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FREE Printable Worksheets for Kids | Bundle #1

by on 15/04/2020 31421

Help your child learn their numbers, alphabets, colours, shapes and other early concepts. Keep your eyes peeled for more printable worksheets in the upcoming weeks.


*BONUS: Printable rewards chart to help improve your child's behaviour!


Finish the drawing

What do you look like?

Download Here

Symmetry Drawing

Use the grid to draw the other side of the owl.

Download Here

Colour by numbers

Use the colour key and see the image come to life.

Download Here


Finish the story

Fill in the letter to finish the story.

Download Here

Jumble solver

Unjumble the letters to reveal the words.

Download Here

Word search

Find the hidden words

Download Here

All about me

Tell us about yourself.

Download Here

Beginning letter

Colour the images that starts with the letter "H".

Download Here


How many objects

Help Spot find the number of objects in the garden.

Download Here

Numbers under the sea

Draw a line from each number to the correct group.

Download Here

Join the dots

Connect the dots to complete the drawing.

Download Here

Count the bees

Test your subtraction skills.

Download Here

How many apples

Minus the apples from the plate.

Download Here


Healthy vs. Unhealthy

Sort out what's healthy and what's not.

Download Here

Senses: Sight

Draw 4 things you see around you.

Download Here

My body parts

Name the parts of your body.

Download Here


Spot the difference

Find 20 differences in the pictures.

Download Here

Shape maze

Colour the circles to help Duckie find its way back to the pond.

Download Here

Where are the hidden objects

Chef Gusteau lost a lot of things in his kitchen. Help him find them!

Download Here

Make your own pizza

Choose your favourite toppings.

Download Here


Rewards chart

Set goals to improve your child's behaviour.

Download Here