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Taska Ceritamu, Kelana Jaya

Dear Ceritamu, First and foremost, we would like to thank the teachers involved with Karlsen for providing him a positive learning environment. We are very supportive of the balanced teaching concept of academic. physical activities and arts and crafts. He really enjoys going to school from Day 1. Although he is unable to complete the full term in school. we can see tremendous growth in him in year 2020 alone, particularly being independent on a few areas. Karlsen also mentioned occasionally that he loves his teachers and friends. We are glad that he is able to spend another year with Taska Ceritamu. Teachers, keep doing what you do best and spread your teaching passion around for more children to enjoy. See you in year 2021!

Kok Soon Weng (Kelven) & Dang Slyvien
The Hungry Caterpillar, Bandar Utama

My kids absolutely love school and adore their teachers. The school takes great care in ensuring individual as well as collective needs and goals are met; ensuring that they work closely with parents to achieve this.

Arpita Bajaj
The Hungry Caterpillar, Bandar Utama

The school has really improve my son's social skills. Before joining the school, my son had difficulty to play with other children. After joining the school, he has improve very much in a short period of time. The staff are well trained and very hands on when it comes to child care. The principal will advise me and my wife on action plan to further educate my son at home and it has been working alot. From not talking and throwing tantrum, he can now be reasoned and consider in a good manner.

Farouq Idris
The Hungry Caterpillar, Bandar Utama

Great System Education.... Modern and learning process

Nalitos Rodrigo
Happy Tots Preschool, Bukit Jalil

My son started going to Happy Tots earlier this year after almost a year of home-schooling due to the pandemic. At Happy Tots, thanks to the focus of his teachers his language and ability to do math greatly improved. He is able to read mandarin and recognises chinese characters easily. He can do addition and subtraction better too. He looks forward to going to school and misses it during school holidays. A sign that he loves school and his teachers. Thanks Happy Tots for being so awesome!

Ms Nurjannatul
Kiddie'Z Garden Integrated Montessori Preschool, Seri Austin, Johor Bahru

谢谢老师们的栽培与教导,我的孩子才有所进步! 辛苦了,感恩~