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By - Violet Ng . 14/03/2018

Indoor Playgrounds in Klang Valley

Malaysia is full of outdoor activities that generally are very child-friendly. But sometimes you want that extra accessibility indoor playgrounds offer. Here is a list of top indoor playgrounds around Klang Valley coupled with some coupon codes.

By - Adi Farhud . 08/03/2018

What Musical Instruments Are Good For Preschoolers

Learning to play an instrument has numerous cognitive benefits. Research has shown playing music at a young age stimulates their brain and helps them develop numerous physiological benefits.

By - Violet Ng . 02/03/2018

Travel Ideas That are Child Friendly in Malaysia

Having fun with the entire family doesn't have to be expensive. Have a look at our list of activities that your family can do that is wallet friendly.

By . 22/02/2018

English Class Activities For Kindergarten Kids in Malaysia

Try this simple yet practical games to help your child master English!

By . 06/02/2018

Does Music Help With Your Baby's Development?

Learn how music can help your baby to develop lifelong skills that is important later on in life.

By Magicforest Sdn Bhd . 03/01/2018

Magicforest - Educational toys that engage, educate and entertain

MAGICFORESTâ„¢ proudly manufactures high quality educational wooden toys at affordable prices to parents, home schoolers and educators in Singapore, Malaysia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, China and Hong Kong.

By . 30/11/2017

Fun Times With The Family

So the holidays are here and you are thinking of bringing the whole family on a little vacation somewhere. Here are some of the fun places that are available out there to have some great family fun.

By . 01/06/2017

5 Places to Visit in Kuala Lumpur with Kids During the School Holidays

Where are you going to take your kids during this mid-year holidays? Here are the best places in Kuala Lumpur where your kids can mix fun and learning during school holidays.

By . 16/03/2017

A Guide to Toys For Kids

What is the best toy for children of different ages? Check out our list of suggested toys that matches the developmental stages of young children at different ages.

By . 17/01/2017

20 Free Printable Worksheets For Preschoolers

Worksheets are a wonderful tool to help children learn and have fun at the same time. Check out these free printable worksheets that will definitely give your kids hours of fun.