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Robotics for Kids: Everything You Need to Know

by on 10/06/2022 6338

Robots fascinate kids! It’s not hard to see why robotics gained enormous popularity amongst youngsters and teachers alike. It brings together complex subjects like science, engineering and programming to create something amazing, in a fun and entertaining way. And there’s a whole lot of other wonderful reasons why parents should expose their kids to robotics.

If you are unfamiliar with robotics, here’s everything you need to know:

What is robotics for kids?

“For the child, it’s fun play. For the parent, it’s a great educational programme!” as RoboThink puts it. In a nutshell, robotics is the study of robots. A robotics programme allows kids to learn the basics of how to build and modify robots of all shapes and sizes. This also overlaps with other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) topics, including coding.

Images credit: RoboThink

At what age should I introduce kids to robotics?

Most robotics centres offer programmes for young learners aged 5 years and above. 

How do beginners learn robotics?

Through fun, hands-on projects, students will learn how to navigate robots and gain a deeper understanding of how robots can be used to solve problems in the real-world. A robotics curriculum usually covers the core components of knowing the hardware (e.g. structure, motion and electronics), building the robot, learning the components (e.g. gears, motors and sensors), and learning how to programme (enabling students to see how to make the robot move and respond.

Images credit: Edu.Robot.Stem

What are the key benefits of robotics classes for kids?

“It is essential that kids get adequate exposure to robotics education (or STEM education) to stay ahead of the times. In our (robotics) programmes, we allow students to experiment with their ideas and expand their creativity as they learn, focus, build their motor skills, practise patience, etc. The benefits are many,” says the founder of Edu.Robot.Stem.

“Robotics covers all S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields in a way that no other subject can, i.e. it’s the mother of all subjects. This comprehensive subject encompasses mechanical, electrical, electronics, control engineering, computer science, technology, mathematics, science, as well as essential soft skills such as creative and logical thinking, problem-solving and innovative skills, teamwork and communication, and self-esteem and confidence. Every element integrated into robotics is vital for modern-day students to succeed in our highly competitive and technology-driven world,” elaborates Creative Robotics.

Image credit: Creative Robotics

Do kids get to participate in robotics competitions?

Most of the time, students will have the opportunity to participate in both local competitions, as well as prestigious international competitions such as the FIRST LEGO League competition and World Creative Robotics Challenge. Competitions are great motivators for students to improve their performance.

Image credit: Edu.Robot.Stem

Can kids with special needs learn robotics?

Robotics activities are believed to benefit kids with special needs, especially those who are autistic. At the very least, a study about students with autism spectrum disorder who participated in robotics showed that autistic students often enjoy robotics – coming up with ideas, creating inventions and solving quests. However, parents will have to consider the degree of severity and need for support, as every child is different and what every centre provides differ too.   

Should my child take up a robotics class?

Let your child have a go! Just make sure that the class is age-appropriate and guided by instructors who are experienced and of course love teaching children about the exciting world of robotics.

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