning to read, singing songs, playing with friends, making crafts and even making pumpkin Pao. Lianne is always excited when she shares her daily experience in TSK. Thank you to all teachers for developing Lianne during her days in school. Truly, teachers are the molder of the future generation.

Lianne's Parent
Tadika Sejuta Kasih (TSK), SS2

I am writing this message to express my deepest gratitude to Teacher Abby and the other teachers of Tadika Sejuta Kasih (“TSK”). I cannot thank you enough for the love, care, and patience you have shown towards my little one. I am grateful for the individualised attention given by the TSK teachers and the efforts made to adapt teaching methods to my child's interests and learning style. The teachers will always motivate the kids to learn. It has made a significant difference in my child’s progress and overall development. He has developed the interest of reading at TSK. He can read Chinese, English, suku kata within 6 months after he joined TSK when he was 4 years old. The bright and well-equipped classrooms, along with the spacious and safe outdoor play area, have created an environment where children can thrive and explore like farming and planting. I appreciate the incorporation of nature-based learning, which has fostered an appreciation for the world around us in my child. The communication between TSK and parents has been exceptional. The regular updates and open lines of communication have kept me informed and involved in my child's education. I am grateful for the strong connection we have built. I will definitely send my second child to TSK and also recommend other parents to send their kids to TSK too.

Sean Khat's Parent
Tadika Sejuta Kasih (TSK), SS2

I had the privilege of enrolling my daughter in TSK this past year, and I must say that it has been an incredibly positive experience. One of the standout aspects of TSK is the way the principal and teachers treat the students. The principal, in particular, goes above and beyond to create a nurturing environment where the children feel loved and cared for. It's heartwarming to see how the principal treats each student as if they were their own child, ensuring their well-being and happiness are the top priorities. They have a genuine passion for teaching and are dedicated to providing the best education for their students. I was amazed at how my daughter's reading skills improved significantly during her time at the kindergarten. The emphasis on reading in three main languages has played a crucial role in her development, and I'm grateful for the efforts the teachers put into cultivating her love for reading. The principal has taken the initiative to incorporate social and life skills development into the curriculum. This approach has been invaluable in helping my daughter grow not only academically but also emotionally and socially. I've noticed a remarkable improvement in her ability to communicate, collaborate, and problem-solve with others. The school provides a safe and stimulating environment for the children to explore, learn, and have fun. The classrooms are bright and open concept, creating an ideal setting for interactive and engaging lessons. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend TSK to any parent seeking a kindergarten that goes beyond traditional education at affordable price. My daughter's experience at TSK has been nothing short of amazing, and I am grateful for the positive impact it has had on her development.

Hannah Tau's Parent
Tadika Sejuta Kasih (TSK), SS2

Puji Tuhan. Saya bersyukur kerana dapat menghantar anak saya ke sekolah Tadika Sejuta Kasih ketika usianya memasuki 5 tahun.Anak saya menunjukkan perkembangan yang sangat positif setelah dimasukkan ke TSK..dia dapat menyesuaikan diri dari segi pergaulan dan pembelajaran dengan amat baik. Saya juga sangat gembira kerana dalam tempoh kurang dari 6 bulan pertama berada di TSk, dia sudah boleh membaca cerita pendek dalam bm dan english, dan tahu menulis dan menyebut sedikit perkataan dalam bahasa mandarin..Saya juga sangat happy apabila mendengar dia boleh bertutur sedikit demi sedikit dalam bahasa english bersama teman-temannya di TSK( sebelum ini anak saya x tahu bertutur dalam english,sebap bahasa pertuturan kami di rumah hanya bm dan bahasa ibunda sabahan). Keseluruhannya, sebagai ibubapa,kami amat berpuas hati dengan sistem pembelajaran di TSK. Terima kasih kepada semua guru di TSK kerana banyak mbimbing anak kami dan sabar melayan karenah anak kami.Teachers di TSK juga sangat baik,peramah dan menyukai kanak-kanak. Kami amat berpuas hati dan recommend kepada ibubapa untuk menghantar anak-anak ke TSK.

Alwayne's Parent
Tadika Sejuta Kasih (TSK), SS2

Thank You Mrs. Abby. My Child Has Learning Problems. Before Entering TSK Kindergarten, My Son Didn't Know How To Read A To Z. Now he's good. Since Joining TSK, My Son Has Changed A Lot In A More Positive Direction. Although My Son Is A Little Slow But The Teacher Always Guides And Patience Makes Me Excited. Before This I Always Feel Worried But With The Learning And Guidance Of My TSK Teacher I Am Sure My Child Will Be Better. The Attitude Of A Teacher Who Loves Children And Always Cares. Thank You Mrs. Abby

Saddam's Parent