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Selected Special Needs Centres in Malaysia

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Baby Atelier Nursery & Preschool, Bukit Jalil

Baby Atelier is your trusted childcare center which equipped with personalised day care teachers that would tailored a personalised care and education courses to your little one. Hence no need to worry to leave your little one to them as the treatment is the same as if you are taking care of them yourself. Kudos to all the teachers and most of all Faye for the trusted hard work and not to mention my daughter who is close to 1 yrs old still calling Cik Munirah as her second "MaMa". Top choice for busy parents as the time schedule is from 7.30am to 7.30pm. The peace of mind is highly appreciated and valued for most parents like us.

Daddy of Tan Teng Ern
Baby Atelier Nursery & Preschool, Bukit Jalil

We have been sending our daughter, Mia to Baby Atelier since she was 2 month old. They were very professional when dealing with our baby. Kept on updating us on the status of our baby on a daily basis. Also teacher Munirah was especially caring towards Mia, she would even call to inform us if Mia was well behaved in the daycare as well. It felt like she treated Mia as her own daughter.

Mummy of Mia Chee
Baby Atelier Nursery & Preschool, Bukit Jalil

Teacher Munirah is a very patient, honest, attentive and caring teacher. She always tries her best to assure things are fine. I have a peace of mind knowing my baby is under her care. Keep up the good work, Teacher Munirah.

Mummy of Mason Cheong
The Montessori Place, Bukit Jalil City

The Montessori Place is great. Each day that Rasha attends school, we know that she is in a safe, quality place of love and learning. We feel blessed to have found such an awesome educational place and space for Rasha.

Ms Stephanie Alcantara
The Montessori Place, Bukit Jalil City

The Montessori Place has made our daughter a more confident and independent 4-year-old since we sent her two years ago. The teachers, staffs, and students from different races, cultures, and countries which I think a 'genius' for her to mix and mingle , learning with each other in her early school years.

Jacqueline Tan
The Montessori Place, Bukit Jalil City

David is always excited for the next day to play and study. He talks about what they did during the day with happiness. The Montessori Place is a second home for him.

Ms Tatiana