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Best Piano Classes For Kids around Klang Valley

by on 27/06/2018 6403

Formative Years 

If you're reading this article, we reckon that you, a parent yourself, have since agreed that kids can benefit from early exposure to music. As your child grows up, you find yourself wondering which piano class is good yet comparatively affordable can your kid go next. It's a legitimate worry and you're in the right place. Read on…

Years earlier, in our effort to cultivate an early interest in music in our little ones, we proceeded to sign them up for enrichment music programs. For years, we sang, chanted, moved, danced, listened and played simple instruments with them in their weekly wonder-filled classes.

By now, our kids have had a year or two of kindergarten. They, without a doubt, are now used to adult-directed learning. Looking back, we were all in, committed to providing the best possible early music education there was to our kids because we believed music education is vital to our child's development. We also believed that music education goes a long way in developing cognitive, social, and motor skills. As parents, we did our best to give them a head start in music education.

What's Next 

The question is, what's next? Your child is now 5-6 years old. Their hands are now flexible. Their fingers are of the right size and are limber enough to start exploring a musical instrument. Evidently, at 5 or 6, a child should have the mental capacity to grasp the complex language of music.

Most kids at such age are rightfully ready to take learning a musical instrument of their choice seriously. Our little ones, having undergone all possible phases of early music education, have finally chosen one specific instrument to learn. And, unsurprisingly, as many Malaysian kids did do, they've chosen to learn to play the piano. It was an understandable choice because the piano is the best first instrument to learn.

Best Option 

As parents, it's only natural to be concerned about the type of music centre to consider next. What qualifying criteria are there to ponder upon? These are, among others, questions many parents, myself included, would often ask. Again, all of these are legitimate worries. Sure, kids starting music lessons can be a daunting undertaking. Too many choices are just as bad as too few choices when in the end, it will all probably boil down to a number of authoritative criteria; such as but not limited to:

01) Its location (Near or far)
02) The quality of its lessons (Experienced, qualified teachers with good reviews)
03) Its fees (Too exorbitant or too good to be true)

Each point above interrelates with all the others. Much like choosing a good quality school. The same is true when it comes to choosing a good piano class for kids. The best option, as is often the case, has always been the one at the centre. The one that takes all three points above into careful consideration.

Piano Lessons In Selangor & Kuala Lumpur 

That being said, below is a list of established music centres in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur that may be suitable for your little ones to get their piano lessons. Bear in mind that, there are obviously many music centres out there. Small or big. And to list every single music centre here on the list would be undoable. The list below is but a good place to start. You may call them up and ask any questions you have in mind. Make a visit and talk to them. Talk to the teacher especially. Also, some centres may allow you to observe a lesson with one of their students. Don't hesitate to ask for a trial lesson too. Most if not all music centre usually provides trial lessons. Doing this alone may help speed up your kids' learning curve possibly by weeks if not months.

1) Music Maker

Music Makers has developed a uniquely structured program incorporating various aspects of musical training and knowledge necessary to achieve a well-rounded musicianship. Each student's program consists of minimum 1/2 hour of private instruction each week and a minimum of 45 minutes of classroom theory, ear training or performance related activities on each weekend. Courses offered are Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Voice, Woodwinds, Strings, and Ethnic Instruments.

2) Bentley Music Academy

Bentley Music Academy aims to provide music education of the highest possible quality across all styles and genres of music through the recruitment and support of the best instrumental teachers; nurture and develop students through both instructional and holistic support with a dedicated approach to both academic and performance-based excellence. Courses offered are Conducting, Piano & Keyboards, Wind & Brass, Strings, Guitar, Drums and Voice.

3) Pastorale Conservatoire of Music

Pastorale Conservatoire of Music (PCM) was established in 1990 with the aim to provide a holistic musical approach to nurture music enthusiasts to appreciate the totality of music. With a humble start of offering classical music lessons for both violin and piano with only 3 teachers, PCM has since grown leaps and bounds and now operates in three locations, Taman Overseas Union, Kuala Lumpur Puchong Jaya and Kuchai Lama ( WaterMusic Academy) with the assistance of over 25 teachers. Courses offered are Classical Piano, Contemporary and Jazz Piano, Keyboard, Strings, Teachers' Training Course, Diploma in Music Performance Musicianship, Theory & History and MusikGarten.

