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Recent Reviews

Beyond Kids Montessori, Bandar Puteri Puchong

It is a wonderful kindergarten. Teachers are kind, friendly and responsible. My girl has a lot of improvement and having so much fun during study. She is a happy little girl.

Parents of Yi Shin
Tadika Sejuta Kasih (TSK), SS2

One of the things I really like is that the teachers are attentive to kids. They take the effort to ensure that kids read and learn. Thanks to all the teachers for your undying passion in teaching young kids. You make a difference! Most welcome and thank you to you and the teachers for developing Lianne.

Lianne Leong father
Little Angel Kindergarten, Tasik Prima Puchong

今年是女儿在小天使的第四年,记得刚入学的 第一年,当时三岁的她还不太会说话,但小天 使的老师们都很有耐心的引导她,说故事给她 听,教她唱歌、跳舞,握住她的手教她写字。 直到今天她每一天在小天使都过得很开心。非 常感谢老师的耐心与付出,为她即将来临的小 学生涯打好稳健的基础与信心。

Little Angel Kindergarten, Tasik Prima Puchong

自从我女儿进了Little Angel,每天都很开心的去 学校,时常和我分享和老师们学生们的开心事, 她时常跟我说她很喜欢这边所有的老师,之前我 还担心她的功课,结果成绩都很棒哦,这些都是 老师们用心良苦教导出来的功劳,我女儿很喜欢 参与各项不同的课外活动,可以学到不同新的技 能,现在画画进步好多呢!

Mrs Soon
Little Angel Kindergarten, Tasik Prima Puchong

Mummy:" Do you like to go to school?" Nathaniel:" Yessss....!! I like Teacher Lim, Teacher Yunny, Teacher Tina, Teacher Mani, Teacher Ho, Teacher Mun, and also Teacher YiYi" He goes to school happily every morning! When mummy wanted to help Nathaniel to brush his teeth... Nathaniel:" I can brush myself." He brushes his teeth every day on his own. Nathaniel:"I can wash myself (dirty hand)", "I can do it.. (sharpening pencil,etc..)" and many more examples.. And...his actions say it all!! BIG thanks to all the awesome teachers from Little Angel

Mrs Yip
Little Angel Kindergarten, Tasik Prima Puchong

That's wonderful to hear that Arylia and Aleena have made impressive progress in their learning at school within weeks. It's a testament to the dedication and effectiveness of their teachers. Education plays a crucial role in personal development, and it's great to see the girls shining in their studies.