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4 Effective ways to boost student enrolment in your school

by on 05/08/2022 2362

Whether you are a seasoned school operator or a new player in the industry, achieving target enrolment rates is no easy feat. Looking for smart, effective ways to increase your student enrolment in the upcoming school year? Here are 4 surefire strategies to help you draw in prospective parents in this competitive market.

Put yourself in the shoes of a parent

A strategic way to think about enrolments is to put yourself in the shoes of a parent. Consider what parents are seeking for when it comes to teaching methods, school environment, educators’ expertise, extracurriculars, as well as additional services like transportation and special needs support. Enhancing your current offerings to meet parents’ needs can increase the chance of them enrolling their children into your school.

Build a strong online presence for your school

Optimising your school’s growth potential with carefully executed digital strategies can help you stay ahead of your competitors. Having a professional website with easy-to-read key facts, creating social media accounts, and embracing the beneficial possibilities of digital marketing are terrific ways to position your school for long-term success.

Put your best foot forward in making your school known in the community. You can do this by setting up your school on an early childhood directory, such as Kiddy123. With individualised content and social media marketing on the platform, high traffic to your website or generation of leads can boost your enrolment rates!

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Use testimonials to attract parents

A positive testimony of a parent’s experience at your school is worth ten times more than anything you have to say about yourself. Happy parents will always be one of the most powerful ways to attract even more parents to your school. And happy parents will be willing to share. Publish the testimonials on your website or create an exclusive hashtag for them on your social media channels, and make them an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Upgrade your school’s enrolment process

Improving your school’s enrolment and admission systems to make the process faster and more seamless would definitely help. There’s not much reason to still stick to the traditional pen and paper way. Leverage the convenience of going digital to secure more students in the future.