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6 Ways Technology Benefits Today's Kids

by on 10/06/2020 3981

You’ve read it in articles, or heard a few aunties and uncles say it: “Tech is ruining our kids. They’re addicted to their screens!”

Although there might be a bit of truth to that (such as how kids are losing their ability to hold pencils properly), I do believe tech gives much more than it takes.

Without further ado, let’s explore the 6 ways modern tech benefits kids.

1. Improves Kids’ Hand-Eye Coordination

I know I just mentioned kids don’t grip pencils well due to too much tech. But working on hand-eye coordination can involve a lot more than holding a crayon.

Games on tablets, desktops, and other consoles—they all help build this important skill from a young age. Additionally, you could get a stylus to use with a tablet, so your kid can utilise tech while also experiencing a physical pencil-like grip.

2. Sharpens Kids’ Social Skills

A study was conducted and it concluded that tech does not hurt kids’ social skills. It’s just a common thing for older generations to be concerned about newer technology.

What’s interesting is that tech can help develop interpersonal skills. There are plenty of apps that enable interactions with peers through text, audio and video, or playing games.

Furthermore, your kids can watch videos on YouTube that teach or demonstrate healthy social skills!

The ability to expand relationships and communication skills (even when one can’t physically be with friends or family) is a boon, don’t you think?

3. Encourages Kids’ Interest in a High-Demand Industry

You’re reading this article on a laptop, tablet or phone. This can’t be possible without computer technology.

Without a doubt, the tech industry is booming and will continue to grow. Children can now take coding classes (here’s a guide on starting coding for kids), giving them a head start in a career that is both exciting and highly lucrative.

Learning about information technology can open up a number of doors for your kid in her future. And what’s more, it may incite an entrepreneurial spirit in some, as programming can lead to the creation of software, games or applications that are monetizable.

Maybe you’ve heard the story of Mark Zuckerberg and how he programmed a site called Facebook? What about Dong Nguyen, developer of the game Flappy Bird? These are a few successful examples, among many others.

4. Exposes Kids to Endless Knowledge

Before the internet existed, learning things or gaining information meant you’d have to find a book, or seek an expert to teach you.

Now almost any question can be answered by simply going online.

Many schools today are progressing towards blended learning, where the use of tech for educational purposes and traditional teaching are combined. It’s not only easier to gain more knowledge, but it can be much more engaging for kids.

But of course, this means that we also need to teach our children how to intelligently sift through information, and point out reliable sources from non-reliable ones. This is called media literacy.

5. Teaches and Gives Kids Independence

Another big advantage to tech is that it can be accessed independently, since it’s so easy to use. (Do make sure you’ve used parental controls to filter unsafe sites though).

Imagine your kid being able to solve puzzles, finish tasks, or learn a new concept on her own. This can give your child plenty of confidence and spur more self-directed learning.

6. Expands Kids’ Problem-Solving Skills

No, video games will not turn your kid’s brain to mush. They come in many different forms, with many strategy games actually pushing kids to hone their problem-solving skills.

If you want kids to stay sharp, build their capacity to focus and experience feelings of achievement—then give video games a chance. Just make sure it’s age appropriate.

(By the way, did you know professional gaming exists? There are pro gamers out there who earn heaps of money and are backed by sponsors. Who knows, your kid might want to be one someday!)

This article celebrates the wonderful perks of tech. If you’d like to read about tech addiction (the unhealthy flip side), click here.