4) Capen Music

Capen Music provides the perfect environment for both new and experienced music students. With a team of energetic, experienced & qualified teachers, 10 fully-equipped music studios, a rehearsal & performance hall and a music retail store with over 1000 products. Their programmes are all structured to work perfectly with international examination boards such as ABRSM UK and Rockschool UK. Instruments offered are Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Strings, Saxophone and Guzheng.

5) Yamaha Music School

For more than 50 years Yamaha has been developing teaching courses for young and old alike. Music programs at Yamaha are designed for a broad range of students, including children, youths and adults. Instruments offered are Piano, Keyboards, Strings, and many more.

6) Dream World Music

Dream World Music offers weekly individual piano lessons to beginner, intermediate and advanced students from age 5 through high school and beyond. The piano lesson includes a balance of theory, ear training, sight reading and repertoire appropriate to the students' level and musical ability. Exam syllabi are ABRSM and Trinity. Instruments offered are Piano, Drum, Ukulele, Guitar, Violin and Wind Instruments, among others.

7) Ideal Music

Ideal Music provides great learning environment and facilities to all students. Concerts are held regularly at Ideal Music 'Guitno Recital Studio'. Their goal is to ensure the students experience on stage performance besides building their confidence. Apart from this, Ideal Music regularly holds concert trips and sends their students to competitions or activities outside their school. Instruments offered are Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Music Theory voice and Singing.

8) Ann Perreau's

Ann Perreau's was founded in 1980. Ann adopted a different teaching method known as Specialist Music Training. It is a method that brings out the love of music in a child more effectively. Children enrolled for this sort of training are enriched by exposure to various aspects of music making such as history, aesthetics of sound, knowledge of repertoire and performing experiences including ensemble & orchestral playing. Instruments offered are Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, and Flute.

9) Carol Music & Learning Centre

The centre strives to make music & art learning fun and stress-free. Courses they offer are recognised by well-known music exams board such as ABRSM, Trinity, Rock School and many others. Courses available at Carol are Piano lesson, Guitar lesson, Violin lesson, Ukulele lesson, Vocal lesson, and Art & Craft lesson, among others.

10) Pop Piano Music Center

Pop Piano Music Center is the only authorised training center in Malaysia to incorporate the teaching methodology of P.B.E.S™ (study of contemporary music improvisation and aural techniques). The P.B.E.S™ was written for students of all ages and levels. The multi-levelled courses cover improvisation techniques that enable anyone, with or without music background, to become a true and adept musician. P.B.E.S™ is governed and copyrighted internationally and is used only in authorised schools and centres. Courses offered are Pop Piano, Improvisation, Jazz Piano, Improvisation, Pop Piano for children, Pop Music Foundation, Drum Improvisation, Pop Vocal, Pop Guitar Improvisation, Music Jamming, Early Music Teaching Diploma LCM Stave House method & Music Recording for all levels.

11) Pianoforte

Pianoforte Pianoforte was founded in 1989 by Ming Lim, a graduate of Berklee College of Music, USA. Pianoforte School of Music has been providing music education for students as young as 4 years old to adults of all ages. Courses offered are Keyboards, Strings, Wind Instruments, and Group Music Programme for kids, among others.

12) Piano Private Tutors

If you're not keen on travelling to the centre, opt for private tutors. They'll come to your house provided that you have the piano at home. (You should have one at home by now if your child has decided to learn the piano) Malaysia produces thousands of music graduates each year. Many of whom are talented musicians themselves equipped with all the necessary skills needed to nurture, guide and instil in kids a love for piano. Not forgetting, they are also seasoned and experienced piano teachers out there who are not attached to any music centres but remain committed to teaching piano lessons in the comfort of their homes. You may have to bring your kids to them. What's more, private tuition fees can be surprisingly cheaper than music centres. Where do I find them? Start here.


Last but not least, how do I find good piano teachers? For comprehensive advice on the subject, including tips on how to choose a piano teacher, I highly recommend that you read this. Remember, good piano teachers do not necessarily have to be expensive. In the meantime, apart from searching for the right music centre for your child, there are perhaps other ways and matters you can think about at the moment and do to be supportive and encouraging. For a start, here's a quick checklist of things you can do before your child begins his/her first piano lessons.