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Father's Day Ideas

by on 10/06/2013 4030

If you are tired of the traditional, monotonous gifts and ready to try something unique, here are some of the father’s day ideas to make your father feel extra special this year.

Poem/ Letter of appreciation

Flex your creative muscle and write your father a special poem or letter. It doesn’t require you to come up with flowery words or Shakespeare type of stanzas. Simple, truthful appreciation about what your father has been doing for you - give some examples if possible -will just make his day! An apology for anything that you make him angry can also be the best gift for him!

I have tried this last year, and believe me, your dad will surely love and appreciate anything that comes directly from your heart. If you haven’t tried this before, by all means try it. I personally feel that such thought will definitely be appreciated, as word is powerful tool!

Special Father's Day card

Creativity will give you easier time especially when it comes to create a beautiful and expressive father’s day card. Making card during these days is indeed not a difficult task anymore, especially with the help of internet. You can easily get variety of ideas and patterns with a flick of your fingers. It’s indeed easy to take some of the ideas and add your personal touch to it.

But if you are running short of time or you feel that creating a card is not your cup of tea, you can always choose a readymade Father’s Day card from any gift shop. You can even opt for an online e-card and add your special personalized message. It will be a pleasant surprise to your father!

Special photo album for your father

Photo album is also an excellent idea for father’s day. It is something which your father can treasure in years to come; he can look back at the memories of the past without digging into the closet for old photos. You can include all those photos which mean a lot to him, like family portraits, anniversaries, childhood photos or special achievements and etc. in this special album.

Another idea is that you can make a photo collage with all the photos which he would love to see again and again. In fact you should spend some time to select all those photos which you think can make him smile. It is one of the most appropriate gifts you could ever give to your dearest father, and surely it can make a memorable one for him.

Plan a surprise holiday trip

Plan a surprise holiday trip with your father especially if you are always so busy to spend time together with your family. Planning a quiet and relaxing holiday for father’s day is something which you both can enjoy together. It’ll be a great idea to take him for a vacation to the place he has always wanted to go. Trust me, it will be a memorable father’s day experience for both of you.

Of course, no amount of expensive and attractive gift will be better than a thoughtful gift of which your father will take fancy. Above all, remember that it’s your understanding, unconditional love, time, thoughtfulness which make whatever you give to your father the best gift on this special day.