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By - Adi Farhud . 23/05/2018

How to Teach Your Kids Abacus

Abacus is a calculating tool that can be used to perform basic mathematics, such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Abacuses are commonly made of various types of hardwoods. Most Malaysians are but users of the Japanese abacus.


By - Felicia Yen . 16/05/2018

The whole experience is not just fun and games. It is about equipping children with fun resources that encourage self-empowerment, empathy, ethical behaviour, positive values and good citizenship.


By - Felicia Yen . 16/05/2018

The experience combines logical thinking and social-emotional growth through realistic role-play. Children get to channel their inner passions and interests, sparking excitement about their professional future.


By - Adi Farhud . 15/05/2018

Badminton For Kids

Badminton is more than just a sport. Badminton has since become part of our tradition. Badminton is about instilling good values, besides fostering relationships among its participants.


By - Felicia Yen . 14/05/2018

Art Jamming for Parents and Kids

Art jamming is a dynamic expression of the local art scene. Art sessions are no longer static in-class experiences. It has evolved into a hip, energetic and interactive events. Through painting they discover and express, while socializing.


By - Adi Farhud . 23/04/2018

5 Reasons Why Children Should Play Sports

Inactivity in children is a global phenomenon. Modern-day parents the world over, who were evidently perplexed by this new order of things have been addressing the issue for the past 10 years.


By - Violet Ng . 14/03/2018

Indoor Playgrounds in Klang Valley

Malaysia is full of outdoor activities that generally are very child-friendly. But sometimes you want that extra accessibility indoor playgrounds offer. Here is a list of top indoor playgrounds around Klang Valley coupled with some coupon codes.


By - Adi Farhud . 08/03/2018

Best Musical Instrument For Kids To Learn in Malaysia

Learning to play an instrument has numerous cognitive benefits. Research has shown playing music at a young age stimulates their brain and helps them develop numerous physiological benefits.


By - Violet Ng . 02/03/2018

Travel Ideas That are Child Friendly in Malaysia

Having fun with the entire family doesn't have to be expensive. Have a look at our list of activities that your family can do that is wallet friendly.


By . 22/02/2018

English Class Activities For Kindergarten Kids in Malaysia

Try this simple yet practical games to help your child master English!