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10 Inspiring TED Talks by Kids, for Kids

by on 01/02/2022 37158

TED talks. Who doesn’t love them? While we usually think of adults watching other adults give talks, there are a number of inspiring children to listen to as well!

Here we’ve compiled the 10 best child speakers, for you and your kids to listen to:

1. Adora Svitak – What Adults Can Learn from Kids

Adora has a problem with the word ‘childish’. She doesn’t like that it’s associated with irresponsibility and irrational thinking—considering that kids have done some great things for society.

In this talk, she shares her belief that kids have a lot to offer with their big dreams, and that age discrimination should be done away with.

2. Thomas Suarez - A 12-Year-Old App Developer

This 12-year-old taught himself how to program, and creates his own apps. Now he’s teaching other kids how to make apps too, through his own approach.

3. April Qu - The Power of Reading

Reading books can make us experience all sorts of things.

It can bring us to places we otherwise wouldn’t visit, and make us think of things we typically wouldn’t.

11-year-old April is mesmerized by books, and here she tells us what stories mean to her.

4. Cole Blakeway - We Are All Different - and THAT'S AWESOME!

Cole talks about how he enjoys being different and how uniqueness should be celebrated.

In this video, he shares a story about his wonderful friendship with Steven, a 44-year-old man with autism.

5. Maryam Elassar - Diversity and Inclusion: Lessons in Friendship and Love

Third-grader Maryam wants to talk about how we can unify people and encourage peace.

She thinks the way she dresses shouldn't affect how people view her. Instead, she believes she should be judged by her actions and character.

In this TED talk she shares a personal story about how kindness and empathy helped her understand the true meaning of diversity and inclusion.

6. Sparsh Shah - How a 13-Year-Old Changed 'Impossible' to 'I'm Possible'

Sparsh Shah is a talented and intelligent 13-year-old. He also has a disability.

In this talk, he tells us about his experience living with a rare and incurable genetic disorder, and how he didn’t let it stop him from achieving amazing things.

7. Sirena Huang - An 11-Year-Old's Magical Violin

Watch Sirena make her violin sing beautifully, with emotional nuance that will surely touch you.

In an interlude, she describes what she loves about the violin’s design.

8. Noah Diguangco - Kids Can Too

Noah started a business when he was just 7. Here he’ll tell you about he made new crayons out of old ones—and how he sold them at craft fairs, stores and even online.

He wants other kids to know that anything is possible, and that you’re not “too young, or too small”.

9. Senna – Lemons to Lemonades

Senna just turned 8. She absolutely loves animals and has fundraised for them.

She even has a blog where she writes about animals, and why she doesn’t eat them.

10. Charlie Cooper - How Little People Can Make a Big Difference

This insightful speaker is 9 years old. He used to struggle with confidence and found it hard to make friends.

Here he shares an idea to help other kids make friends—and overcome bullying. It’s called a ‘buddy bench’.


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