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Why Parents Choose To Send Their Kids To International Schools

by on 07/10/2022 3878

The vast majority of Malaysian parents used to follow the straightforward and typical path of enrolling their kids into the closest government school and letting the country's education system develop naturally. However, this expectation changed after the Malaysian Ministry of Education removed the cap on the number of Malaysian students that might enrol in international schools in 2012.

Due to the loosening of regulations, more international schools are now accessible to meet demand, which has led to a spike in enrollment. If you’re wondering why parents are opting to have their children study in international schools, here are a few reasons why parents are sending their children to international schools in Malaysia.


Quality teachers with individualised support

Why Parents Choose To Send Their Kids To International Schools

Parents nowadays are more stringent about the quality of education that their children are getting. As a result, they appreciate the quality of teachers in international schools.

Teachers in international schools have more freedom and creative space to develop and organise lessons. Typically, the teachers utilise more engaging teaching techniques that encourage student involvement in addition to books, such as using props and more participatory lessons.

Since classes in international schools are smaller, teachers may more easily assess each student's performance level and take the appropriate steps to help those who need it. Student communication books are one of the official routes teachers in international schools use to communicate better with parents.

This way the parents can keep track of their children’s performance effectively and be less worried about their children not getting the ideal quality of education.


A wide range of extracurricular activities

Why Parents Choose To Send Their Kids To International Schools

Rather than focusing on just academic performance, parents are now understanding the importance of helping their children to be well-rounded. Hence, one of the reasons why parents are sending their children to international schools is because of the various extracurricular activities that their children can participate in.

At international schools, students can pursue their hobbies and cultivate altruistic qualities as they are encouraged to impact their local communities positively. By participating in extracurricular activities, students can manage their time to develop their leadership and sportsmanship abilities. This enables children to be organised, confident, and ready to face obstacles.

Furthermore, students are evaluated on their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, which prepares them to make quick decisions and shapes them into great leaders.

Australian International School Malaysia features various activities in their extracurricular including:

  • Martial arts
  • Performing arts
  • Engineering
  • Model united nation
  • World scholars cup

Multicultural Environment

Why Parents Choose To Send Their Kids To International Schools

Children from different nationalities attend international schools. Hence, international school kids will have classmates and teachers from other countries. This is the best opportunity for students to gain firsthand knowledge and experience of the many cultures in the world.

With various cultures around them, Malaysian kids will gain a better awareness of what other people throughout the world are like, giving them a more global perspective on the population. Attending an international school can provide kids with the knowledge and self-assurance they need to interact with diverse cultures and people in the future.

Most children in international schools claimed that learning alongside friends from various cultures improved their understanding of the outside world.

With children being exposed to multicultural environments at a young age, their transition to universities abroad will be easier. It’s been reported that most Malaysian parents are now sending their children to universities abroad to equip them with better education. This is why sending their children to international schools is the best way to prepare them for the outside world.

Experiential Learning

Malaysian public schools frequently place a strong focus on rote learning and achieving high exam scores, which some parents are trying to steer clear off by sending their children to international school.

There is more organisation in the co-curriculum that allows international school student to explore their subjects through hands-on and experiential learning to improve the following:

  • Academic skills
  • Mental skills
  • Social skills

International schools provide a well-rounded education that is more regulated and concentrated. Students can choose a mix of science and art courses depending on their needs.

The school consistently strives to maintain a healthy balance between academics, extracurriculars, and athletics. These practices encourage kids to think creatively and acquire valuable life skills in the process.


Updated Facilities

Why Parents Choose To Send Their Kids To International Schools

Instead of sending their children to various different classes during the weekends, parents are able to let their kids pick up new skills at international schools with the updated facilities that are being offered. This is also in line with the aforementioned desire that parents have of their children to be well-rounded.

International schools benefit from increased funding and spending, and some even have state-of-the-art facilities available to be used by students. These amenities are typically incorporated into the educational process to provide students with better opportunities outside the classroom to identify and develop their passions and skill sets.

Students have access to various facilities on campus, including:

  • Air-conditioned classrooms for comfort
  • Well-equipped library
  • Up-to-date tools and technology in the research lab and computer lab

These facilities are to aid children in learning more effectively. At the same time, music, dance, and art spaces allow students to showcase their creativity.

For instance, international schools like Sri Bestari International School provides facilities for students such as:

  • Culinary arts lab
  • Green screen for broadcasting
  • Swimming pool

A medical facility or infirmary with staff who have received medical training is also available in schools.


Fluency in the English Language

Despite English being used and understood by some people in the country, it isn’t as fluent as many would think. Due to this, Malaysian citizens frequently encounter difficulties when they relocate abroad in search of employment or pursue higher education.

The fact that English is the primary language used in lessons at international schools in Malaysia is one of the main factors influencing parent choice. With improved language skills, students will be better able to communicate with others and fit in at international universities and jobs.


Opportunity To Learn Different Languages

All children benefit from acquiring a second language. In contrast to local schools, children can learn more languages because there are kids from a wide range of countries.

After learning a second or third language, they will be prepared to interact fully in foreign cultures and break through any language barriers. It's also important to note that this isn't only about learning new languages; it's also about learning how to interact effectively with people from diverse cultures. Making sure they understand well and develop into better people is your responsibility as a parent.

Parents these days understand the importance of their children picking up other languages to be able to communicate with people from other countries and cultures. By equipping them with the knowledge of language, this will also widen their career opportunities.


Career Opportunities

The vast majority of kids who study in international schools will also learn multiple languages. Multilingualism is viewed as a desirable trait by many employers. Bilingual people can accomplish tasks involving international commerce efficiently and easily.

Due to their exposure to a wide range of different cultures and languages, students in international schools may feel secure when searching for employment prospects. Those who have studied abroad frequently have an advantage when looking for employment. These unique advantages are also available to students who attend international schools.

Securing a stable job in this economy is a top priority for most parents today. Which is why, most Malaysian parents are willing to invest and send their children to international schools in hopes that they will be equipped with high-quality education to increase their chances of success in getting a good job for a bright future.


Education Is One Of The Best Investments For Your Kids’ Future

Why Parents Choose To Send Their Kids To International Schools

Prior to enrolling your kid in an international school, you should determine how much you can afford to invest in their education each year and multiply that amount by the number of years you anticipate they will spend there. This will enable you to make a long-term, cost-effective decision about which international school to enrol in.

When selecting the right school, it is critical to consider your family's values, demands, financial range, aspirations, etc. Changing schools can be a costly and disruptive process for both parents and the child. Since this will significantly impact your child's life, have a full family discussion about it and involve them in the decision-making process.