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Weekend Bucket List Ideas for Kids

on 06/08/2021 4111

From learning about the Olympics to Science experiments, and going on a secret mission adventure.... Each week, Kiddy123’s editors come up with new ideas for your kids and family to have fun and share memories together!

1. Learn about The Olympic & Sports

Images were taken from Kiddy123 E-Learning

It's the Olympic season! Celebrate the amazing world of sports and let children learn new vocabulary, arts & more with Kiddy123's Free Olympic-themed E-Learning worksheets!

Download them from the links below, or find more at These E-Learning resources are totally free, printable, and contain a variety of fun activities, including word puzzles, quizzes, arts, logic, Math exercises and more. Perfect for young children learning at home!

2. Kids Experiment: Volcano Eruption!

Images were taken from Growing with Emme

This volcano experiment combines creative art and science knowledge. It is addictive, fun and easy to prepare! We first need to make the volcano model. The real experiment comes at the final step.

Images were taken from Growing with Emme

To construct the volcano model:

  1. Glue 2 disposable cups together, one mouth up and the other mouth down. Glue it to a tray/ hard cardboard.

  2. Using scrap paper, create a volcano shape on the cups. Then cover with tin foil and secure with glue.

  3. To create a volcano in a jungle landscape, colour it with acrylic paint and embellish it with soil and green plants. (This step is optional but recommended*)

Volcano Experiment:

  1. Fill the volcano's opening with magma. The materials are: baking soda, detergent, red food colouring.

  2. Finally, pour in the white vinegar and watch it erupt instantly.


White vinegar is acidic, and baking soda is alkali. When both are mixed, the chemical reaction produces a large amount of carbon dioxide gas, resulting in an effect similar to a volcanic eruption. Adding detergent will make the foam richer.

3. Rotiboy Baking

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Craving Rotiboy but haven't been able to buy it? Then go ahead and do it yourself! Rotiboy has now launched the Rotiboy Home Bakers Frozen Pack. Now everyone can bake Rotiboy at home!

The set contains all the complete materials, including the dough, crusting cream, piping bag, and baking paper. All you need to do is to pipe on the cream and bake it for 15 minutes. Simple and satisfying, very suitable for weekend parent-child activity!

Images were taken from Rotiboy Malaysia Facebook

The finished bun pictured above was baked by ourselves. The taste and appearance are nearly identical to those purchased in stores. For just RM33, one set can bake 15 Roti Boy buns (signature flavour). There are also others flavours like Buttermilk, Mochaboy, and Cheeseboy available. You guys should order one and try it too!

Purchase here: Rotiboy Home Bakers Frozen Pack (or "pm" Rotiboy Malaysia's Facebook for more details)

4. Become an ACT Secret Agent! (Learn STEM & Engineering for Kids)

Images were taken from Kiddy123 Facebook

The Agency of Curious Task (ACT) is an immersive story-based series of STEM kits that use secret mission-based activities to teach children about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

With ACT Sneak Peek Box STEM Kit, children will join a secret agency and:

  • Solve mysterious missions using clues, riddles, and puzzles.

  • Gain access to an interactive web-based learning platform

  • Apply STEM knowledge through hands-on activities

  • Enjoy fun digital games while nurturing their cognitive abilities.

Each mission (episode) is specially designed for parent & child collaboration to spark the kids' genuine love to learn!

Best for children up to age 12, each box is retailed for RM68 at

But now, you can WIN THIS FOR FREE by joining the ACT x Kiddy123 giveaway on Facebook! (Total 10 winners will be chosen!)

Or purchase the ACT Sneak Peek Box with Discount Code: Kiddy1230728C for RM25 OFF.

Images were taken from Kiddy123 Facebook

Join the Giveaway: Click here

Purchase the Sneak Peek Box:

For more activities, click here for the list of Online Programs for Kids (organised by schools and learning centres)!

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