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Why Baby Slings are Essential For Moms?

by on 28/08/2018 6187

If there is an essential accessory for a new baby, it must be a baby sling carrier. Imagine that chaos when your baby cries hardly for your attention while you're in the middle of frying a fish. A baby sling carrier will save you with an extra pair of free hands!

Whether you are a new mom, or an amateur mom with five kids, a quality baby sling will bring a whole new world to your parenting experience. Don't believe? See what the experts say!


5 Reasons You Need a Baby Sling


Baby slings are not only convenient for parents, more importantly, they also help the baby’s structural, physiological, and neurological development!



Do You Mean A Baby Sling Can Promote Baby Brain Development?

Yes! Baby’s brain development accelerates when they are moving in stable, rhythmic ways. Neuroscience studies shown the way the baby is carried will have the strong impact on the vestibular system. When they are carried moving steadily and in the same direction, it will speed up their brain development.

These movements not only help their nervous system development but can also help the brain to command, maintain the balance between core muscles and intrinsic spinal muscles, and coordinate muscles to complete simple to complex body movements.

Newborns’ spine looks like a big C, they perform the same curving position as when they were in the womb. As they grow their neck and back muscles started to grow stronger, enabling them to lift their head. Parents’ body curve can assist baby’s back muscle development, maintaining the right position.

Baby’s first year is an important stage of the spinal cord and nervous system development. When the baby is carried correctly on the carrier’s body, through natural formed mechanical balance will benefit the baby’s spine and muscle development.



How is Baby Sling Different from Other Carriers?

Conventional waist stool and swaddle blankets have an apparent downward pull without supporting baby’s thighs and knees. Baby’s legs are left dangling, affecting their hip joint development and possible joint dislocation.

When you’re carrying the baby with a sling, the baby’s position should be C-shaped (or J-shaped) looking from the side, knees lifted higher than buttocks. The baby should be in M-position (Jockey position) looking from the back, the baby’s body, buttocks, thighs and knees are all supported. *Hint : Mamaway baby sling carriers are designed based on Spread Squat position theory.


According to International Hip Dysplasia Institute, the M-position can support babies’ thigh and knee-joint, legs are able to stretch, buttock stabilized, less pressure is endured by hip joint, and it reduces the chances of hip joint dislocation or poor development.



Would it be dangerous for my baby?

Not at all! If you follow the 5CM tips -> 5 safety tips + C-shape body + M-position legs.The British Association of Babywearing Instructors had proposed the T.I.C.K.S. rule for safe babywearing.





Mamaway Baby Slings

Mamaway's baby slings are the perfect baby carrier from newborn to tooddler. Featuring its Spread Squat position theory and adjustable slings to fit every body size, Mamaway's baby sling carriers are perfectly matching to the 5CM Safety Tips.


Unlike other baby slings which fits only one size, Mamaway baby ring sling are suitable for all heights and weights. Despite who uses it, the sling can be adjusted to fit different body types. Easy carry by slinging it across your shoulder. Wide back strap helps to support and even weight distribution for you.

Mamaway's baby slings also come in an array of 15 attractive prints, made of breathable and strong material. The rings are made from material used in parachutes which makes the baby sling carrier to be even safer than others! Mamaway sling carriers substantial benefit for baby natural hip and leg development. A parenting tool for hands-free snuggles, settling baby in and breastfeeding easily and discreetly.

If you need recommendation for a good baby sling, Mamaway is the brand of your choice! Integrating convenience, safety, flexibility, and trendiness, Mamaway’s baby slings are the best baby sling carrier brand in Malaysia! Awarded by BabyTalk + MamaPapa Readers' Choice Awards 2018 Malaysia.

Find Mamaway's baby slings here.



How to Use Mamaway Baby Sling


1) For Newborn Baby 0-4 months


2) For Baby & Toodler 4 months Above


All baby sling tutorials are taken from Mamaway.

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