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The children's house, Oasis Square @ Ara Damansara

by on 07/08/2017

The children’s house (TCH) has established itself as a brand of kindergarten offering a full Montessori method of education. TCH provides an early education environment that enables children to develop academically and holistically, and ignites in them a lifelong love for learning. Throughout the years, TCH has taught thousands of children from 50 different countries; today, TCH has expanded across eight locations in the Klang Valley with 2 schoolhouses operating in commercial buildings.


TCH Ara Damansara is the first center to be opened in a commercial building. Situated on the 1st floor of the Oasis Village building in Oasis Square Ara Damansara, the centre boasts an area of 14,000 square feet. It was thoughtfully planned and purposefully designed, with the objective of providing a conducive environment for children to achieve their fullest potential. The place is designed in such a way that an open space concept is adopted and children would feel less confined within the four walls of conventional classrooms. Although there isn’t an outdoor garden like other TCH centres, there is an indoor play area which is clean and weather-proof; the children’s activities would not be hindered by bad weather.


Due to the location of the centre, it doesn’t feel like attending a kindergarten, in fact it feels like going to an indoor theme park at a mall. Once you walk past the little fence that separates the administrative office and the playschool area, you can feel a change in the atmosphere. As it was playtime for the kindergarten group, laughter and gleeful screams could be heard coming from the play area, and we cannot help but smile to ourselves. Stimulating materials and artworks are used to decorate the place, the most unforgettable one was a Petronas Twin Tower made using recycled materials. It makes one feel like a child in a wonderland.


The principal of TCH Ara Damansara, Aunty Chloe, is an enthusiastic lady full of hopes and ideas for the centre. She has been to Singapore and the United Kingdom for training and she is the pioneer of the new infant programme introduced at TCH Ara Damansara. Besides being the first to offer infant programme, it is also one of the few TCH branches that offers full day programmes, catering to working parents around the area.


The infant care programme is more than just a programme taking care of babies from 3 – 18 months old. There are lesson plans that are designed to stimulate and help babies develop their senses, such as Baby Art, Baby Massage and Baby Sensory etc. Since babies need more sleeping time and may be sensitive to noises, their room is separated from the main playschool area and they are being looked after by certified nurses. The room is equipped with its own pantry and bathing area, and also its own play area.


As Malaysian parents are generally more concerned about academics and whether their child can cope with the primary school curriculum, TCH Ara Damansara also offers extended language programmes to prepare their students for primary school education. There is an optional Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia programme that uses creative play, arts and games to help children build a strong foundation in both languages. These extended programmes are available at TCH with full day programmes.


Aunty Chloe has been a principal for 2 years and it is obvious that she enjoys her work very much. Being a principal is a challenging task, especially in managing the concerns of parents, but she believes it is all worth it. She explains that her joy comes from watching the centre grow to its current state since its opening in December 2013. Currently there are 130 students and 30 teachers and she is hoping to see an increase in numbers. “Working with children is something I have always wanted to do, once I’ve set it as my goal, I just have to work hard and reach for it.” Such an inspiring statement! There is so much potential to TCH Ara Damansara to grow into the kindergarten that Aunty Chloe has envisioned.



The children's house, Oasis Square @ Ara Damansara

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