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Recent Reviews

Taska Ceritamu, Kelana Jaya

Dear Ceritamu, First and foremost, we would like to thank the teachers involved with Karlsen for providing him a positive learning environment. We are very supportive of the balanced teaching concept of academic. physical activities and arts and crafts. He really enjoys going to school from Day 1. Although he is unable to complete the full term in school. we can see tremendous growth in him in year 2020 alone, particularly being independent on a few areas. Karlsen also mentioned occasionally that he loves his teachers and friends. We are glad that he is able to spend another year with Taska Ceritamu. Teachers, keep doing what you do best and spread your teaching passion around for more children to enjoy. See you in year 2021!

Kok Soon Weng (Kelven) & Dang Slyvien
AZ Preschool, Taman Molek, Johor Bahru

很高兴AZ preschool 有主办让父母学习进步的课程。这样我们就可以和孩子一起进步然后也是让我们跟了解如何和孩子能更好的沟通。Joey的教育方式是我非常喜欢的。AZ preschool的教育理念是我很喜欢也希望在雪隆一带可以有AZ preschool的分店。谢谢你一直付出教育的你们。

Jessie Tan
AZ Preschool, Taman Molek, Johor Bahru

AZ Preschool 的教育方式理念一直都是我想要给孩子的.在学校的学习过程所要求的不是“快”而是孩子可以更加的享受和投入.除此之外父母还可以透过学校举办的线上课,可以更加了解孩子们的思维模式.虽然目前因为疫情回不去陪在孩子身边,但我很感激学校举办的这一系列线上课.令我可以更加的知道如何当个称职的家长的同时也可以确保孩子的身心灵是处在健康的状态.

Eelaine Yap
AZ Preschool, Taman Molek, Johor Bahru

上个月,我参观了几家幼儿园,唯独对AZ preschool创新的教学理念非常认同。通过玩乐中学习,不强迫幼小孩童在运动技能未发育好的情况下写字。教学使用的玩具种类非常多,我看了都很想玩,因为很有趣还能学习。校的环境很干净,SOP也令家长很安心,进入课室前消毒手测体温,洗脚,饭后换口罩。老师们都非常有经验和耐心,也会主动与家长沟通和分享孩子在学校的状况。老师们细心到连孩子剪了头发,什么食物不吃,孩子食量,这些小细节都留意到噢。另外,我很喜欢学校提供的免费线上课程,让家长与时并进,了解孩子们在学校学些什么,要怎么去帮助孩子们更好的学习。这样也能更好的与老师和孩子们沟通。负责培训的老师们都很专业,上课时也有很多互动,不会压力。满意到我没什么好挑剔啦!其实不是很想帮他们写reviews,怕学校学生人数爆增, 但看在老师们很用心对待家长和孩子,我就回馈学校吧。

Canny Goh
Himawari Preschool, Selayang

So far our experience at Himawari Preschool is excellent. Our child is comfortable with the environment and sanitary works are stringent and sufficient. In general, everything is systematic and well planned out, and one thing that stands out among the other kindergartens is the formal and scheduled teacher/staff training. Curriculum is not too studious and focuses more on learning through play and crafts, which we like. Most importantly our child is happy with going to school. Teacher Kitty has been very warm, friendly, polite and responsible. She always updates us on any problems our child faces ,big or small, and is open to giving suggestions when we ask regarding our child's learning and wellbeing. We appreciate that she does not sugarcoat any problems our child happens to face. She is very professional and carries herself well. Overall, thank you for your efforts and keep it up! This is definitely a place we will recommend to family and friends looking for a kindergarten.

Himawari Preschool, Selayang

Teachers are very responsive & responsible, kept parent updated on baby Jessy (2yo 8 mths) progress twice per day during 1st week enrolment. Kiddy environment is comfortable & high standard of cleanliness. Baby able to adapt to the environment easily without crying. Baby able to learn may artwork & mix around with friends around. Baby Jessy is so excited to go kiddy daily. Great job Teachers & HIMAWARI. Highly recommend