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Teacher of the Future: What Are They Like?

by on 25/01/2021 3397

When you imagine what a typical lesson in the future-school will look like, the imagination draws virtual reality helmets or teachers in the form of a hologram. But in reality, the teachers of the future are determined by completely different criteria.

Five factors of a modern teacher:

1. Consciously uses technology

The school management system should enhance the teacher's quality of work. Having the knowledge and skillset to utilize technology in class will help reduce unnecessary tasks, such as sending homework reminders through writing or printing evaluation reports. Teachers can then focus on what they do best, which is teach.

2. Focuses on wellbeing

Teachers cannot teach if they are unwell. The belief that teachers should push through and continue their daily routines is often misguided. On the contrary, they are merely tiring themselves further, physically and emotionally, putting others at risk. Teachers of the future should have a better understanding of themselves and find time to prioritize their health. This way, they can be fully ready when conducting lessons.

factors of a modern teacher

3. Has a passion

Teachers of the future have a passion for life. They bake, go camping, work out, write fiction, or play computer games. Having a world outside of their day-to-day job can help them develop new skills and provides an opportunity to spark new ideas. They can then implement it at work by introducing new formats of lessons, interesting methodologies, and better classroom management.

4. Open to discussion and feedback

Teachers of the future will never judge others for their actions. Instead, they will understand the intention behind them and meet them in between. They will not question someone else's idea but instead offer solutions after listening. They will become role models for their children for being the bigger person, knowing when to say the right thing.

5. Constantly growing

As opposed to getting comfortable, teachers of the future choose to learn new skills and gain knowledge every day. They are willing to step outside of their comfort zones to push themselves, to not just be better teachers, but better human beings as well. The modern teachers want to create a technology advanced school. They take up extra courses to sharpen their skills and attend workshops to expand their networks.

To summarise, it is worth noting that the future teachers are simply a progressive and modern human being because the mentioned features and skills should be inherent in each of us today. Teachers of the future are not about state educational standards, not passing the next certification, artificial intelligence, or voice control. It's about the skills that will allow them to take advantage of all these processes.

This article was first published on LittleLives.

Written By Bryan Koh