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Importance Of Learning English From Young

by on 21/02/2020 9279

Start Early

Being able to communicate is a skill that every individual needs to grasp in order to survive. Yet, the basic requirements of mastering it requires abundant effort and has to be polished over years of trial and error.

While being able to speak in multiple languages could give you a cutting edge when you are looking for job opportunities, it is pretty redundant if you are unable to master the most important language in the world: English. Let’s not kid ourselves, we are not the world’s top when it comes to the mastery of the lingua franca. Results obtained by the EF-EPI found that Malaysia may be ranked number 2 among 20 countries in Asia, but we are ranked 13 among 80 countries across the globe!

History of English

There are many reasons why English commands such respect as compared to other languages. Historically, Britain was the global superpower in the 19th century while America was the global superpower in the 20th and 21st century. The combination of colonization by both English-speaking countries has helped grow the culture and language to other parts of the world. As such, it is not a surprise that English eventually became the language of the world. It is now widely spoken and written across 52 countries around the globe and used by more than 25% of the world’s population. In more aspects than we can deny, a nation’s ability to grow and develop is presented in its capacity to adopt English as the language of science, diplomacy and trade. In Malaysia, most individuals are aware of the importance of English, but we remain ignorant towards it. Sadly though, until we are able to address the lackadaisical attitude and apathy towards it, the dream of progress will remain just that: a dream.

Your Child's Future

As Malaysia gains traction in trade and business, so is the number of multinational companies (MNCs) mushrooming in this country. Most MNCs deal on the international level, thus it’s only fair that they would opt to employ an individual who is able to speak and write English fluently. In addition to that, the growth of Internet will only be propelling upward in all aspects of human lives’. This would spur the entertainment and marketing industry, as well as those involved in research and education. As this medium grows more prominently, so will the requirement to be Internet-savvy and be proficient in English.

English is a vital tool in globalisation. The more prevalent globalisation is, the more accomplished it is in helping build bridges across the world. It is a significant contributor in sustaining global development and helps ease cross-country trades in nations that do not share a common language. In addition to that, English acts as a language of peace and convenience particularly in resolving conflicts and upholding peace.

Make Learning English Fun

We grasp the intricacies of a culture and unite our perspectives through language so others are able to relate to it. Likewise; for most children, learning to communicate is the key stage of their development. But let’s pause and ponder for a moment: how would they be able to learn or understand something when they’re only 3 years old? Well, put simply, through the form of media such as games, cartoons, and animations! Most of the interaction in these media would be in English and by being able to comprehend it, their minds are moulded and shaped. This, in turn, helps influence and guide the young children in key decision-making process as they grow older and allows them to stay abreast of the global conversation.

Final Note

Having poor fluency in English is not a death sentence to anyone. If you are weak in a language, practice and learn from it. After all, a language is an aspect of humanity, and learning what a fellow human speaks teaches you more about humankind as a whole. The more languages you know, the more you understand our species, and that is beneficial no matter what the situation is. The only limits to your language are the limits of your universe.

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