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7 Tips For Choosing The Best Daycare Centre For Your Toddler In Malaysia

by on 19/08/2022 2391

These days, many parents work two full- or part-time jobs, making it difficult for them to raise their kids without one of them risking their careers. If you fit this description, it may be time to think about enrolling your kids in a daycare centre.

Daycare or childcare centres are necessary because not everyone has extended relatives that can watch over their kids while they work. Your options for childcare centres in your workplace area are likely extensive, but picking and assessing the right centre based on both your family and your child’s requirements is important.


The Difference Between Day Care, Preschool And Kindergarten

It can be challenging to tell the difference between daycare, preschool and kindergarten in Malaysia these days, as most centres offer all three services. But, given that each school uses a specific educational strategy for students of all ages, it’s important to understand the differences.

Daycare centres

Children between 12 months and 4 years old would be cared for by trained staff members at a daycare centre, which is a safe and secure environment. The everyday needs of your children—including eating, clothing, and toileting—will be taken care of by caregivers at daycare facilities.

Additionally, they offer your children chances to play imaginatively and creatively. You can also expect basic ABCs and 123s to be taught to children, but the majority of their education will be focused on their verbal, sensory, and cognitive growth. This covers everyday functions like dressing and using the restroom.


Preschools are designed for children aged two to three. In this phase, children are encouraged to connect their logical and creative minds at a preschool through exploration and activities, which makes learning engaging, clever, and creative.

With the help of these programmes, kids can grow up to be self-assured, kind, considerate, and competent. A preschool's purpose is to prepare your child for entering the official schooling system when they turn seven.


For kids between the ages of 4 and 6, kindergarten focuses on providing academically focused instruction and personality development. A kindergarten's early childhood programmes are made to help your child develop social, emotional, creative, and communication abilities, as well as other life skills that kids will need as they get older.

Children will be able to connect their analytical and creative minds via hands-on, interactive learning, preparing them for primary or elementary school.


How to Choose the Best Daycare Centre for Your Toddler in Malaysia

Knowing why you need care in the first place will help you narrow your search for the best childcare facility. This will help in pointing you in the right direction of the appropriate service. Here are some daycare centre requirements that you should add to your checklist to ensure that your toddler is getting high-quality child care.

Special Needs and Attention

If you have a child who needs special care, ask the preschools how they handle kids with special needs. There might be a separate class or assigned teacher in some schools.

Children with special needs should have access to high-quality education and enough support, just like their neurotypical peers.

Type of Education

Quality early learning programmes and education are also provided by childcare facilities, many of which follow a particular educational philosophy, such as Reggio Emilia or the Montessori method.

Finding a daycare with teaching and parenting philosophies similar to yours is ideal because toddlers learn by imitating adults. Ask the teachers about their approach to early childhood education, activities, and how they deal with various circumstances as you tour the daycare facility.

Location of Childcare Centre

Choosing a daycare centre close to your workplace would be convenient for you as a busy parent. You will need to consider how long it takes to travel between the daycare centre, your home, and your workplace.

You really need to consider these factors because many services impose severe fines for late pick-ups. If your work schedule is unpredictable, look for a daycare centre that offers flexible hours.

Childcare Budget and Costs

It should be no surprise that childcare expenses must be carefully considered since they can consume a significant percentage of your household's disposable income. Between services and locations, the prices of these services can vary.

It would be best if you considered the costs of the child care centre's service with your overall satisfaction with the facility. Before deciding, research and tour the daycare centres you are considering.

Meals Provided and Nutrition Options

A growing child needs to eat well. Which is why it’s important to confirm if the childcare centre offers your kids a substantial, well-balanced, and nutritious meal selection. To make sure you are satisfied with the food alternatives offered, we advise you to request a few sample menus from the centre.

Children can be picky eaters, so inquire about the centre's flexibility in this regard. Ask the centre how they will accommodate your child's needs if they know in advance that your child has special dietary demands.

Childcare Centre Licence Registration

The benchmark for health and safety procedures in any childcare facility is licensing. Sadly, not every Malaysian daycare centre is licensed. There may even be untrained caregivers for some.

To protect the safety of children, daycare centres should be linked with the nation's health, welfare, and safety criteria, according to the Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM). You can check if the Ministry of Education accredits the preschool you are considering, or if it is a childcare facility, the Department of Social Welfare.

Inquire about the caregivers and teachers who will look after your child when you visit a daycare centre.

Safety and Security In and Around the Daycare Centre

Children love exploring the world around them, but that means we as parents need to worry about their safety a lot. Being naïve, children are drawn to everything around them, particularly dangerous items that could get them into serious trouble.

In addition, the surroundings should be free of any risks that could endanger a child. First aid supplies should be readily available, and teachers should be trained in basic first aid in case a child requires it.

When visiting, look closely around the daycare facility and ask about their security and safety SOPs. The amount of security that a daycare centre has adopted, such as security access, CCTV cameras, and a visitor policy system, are some things to keep an eye out for.

Communication Skills of Care Takers

Leaving your child with someone else can be stressful as you worry that your toddler may cry or be in distress with you completely unaware of it. The caregivers are your primary source of information if your child is unable to communicate yet.

Consider how the centre informs you of your child's development, from feeding times to education and play so that you may stay informed. An attentive caregiver should keep you informed of critical developments on a regular basis.

Do keep in mind that a caregiver is responsible for several children. In order to get updates on your child, be sure to politely ask them at the end of the day.


Due to their developing immune systems, toddlers are more susceptible to infections and diseases. For this reason, daycare facilities should enforce strict rules about hygiene.

Check the area of the classroom where children usually interact to see if it is regularly cleaned. Clear SOPs should be in place in daycare centres for both the benefit of the centre and the parents.

Some daycare centres mandate that a sick child take time off from school to recover at home before going back to daycare. Doing this keeps your child's illness from spreading to other kids. There are health admission requirements for enrollment in some daycare centres, such as having your child have certain vaccinations, all of which are in place to keep your child and all the other children safe.

Reviews From Other Parents

Evaluating the centre's reviews before deciding is a good idea. Consider whether other parents who have sent their children to the specific centre shared any good experiences.

Reviews should be taken with a grain of salt because a parent with a biased perspective could leave one negative review among numerous positive ones. Consult a friend or acquaintance who sends their kids to the same daycare facility to find out what their likes and dislikes are about the centre. The best advice can sometimes come from parents you trust.


Character Building Of Your Child Starts With The Right Daycare Centre

When selecting a daycare centre for your toddler, there are several things to take into account. The most important thing is to take the time to evaluate the daycare centres in your area and weigh your alternatives according to the guidelines we have listed above.

Before making a choice, it is often advised to tour a few daycare centres and get a sense of the atmosphere. Trust your intuition when it comes to selecting and assessing your daycare provider. Do not hesitate to search for a different daycare centre if you suspect something is wrong.

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