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MindChamps PreSchool, Straits View, Johor Bahru

We are very happy with MindChamps PreSchool, especially the staff and education provided to our children. We thank the team for the wonderful overall experience and the skills you have taught our children. It is fantastic that they improved their vocabulary and numeracy skills exponentially after just a few months! Overall, we are very satisfied with the learning environment & teachers at MindChamps. Great job teachers!

Encik Abd Rahim & Puan Rashidah, parents of Aydan
MindChamps PreSchool, Straits View, Johor Bahru

Zach & Chloe have been in MindChamps for over a year, and we are able to see their improvement day by day. They also love telling us about all the fun they have each day at school! Both Zach & Chloe have had an incredible year in MindChamps Preschool and have learned so much. Their teachers' patience, creativity and love allowed them to experience positivity and growth. As their parents, we are so grateful for the teachers.

Mr. & Mrs. Tan, parents of Zach & Chloe
MindChamps PreSchool, Straits View, Johor Bahru

Since starting at MindChamps, Nailah has shown improvement in many aspects, especially in her social skills, where she has learned to share with her friends. We have also noticed a significant improvement in her English language abilities, and she has shown great effort to communicate in Mandarin. We are thrilled with the progress that Nailah has made at MindChamps and are grateful for the positive impact it has had on her overall development. Thank you to the MindChamps team for providing such a wonderful educational experience for Nailah.

Encik Wan Md Hasrul & Puan Dayang Suhana, parents
MindChamps PreSchool, Straits View, Johor Bahru

Our three little ones - Chia Ye, Chia Xin, and Long Tai - absolutely love going to MindChamps Preschool every single day. We are very grateful to all the teachers for their love and care towards them! We appreciate the guidance provided in not only academics but also in cultivating positive behavior and personalities. MindChamps provides a clean, comfortable, and conducive environment for our children. This has been an excellent opportunity to instil the principles of cleanliness and hygiene in them. Throughout their time at MindChamps, we have witnessed our children flourish both academically and personally. They have truly become outstanding individuals in every aspect. We are so proud of our three little Champs! Once again, thank you to the MindChamps team!

Mrs. Wong, parent of Chia Ye, Chia Xin & Long Tai
MindChamps PreSchool, Straits View, Johor Bahru

Ever since Ascia joined MindChamps PreSchool, we are impressed with the remarkable progress she has made in terms of her confidence, her understanding of people and the world around her, as well as her manners! We are so grateful for her teachers along with the care & attention they have given her. Thank you for creating such amazing memories for Ascia.

Puan Amani, parent of Ascia
MindChamps PreSchool, Straits View, Johor Bahru

Ke Sin has made a remarkable transformation, shifting from anxiousness and tears to embracing happiness and excitement when going to school every morning. She is now more confident and has improved a lot in her social skills. Her teachers and friends are very dear to her. A big thanks to MindChamps for bringing out the best in her!

Mr. & Mrs. Gui, parents of Ke Sin