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5 Activities To Keep Your Child Occupied During Eid

by on 22/04/2022 4546

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Hari Raya Aidilfitri or Eid Mubarak is considered to be one of the grandest festival celebrations for Muslims across the globe. Prior to the pandemic, Muslim households would gather together with families for far and wide to celebrate this joyous occasion, marked as the end of a month-long fasting period. It is the time of the year to indulge in festivities and have a blast with cousins and relatives.

Although the celebrations have dampened down for the past two years due to the pandemic, it is expected that this year’s Eid celebrations are going to be merrier than ever with the ease of COVID-19 regulations. While the grown ups are busy catching up, keeping children occupied is surely a feat. Here are some great games and activities to keep your child and their peers occupied during the Eid celebrations.

1. Set Up an Arts & Craft Station

Ideas To Keep Your Child Occupied During Eid

Set up an arts & craft station with colour pencils, coloured papers, kid-safe scissors, and some school glue for the children to have a go at creating their own masterpieces. Have them create greeting cards or even ang pow packets according to their creativity.

This activity is sure to be a hit amongst the children, and will keep them occupied for quite some time while Mom & Dad catch up with guests.

Click here for a downloadable raya packet template.

2. Musical Chairs

It’s a game that everyone loves and knows! It’s easy, and a confirmed activity to keep kids (and even adults) occupied during their visit. Simply set up chairs or cushions in a large circle, and put on some funky music to start the game off.

Ideas To Keep Your Child Occupied During Eid

Make the game better by making it Hari Raya themed! Play the game with Hari Raya music that’s a sure hit amongst the elders, and introduce these classics to the young. Spice the game up with some Eid décor, and let the good times roll.

3. Karaoke

Too tired to be running around in circles playing Eid musical chairs with the children? How about a fun sing-along party where children can sing some of their favourite Eid themed songs? It’s an activity that’ll keep children occupied for hours on end and liven up the mood in your house.

Our personal favourites are the Hari Raya songs by Upin & Ipin that’ll make a perfect sing-along to. Go all out by making the sing-along party a competition between children and prepare irresistible rewards that’ll encourage participation.

Don’t forget to be mindful to your neighbours by keeping the volume on a considerable level so that everyone can enjoy their Hari Raya in peace.

4. Prepare a Sweet Bar

Ideas To Keep Your Child Occupied During Eid

All things sweet are what Eid is made out of! Kids are surely going to enjoy a sweet bar, no matter their age. Prepare handfuls of chocolate, candies, marshmallows, and Raya cookies to satisfy their sweet tooth along with small pouches or bags that they can use to ‘tapau’ the candy home. Just be careful of that sugar rush!

Not looking to indulge in their sweet tooth? Try preparing goodie bags with money packets, Raya cookies, and other delectables for the children to bring home. This tiny gesture show your guests that you care and teach your children the gift of giving, especially on Eid.

5. Put On a Movie

Ideas To Keep Your Child Occupied During Eid

No time to prepare any specials for your guests and their children? Unexpected guests coming over with kids in tow? No worries, switch on the TV and put on their favourite cartoon animation movie.

Disney classics such as Beauty & The Beast, Snow White or the Jungle Book are sure to be a hit amongst the young and old without a doubt. Not in the mood for Disney? Check out our recommendations for some awesome book-to-movie adaptations.