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5 Places to Visit in Kuala Lumpur with Kids During the School Holidays

Where are you going to take your kids during this mid-year holidays? Here are the best places in Kuala Lumpur where your kids can mix fun and learning during school holidays.

A Guide to Toys For Kids

What is the best toy for children of different ages? Check out our list of suggested toys that matches the developmental stages of young children at different ages.

20 Free Printable Worksheets For Preschoolers

Worksheets are a wonderful tool to help children learn and have fun at the same time. Check out these free printable worksheets that will definitely give your kids hours of fun.

A Fun-filled Way to Spend School Holidays

Over the years, R.E.A.L Kids’ annual Fun Camp has carved a name for itself in offering consistently fun and innovative takes on children’s holiday programmes.

8 Highly Popular Learning Apps For Preschoolers

From alphabets and numbers to shapes, music and even STEM concepts, there are many things that a preschooler can learn from mobile apps. Here are eight that are very popular with kids.

Little Chef in The House with LetzHop™

There are many ways to spend time with our children meaningfully. How about preparing food together? Let’s try to make a simple dish – ABC Sandwich!

Let’s get creative with LetzHop™!

Let’s get creative with LetzHop! Let’s connect with our children and work on this fun project, making an awesome Bird Feeder!

Learning through Adventurous Play

Playtime is so much more than just for kids to sweat it out. They learn and develop many important skills through playtime. Prof. Dr. Eric Lim explains why and how you can help to make playtime educational without losing its essence - FUN!

Interview - BeeBop Circus

Kiddy123 recently interviewed BeeBop Circus, a Children Movement Learning Centre offering play gym and dance classes!. This is the place where children are able to play while learning life’s valuable lessons.

Better than iPad

Old school games like "batu seremban" or "lompat getah" may sound alien to kids nowadays. But for parents, we know how much fun they can be. So why not bring the good ol’ games back and have fun with your kids!