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Overcome Stage Fright

by on 13/05/2013 5486

Teacher’s Day is just around the corner. Is your child going to take part in any performance on this very meaningful day? Does he have butterflies in his stomach, or still have hesitation about whether to give the performance a try?

Well, it’s quite natural for him to be overwhelmed by anxiety- but you definitely can do something to reassure him about his very first stage performance.

Choose a Story- and make it understandable

Familiarity breeds confidence. Ideally, it is more advisable for child to perform a story that they are more familiar with for his first performance. It can be a story he enjoys the most at his story time.

Next, guide him to understand the basic frameworks of a story- characters, setting, and plots. Then, brainstorm with him about the props (or items) and costume. You might also draw picture that will remind him about the scenery of the story.

Ensure Child to Be Familiar with Story

Try to read the story to your child for several times while he acts it out. Prompt him to recall what comes next in the story. This is to prevent him from ending up with blank mind if he has cold feet on the stage at the last moment.

Build Confidence through Repeated Practices    

To make sure that the child is acquainted with the play or story, encourage him to commit to regular practices in daily. However, most of the time child will find it rather daunting to follow through the schedule. Therefore, don’t pressurize him with a rigid schedule, to say 30-minute or 1-hour practice, since his homework already takes up most of his time. Instead of asking him to go through intensive practices, just make it point for them to practice whenever he is free. You will be amazed at how much improvement they through this way- without scaring the guts out of him!

When he reaches his final stages of rehearsals, make him practice with props, music and makeup, so that he can get accustomed to what he will do onstage. Then, train him to maintain eye contact with audience by becoming a silent partner to him. This is very important in giving him the confidence to engage with their audience in the future. Appreciate each of his attempt in making eye contacts with you.

The tips above can come in handy for you, provided that you have some knowledge about stage performance. You might ask “What if I don’t have any idea?” Don’t worry! There are quite some storytelling events and theatre performances in the town nowadays. You may pay a visit to the following events with your child:   

a)    Funny Fables

Finding that bedtime stories session is what you try to avoid since storytelling isn’t your forte? Well, maybe Anne Ooi’s “Funny Fables” might turn your phobia for storytelling into your strength!

Hailing from Canterbury, England, Anne Ooi was a professional social worker dealing with child in the UK, until she moved to Malaysia 17 years ago. With a soft spot for children, she aims to make stories as enjoyable, alternative means of educating and bonding. This is why she has been conducting regular story telling slots at 3 public libraries in the Klang Valley, public exhibitions, international schools, preschools and even shopping malls.   


So, what are the stories she’s going to bring to the audience in the coming May? For sure, there will be some award-winning stories- Rebecca Patterson’s ‘My Big Shouting Day’, Louise Yates’s ‘Dog Love Books’ and ‘Mr Forgetful’ by Roger Hargreaves, just to name a few. 

So, come and enjoy the entertaining stories together with your young ones!

Address:  PJ Live Arts, Ground Floor, Block K, Jaya One, 72A Jalan Universiti, PJ.

Date:  25th May – 26th May 2013.


b)   The Talkative turtle

If you would like to let your child to get a good example about how to perform on the stage, “The Talkative Turtle” can be really a good reference for them!

Why? Well, the theater group behind the show is the main reason! Box of Delights Family Theatre is the child’s theatre group that strives to entertain, educate and inspire young audiences, drawing from legends, literature, and historical lore of different cultures..

Most importantly, it is of the ensemble’s core belief that child are discerning audience who are entitled to the show which is relevant to them without belittling their level of understanding. It’s noteworthy to mention that Marina Tan, the theatre practitioner and educator, even won the Boh Cameronian Arts Award for Audience Choice – Theatre in 2009. Passionate about child’s theatre, she and the producer Tuan Faisal Azmy manifested in 'Box of Delights'- a monthly child's show aimed at kids (aged four to 12) and adults alike. Apart from that, the ensemble consists of trained actors and performers from diverse background such as theatre, spoken word/poetry, singing, sketch comedy, improvisation, dance, and education

And yeah... “Triumph of the Little Chicken! and Other Stories”, “Cheng Ho & the Fabulous Food from Around the World (and Other Stories)”, 'Kleting Kuning and the Giant Crab' , “Ma Liang and the Magic Paintbrush”, “Sinbad- the Sailor and His Family Adventure”, to name a few, are some of the band’s achievements!

So, make sure you catch the band’s latest show in June with your child! Experience the enjoyable family time together, while introducing your young ones to the arts. The antics of the Talkative Turtle, the Crocodile King, Pipit the songbird and so many more will make your day!

Address:  PJ Live Arts, Ground Floor, Block K, Jaya One, 72A Jalan Universiti, PJ.

Date:  7th June – 9th June 2013.

By the way, while you are pointing out the strengths and skills that your child can learn from the performers, actually you are guiding your child to think critically about what they saw, reflect on their social values, and articulate their ideas and feelings.

So, allow them to indulge themselves in the pleasure of stage performance while they are young!