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How To Ensure A Smooth Transition From National To International School

by on 27/09/2023 651

Are you prepared to take your child on an exciting journey as they switch from a national primary school to an international school? This change may be an exciting experience for the entire family, whether you're moving to a new country or looking for further educational opportunities.

Here are a few tips to get children ready for the change, so they can take advantage of the opportunities that are offered to them and approach each day as a brand-new adventure.

Essential Guidelines For Parents

Your responsibility as parents plays an integral part in ensuring that your child transitions seamlessly from a national to an international school. By following these essential guidelines, you will play a vital part in guaranteeing your child's successful and pleasant transfer to an international school.

Ensure Your Application Is Completed

The first requirement for your child to be able to attend an international school in Malaysia is to submit an application to your chosen institution. Some schools require the applicants to submit their applications online, while others may prefer that they send their paperwork in the mail.

It is crucial to adhere to the website's application procedure requirements, regardless of how you deliver your application.

Attend An Assessment Or Interview

Your preferred school will get in touch with you and schedule an interview once your application has been reviewed. There will be an interview to determine whether you and your children are a good fit for the school.

Typically, schools will merely have you and your child come in for an interview. However, some schools will require the students to take an assessment test before deciding whether or not to offer the applicant a position.

The assessment looks at the child's understanding to determine which study guide is best for them. Generally, tests will include the following subjects:

  • Maths
  • Science
  • English

Review Of Application By The School

The admissions officers at the school will carefully review the student's application after the interviews and assessments. This is to make sure that the student will be able to settle in and to determine whether the school is able to meet both the needs and expectations of the student and the parent.

How To Prepare Your Primary School Child

Now that you are done with all the formalities with the school, this is the perfect time to sit down with your child and prepare them for the transition. Here are some things that you can equip them with for the change.

Let your kids create a list of things they would like to discover. Allow them to choose the languages and courses they want to learn. Motivate your kids to choose diversity, as this is the first step to becoming a global citizen.

Discuss About Values

Multiculturalism is fostered in an environment provided by international schools. The campus is vibrant because of the diverse perspectives and customs that students of all nationalities and nations bring while studying under the same roof and following the same curriculum.

Parents can discuss with their children the values that these various components bring with them. For kids to experience the best possible emotional growth, they will have to share these different elements, which are:

  • Viewpoints
  • Cultures
  • Languages

They gain the ability to pay attention, appreciate, and understand people from all backgrounds and with various life experiences. Additionally, it fosters kindness in students and increases their appreciation of other civilisations' beliefs and ideas.

Help Them Understand The Tools Being Used

Motivate your children to learn as much as they can about the management system provided by the school before the sessions begin. Those could include the application or school management system that is used specifically by the school.

Being present in class is no longer sufficient in e-classrooms. Given that the help from schools might not be sufficient or swift enough to deliver the outcomes you require, you and your child will need to understand how to use software and technology.

It is safe to say that students who understand how to utilise online resources effectively will find school work easier.

Encourage Them

What are the weak points of your kids? You can discuss these weaknesses with them. If their mathematical skills aren't as strong as those of a majority of students, they may feel anxious about how they will fit in with the group once lessons begin.

Remind them that seeking guidance is completely fine, even encouraged, and that focusing on one's areas of weakness will lead to improvement over time. Sometimes a word of encouragement is all your child needs to strive harder and persevere.

Don't Let This Exciting Transition Be A Stressful One

Create excitement for your child's school transfer rather than addressing how challenging the switch may be. This transition can be made simple with some knowledge and plenty of enthusiasm.

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