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Tadika Anak Manis, USJ 12, Subang Jaya

This is about my daughter... I have been sending my child here since she was 5 years old. She enjoyed this Tadika...always look forward to come to Tadika. She was kuat menangis , kuat menjerit, kuat mengamuk , sensitives, kuat merajuk , suka baling barang, suka pukul orang , suka hantuk kepala kat lantai, etc. Dari baling buku kat cikgu, gengam pensil with her 5 fingers untuk tulis..bila tulis sure tembus kertas tu, tutup mulut rapat bila teacher suruh baca. Setiap malam mengamuk kat mommy untuk siapkan homework. Setiap hari cikgu complain about her behavior and finally we follow teacher request to send her to daycare supaya boleh tumpukan lebih perhatian pada dia selepas tadika. Surprisingly she has been progressing a lot, especially in reading and recognizing numbers, as well as her interactions with her friends. I feel its the personal touch of the teachers that makes it special. That is the greatness of this school. Alhamdulilah and we are thank you so much to all the teachers in Tadika Anak Manis. Your hardwork is paid. Without your hardwork , continue encourage her, she might be not her today. Terima Kasih Cikgu-cikgu di Tadika Anak Manis atas segala ilmu yang dicurahkan especially to Teacher Wong ( Principle) and Teacher Kala ( K1) and Teacher Caron (K2).

Siti Norhanis (Mother of Nur Hania Ardellea)
Tadika Anak Manis, USJ 12, Subang Jaya

Both my kids started their preschool in another rural area for a year prior joining Tadika Anak Manis, we noted positive changes in terms of attitude and in their communication with other kids. They have learned to communicate in English and Malay with their friends in preschool. In terms of handwriting, we noted they have improved and pay attention to write neatly. Based on their feedback, they enjoyed study in this tadika because teachers always encourage them to think using common sense. Looking at their learning , I am thankful to their respective teachers in helping them to perform better in every stages. Thank you so much for all your efforts.

Wah Li Lian (Mother of Leong Zuo How & Sze Yin )
Tadika Anak Manis, USJ 12, Subang Jaya

Dear Teacher Wong and all the teachers at Tadika Anak Manis. I am very thankful to you all and i feel so grateful sending my 1st born son there. My son is very hard to handle. He got his tantarum but I'm so happy that the teachers always give their best effort towards my son. I can see my son have improved a lot in his academic too. I'm so surprised with his maths results. He got A!!! Tears coming out already huhu..I don't expect he can get A. Once again I'm so thankful to all the teachers involved in teaching him. Thank you so much. Hope next year he will be more matured and well behave and also will be better in academic and everything. Most recommended Kindergarten...Tadika Anak Manis. You are the best! Keep it up!!

Earni Wan Binti Pawan (Mother of Danial Loo)
Tadika Anak Manis, USJ 12, Subang Jaya

We would like to thank to Tadika Anak Manis especially Teacher Wong on guidance our kids. Besides, we also thanks to all teachers that educate to our kids all the time. Yun Yi was very poor on English and Bahasa before join Tadika Anak Manis, after 6 months, she able to understand and communicate with English. She also improve a lot on Mandarin and Maths. She able to get 3rd place for final exam and mandarin class.This is the good result by Tadika Anak Manis. Thanks to all Teachers !!

Lim Kian Hoe (Father of Lim Yun Yi & Lim Jing Jie)
Tadika Anak Manis, USJ 12, Subang Jaya

So far Inshirah and Nuha show significant improvement in Semester 2 compare to Semester 1. We were very happy and hope this will continue for next year for Inshirah and her little brother which will enter the class. The methods that use here in Tadika Anak Manis is very good for helping the kids to prepare for next challenging study in primary school. Please keep it up and thanks a lot for helping our kids in here.

Mohd Ikram Bin Ibrahim
Tadika Anak Manis, USJ 12, Subang Jaya

杨杨3岁来幼儿园到现在可以自己读英文书, 从ABC到1-10 数字,读写,从不会填色到自己画画,这些成长都要感谢老师们的耐心教导,看到杨杨在恳亲会上自己表演发言,很欣慰。感谢老师。 瀚瀚也是3岁来幼儿园,从只会吵闹,玩跳到可以坐下在课室里认真听老师讲课。小小就可以和老师用英文沟通。这些一点一滴的改变, 都要感谢老师的耐心教导。

易海玲 ( Mother of Khoo Yang Yi Han & Khoo Yang Yi Ni