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Simple Tips for Taking a Road Trip with Kids

by on 11/11/2019 2685

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Taking a quality road trip with kids could be a good, fun and enjoyable time when it’s done right. From keeping your children safe, hygienic and entertained, Kiddy123 shows you on how we tackle the dreaded family long-drive like a champion.


1. Plan trips around your children sleeping time.

In battling with a long drive or possible traffic jam, find the most suitable time to start your trip using the navigation app. Stuck in the jam for hours while kids are fighting or crying in the backseat is parents’ worst nightmare. Consider travelling when the children are fast asleep during the journey. Through the night and early morning are more likely but don’t drive if you are tired or sleepy.

2. Equipped your car with child-friendly equipment.

First, get your child a suitable and proper car seat if needed. This is not only important in assuring their safety but also for their comfort. Second, add removable window cover to block the harsh sunlight during the day trip or add a blanket in your car accessories to keep them warm during the night or cold weather. Pack along with diaper changing kit in the car if required.

3. Keep them amused.

If you are dreading the non-stop question “Are we there yet?” from your child, trust us – we understand. Therefore, it’s important for you to keep them amused. From digital tablets, films, and games, to a playlist of kids music, audiobooks and cuddly toys – choose the source of entertainment that you feel suitable to make them feel occupied. Even better, play road games with them or let them pack a few of their own favourite toys. Stop every two or three hours to let the children stretch their legs.

4. Predict the unpredictable – always spare and carry extra essentials.

You will never know when the children are going to spill the food or drinks on their clothes. Be the super parents by foreseeing the unknown: always pack extra clothes and nappies when travelling with them. When you are in a sticky situation - baby wipes to the rescue!

5. Keep it clean.

The unpleasant environment throughout the journey is never fun. Invest in the disposable container or air-tight plastic bag for temporary use in keeping the trash away in your car. From dirty nappy to food’s plastic wrapper, tuck it away not only for more comfortable trip but also to maintain the hygiene in your vehicle. Remember, clean sanitary is important for your children’s health.