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Putting REAL Care into Preschool Education

by on 29/03/2016 6666

“One of our main aims is to nurture students individually in order for them to reach the same level as each other by identifying weaknesses and building on their respective strengths. The R.E.A.L Kids curriculum is specially crafted and catered for this purpose,” said Ms Mary Adelene, Senior Principal of R.E.A.L Kids USJ 12, one of the preschool chain’s 30-plus centres nationwide.




Developing Different Learning Strengths

This curriculum is one that incorporates the Multiple Intelligences (M.I.) approach towards preschool education. A typical R.E.A.L Kids class lesson would encompass subjects and activities that are being taught in a variety of ways in order to appeal to the different ‘intelligences’ or learning preferences of every child. For those who possess these strengths, their talents would be further bolstered whilst children who may not share such traits would be equally encouraged and taught to foster such skills. These could be anything from playing music to painting and public speaking.


An example of this M.I. approach is evident in R.E.A.L Fun Cooking and R.E.A.L Culinary Art, two of R.E.A.L Kids’ many unique and creative activities. A simple element of Maths can be taught when measuring the ingredients ratio of a particular recipe. This would appeal to children with logical-mathematical intelligence or who are ‘number smart’. Likewise, using items that are generally attractive to children like sweets or toys in the teaching of basic calculation would not only develop arithmetic ability, but their observation skills as well.  


“Some students would stand out more than others in terms of certain skills or talent. This is normal. At R.E.A.L Kids, however, we strive to nurture all children to be on the same level. In the end, we want to them to be confident individuals with good communication skills and of course, to be equipped academically for the next chapter of their educational journey,” explained Ms Adelene. All R.E.A.L Kids programmes are geared towards preparing a child fully for both national and international education.




Building Connections, Communication and Confidence

Public speaking is an area which the passionate Senior Principal takes particular pride in. She has witnessed how a child’s transformation from being a shy and reserved individual with limited language ability to being someone who is able to boldly address a large crowd or audience at a public event can do wonders to that child’s self-belief and confidence.


This spurs Ms Adelene and her teaching staff to often prod their little protégés to practise good communication in order to express themselves better. She believes that with solid foundations in communication skills and a keen learning ability, the opportunities for a child’s success are endless.


Healthy communication is also crucial in establishing strong ties with parents as well. Such mutually-beneficial relationships are fundamental to a child’s progress in school. Through dedicated dialogues and discussions, parents play a vital role in helping teachers to better understand their students’ character, personality, behavioural patterns, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.


It is only when we connect with children on these levels are we able to positively impact or influence their learning. As such; obtaining parents’ input, interest and involvement during events like Parent-Teacher Day go a long way in developing their children’s personal, social and emotional faculties. “At R.E.A.L Kids, we do not underestimate or disregard how important emotional bonding is to children and their early childhood education needs,” stressed Ms Adelene.  




 R.E.A.L Kids



Established in 1986, R.E.A.L Kids (formerly known as CEC) is the country’s largest owner-operated preschools with more than 30 centres nationwide. Part of the R.E.A.L Education Group, R.E.A.L Kids is the pioneer in adopting the Multiple Intelligences approach (founded by Dr Howard Gardner) in Malaysian preschool education. All R.E.A.L. Kids centres provide full programmes (from 8.30am to 3.30pm) which include a host of enrichment lessons and Extra-Curricular Activities. These complement a fully-developed and holistic curriculum which offers both national and international syllabi. Extended programmes are also available to cater to busy, working parents. For more details or any other queries, call 03-5631 8000 or visit our website at