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Top 12 Awesome Stay-at-Home Programs for Kids!

on 16/07/2021 4917

The stay-at-home period is a great chance for kids to have fun and learn something new. This article will introduce you to 12 awesome stay-at-home programmes that parents can enrol their children in. Some are paid and some are free! These programmes will enrich your child in more ways than one!

1. FREE 1-Month Trial at Epsom International School

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Commencing September 2021, Epsom International School’s English Mandarin Immersion Programme offers pupils in EYFS to Year 2 the opportunity to learn through the medium of English and Mandarin. It encapsulates the core tenets of the English National Curriculum, Singapore Math and International Chinese Curriculum (ICCLE) taught in both English and Mandarin, a 50-50 delivery of the curriculum to achieve fluency and proficiency in both languages.

Learn how the programme can help your child obtain an HSK Level 4 international accreditation (defined as conversational fluency in native Mandarin speakers) by Year 6. A seamless transition to the Year 7 English National Curriculum will follow with preparation, if desired, for IGCSE Mandarin as a First Language.

A free one-month taster is available for your child at zero cost!

Register at:

Epsom International School Malaysia

Email: admissions@epsomschool.com

WhatsApp: https://bit.ly/epsommy

Call: +606-2404188 (remark “Kiddy123” to get free trial)

Learn More: https://bit.ly/epsom-emip

2. FREE Baby Ballet Trial

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Jean Gan Academy of Ballet & Music’s Baby Ballet classes are open for all toddlers aged 2.5 to 7! Call them today for a free trial! Valid till 31st July 2021 only.

Register at:

Jean Gan Academy of Ballet & Music

WhatsApp: https://bit.ly/jgballet

Call: 011-62627408 (Ms Kris) (remark “Kiddy123” to get free trial)

Learn More: Baby Ballet Free Trial

3. 4-Weeks FREE Music Taster

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To add a SPARK of inspiration to your week, Allegro Music offers 4-Weeks FREE Taster Sessions for Piano/Keyboard, Ukulele/Guitar, Singing, and Dance. Contact now to reserve your slot!

Register at:

Allegro Music & Arts

WhatsApp: https://bit.ly/allegro4

Call: 010-4552048/ 016-7173300 (remark “Kiddy123” to get free trial)

Learn More: Allegro SPARK – 4-Weeks Free Music Taster

4. Fitness & Music @ Home

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Two particularly energetic, fun, and interactive virtual programmes for kids ages3-6.

Fitness @ Home, a multi-sport programme for Young Olympians, promotes cognitive and physical Fundamental Movement Skills. Music @ Home cultivates musical and sensory development in a playful and exciting way.

Register at:

The children’s house/ Peter & Jane Kindergartens

Call: 03-62033833/ 03-62052233 (remark “Kiddy123”)

Learn More: Fitness @ Home, Music @ Home

5. LEGO & Robotics (STEM)

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For kids ages 4-9, join Teacher Lisa as she teaches you how to build your own LEGO robotics

Register at:

My Bricks4Kidz

WhatsApp: https://bit.ly/bfklego

Call: 016-3223525 (Teacher Lisa) (remark “Kiddy123”)

Learn More: LEGO Online Class

6. Computer & Games Coding

Image was taken from Kiddy123.com

A fun Coding Introduction Programme for all young beginners and computer newbies! Discover how to code your own animations, stories, and games!

Register at:


WhatsApp: https://bit.ly/cjcoding

Call: 012-3377055 (remark “Kiddy123” for promo price)

Learn More: CodeJuniors Coding Camps

7. Right Brain Training

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The keys to unstoppable confidence, creativity, focus, Math skills, and memory in your kids.

Register at:

You&Me Right Brain Learning Specialist

WhatsApp: https://bit.ly/ymbrain

Call: 012-2302113 (remark “Kiddy123”)

Learn More: Right Brain Online Program

8. Leadership & Public Speaking

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An impactful and engaging workshop on developing children to become successful Leaders! Program includes:

  • 1 Fun & Impactful Children session (for ages 5-12)

  • 1 Gem-packed Parenting session

BONUS for you: FREE Child Personality Assessment Session worth RM499! *with mention of “Kiddy123”

Register at:

HANKidz Academy

WhatsApp: https://bit.ly/hankleader

Call: 018-9897995 (Coach Olly) (remark “Kiddy123” for free assessment)

Learn More: Kids Leadership Workshop

9. Language (English, Mandarin, Reading Skills)

Image was taken from Kiddy123.com

Register at:

  1. Cambridge IGCSE English @ Modern English

    WhatsApp: https://bit.ly/moderneng

    Call: 019-7013192 (remark “Kiddy123”)

    Learn More: Cambridge IGCSE English

  2. Mandarin Class @ Bright Star Chinese Education

    WhatsApp: https://bit.ly/bscmandarin

    Call: 012-2667386 (remark “Kiddy123”)

    Learn More: Mandarin Online Class

  3. 1-to-1 Language Learning Foundation @ Starway Professional Educare

    WhatsApp: https://bit.ly/sw1to1

    Call: 010-2178555 (remark “Kiddy123”)

    Learn More: 1-to-1 Language Learning Foundation

  4. Intensive Reading Course @ Kidsville International Preschool

    WhatsApp: https://bit.ly/kvint

    Call: 016-3278155 (remark “Kiddy123”)

    Learn More: Intensive Reading Online Course

10. Toddler Music, Movement & Arts

Image was taken from Kiddy123.com

Babytots@play brings the most fun filled online classes for toddlers age 2-4 years old. Choose from several themes, including Gardening, Farming, Ocean, and Spring. Babytots@play will deliver the bundles to your home!

Register at:


WhatsApp: https://bit.ly/babytotsplay

Call: 017-2106112 (Erin) (remark “Kiddy123”)

Learn More: Toddler Online Class

11. Home-schooling Worksheet Packs

Image was taken from Kiddy123.com

White Lodge International Preschool's exclusive Home-schooling Work Packs are now available for public! Featuring a variety of games and colourful exercises that cover the core subjects of Phonics, Science, Maths, and Arts, call to order yours today!

Register at:

White Lodge International Preschool

Call: 03-62622663 (remark “Kiddy123”)

Learn More: White Lodge Home-based Workpacks

12. Language Camp with Speech Therapists

Image was taken from Kiddy123.com

Welcome children with special needs to join. Lessons here are conducted by certified, professional language-speech therapists from Oasis Place, one of the largest transdisciplinary intervention centre in Malaysia. Contact Oasis Place to register now!

More special needs-related workshops are in the “learn more” link below.

Register at:

Oasis Place

WhatsApp: https://bit.ly/oasislang

Call: 010-9009673 (remark “Kiddy123”)

Learn More: Language Camp Online Program 2021

Disclaimer: All details and availability of programs mentioned are based on the point of feature. Kindly contact the respective centres through the contacts provided above for the most accurate information. Check out Kiddy123 Online Programs page for newly added programs!

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