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ditoso Right Brain Development Center, Kota Kemuning

“ditoso!” This is what my little girl would yell whenever we passed by where ditoso was located. My girl joined ditoso when she was 2.5 years old and she is now 4. In the beginning, we were quite skeptical about the effectiveness of the programs for right brain development. The person in charge mentioned that we would not see the results immediately, but rather later on when the children grew up. Anyhow, we gave it a try. We decided to stop the ditoso classes as my girl was entering kindergarten when she was 4 years old. However, we later decide to let her continue her classes as ditoso 3 months down the road. Reason? Simple, because we saw the difference in my girl when compared to her classmates not attending ditoso classes. Even the kindergarten teachers were saying that my girl was more ‘mature’, especially in terms of her motor skills, memory, sensitivity, and much more. We now have plenty of confidence in ditoso’s right brain development program. Thumbs up! ditoso是我女儿每次经过ditoso中心时总爱高喊的字眼!我女儿在2岁半时开始加入ditoso右脑课程,她现在已经4岁了。一开始我们对右脑教育的效益有所保留,负责人也让我们知道右脑教育对孩子的帮助是需要长期性及经过长时间的训练才看得到的效果。无论如何,我们当时还是决定让她尝试看看。 后来当她到了入学年龄时,我们决定先暂时停一段时间。后来,我们又重新让她加入ditoso右脑课程。原因很简单,那就是我们看到了她和其他同龄并且没有参与ditoso右脑课程的小孩的差别。幼儿园老师也称赞我的女儿非常成熟,尤其是在运动技能、记忆力、敏感的洞察力等都非常优越。现在我们对ditoso右脑课程更是信心十足!赞!

Parent of Ee Xuen (Level 5)
ditoso Right Brain Development Center, Kota Kemuning

My daughter who is 4 years old has been attending ditoso Right Brain Programme since she was two and half years old. As parents, we always wish to provide the best to our children. I am glad that I came across ditoso Right Brain Development Centre. Her memory power has improved dramatically. The centre emphasizes on instilling positive energy in children hence the teachers give a lot of encouragement and affirmation to them. ditoso teachers are friendly, patient and caring to the children. Hannah is always enthusiastic to attend ditoso class. The centre environment is comfortable and able to nurture her passion in learning. I give this centre a thumbs up. As parents, I would highly recommend ditoso Right Brain Programme. 我女儿在两岁半时已经参与ditoso右脑课程,现在她已经四岁了。身为父母的大家都希望提供孩子最好的。我真的感到很荣幸能够让女儿接触到ditoso右脑课程。上了ditoso的课程后,她的记忆力有显著的进步。ditoso非常重视给予孩子们正能量,也因此ditoso老师都会常常鼓励和肯定孩子的能力。ditoso老师都非常亲切友爱和有耐心。Hannah每次都满怀期待想上ditoso的课程。ditoso中心的环境也非常舒服,并且培养Hannah对学习的热忱。身为父母的我们大力推荐ditoso右脑中心给所有父母!对ditoso的课程我们都赞不绝口,赞!

Parent of Hannah (Level 5)
ditoso Right Brain Development Center, Kota Kemuning

My daughter has joined ditoso Right Brain since Feb 2013. I wish ditoso could help to boost her memory skill to help her in future learning. She was a very shy, quiet and not confident enough to talk to others especially strangers. After joining in ditoso for a year, there are obvious changes in her memory skill and adaption to new thing and environment. The most touching change in her is she has became very outgoing and confident. Her preschool teacher was impressed with her fast learning and strong memory ability too. She could remember all the spelling words easily every time. And, she is also the outstanding student in her class. I am very satisfied with ditoso right brain programme and I am happy to send her there. The teachers are absolutely patient and helpful. 我的女儿Shelay在2013年的2月就已经参与ditoso右脑课程。当时我期盼ditoso右脑课程能够促进她的记忆力,好让她在以后的学习上更为轻松。当时,女儿是个害羞、文静和自信心不强的小孩,尤其在陌生人面前。在ditoso上了一年后,我明显看到了她在记忆能力和对新事物的接受程度上有非常大的进步。最让我感动的是,女儿变得好动、爽朗和有信心了。她快速的学习能力和超强的记忆力都让幼儿园老师对她印象深刻。每次,女儿都能很轻松地记得所有新词汇。同时,她也成为了班上最特出的学生。我对ditoso右脑课程有非常高的评价,非常满意和荣幸能够把小孩送到ditoso学习。ditoso老师也都都非常有耐心和帮助我们很多。

Parent of Shelay (Level 5)
ditoso Right Brain Development Center, Kota Kemuning

Lucas is very happy to attend ditoso classes. He enjoyed his learning pathway with the teachers at ditoso. Even if we might not see the difference now, I believe the right brain development program can actually improve their memory and other brain developments. Lucas总是满怀期待和兴奋地参与ditoso右脑课程。他非常享受和ditoso老师之间的互动,轻轻松松地学习。虽然我们暂时还无法看到学前和学后显著的差异,但我坚信右脑教育可以帮助到孩子在记忆力和其他脑部训练的发展。

Parent of Lucas (Level 4)
ditoso Right Brain Development Center, Kota Kemuning

Let me start off by saying that I was initially hesitant to enroll my son to ditoso as I was not really sure of the benefits of the right brain development program. However, after a few classes, I saw improvements in my son’s interaction skills with new friends and even strangers. His confidence level in expressing himself and interacting with others has grown by leaps and bounds since then. 一开始因为对右脑教育的认识不多,也不太了解右脑教育对孩子的帮助有多少,所以有些犹豫。在孩子上了几堂课后,我看到了他在沟通能力上有明显的进步。无论是在结交新朋友或是和陌生人接洽上,他都表现出非常好的社交能力。此外,他在表达自己的想法时也特别棒,他总是非常有信心,侃侃而谈。

Parent of Jye Ren (Level 6)
ditoso Right Brain Development Center, Kota Kemuning

Nina loves going to ditoso very much. Her memory skills improved and she never stops to amaze me with her potential. She is more independent and expressive nowadays. Thank you ditoso for bringing out the very best in her. 我女儿非常喜欢ditoso的右脑课程。我察觉到她的记忆能力有卓越的进步, 而她总是能够一次又一次地通过不同的潜力与能力让我感到惊喜和开心。现在,她除了变得非常独立以外,她的表达能力更是增强了许多。我真的非常感恩ditoso让女儿所有的潜能都好好地发挥出来。

Parent of Nina (Level 5)