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Are Flowers and Mugs Really What Mums Want for Mother's Day?

by on 06/05/2019 6726

How can we ever say thank you enough to the person who has been there since day one, the person who you can always count on and the person who guides you through the storm? As much as we want to shower them with gifts, they almost always claim that they do not need or want anything (perhaps mums just secretly do not want more clutter in the house). It is always a tricky one. No cracking our heads this year as we asked mothers, “What do you really want this Mother’s Day?”



Rachel Chiel

Co-founder of Kiddy123.com



Image: Courtesy of Y.E. Cheong


There are so many tired mothers out there, probably staring at their coffee cups, popping a Panadol to hide a headache and getting through their days feeling knackered most of the time. It is not a surprise that the thing that tops their wish list, including our co-founder, Rachel Chiel, is a “short trip by myself”. “Maybe, a spa treatment too,” adds Rachel.  



Datin Nina Sabrina binti Ismail Sabri

Founder of Peterana Kindergarten and Capello by Nina hair salon



Image: Courtesy of @ninaismailsabri via Instagram


Every mum deserves to feel like the queen that she is every day, and even more so on Mother’s Day. What better way to spoil that special lady than to make her feel appreciated with “a handmade card by my daughter, a short getaway with my little family, dinner cooked with love by my husband and unlimited hugs and kisses from my husband and daughter,” expresses Datin Nina.   


Serena C.

Emcee, Radio/TV host, Voiceover talent


Image: Courtesy of @ccserenacc via Instagram


In between nurturing a child and making sure his or her needs are being taken care of, there is always that moment, or many more, where the thought of being able to spend time alone will make its way into the mind of a mother. Yup, that is exactly what Serena C. wants this Mother’s Day, a round-the-world trip by herself, just for sanity’s sake. Ideally, there will be time to take “another one with Chloe and Matt for quality family time”. At the end of the day, nothing is as important as ensuring “Chloe grows up being a well-adjusted, kind and generous soul,” pointed out Serena.  


Jaclyn Victor

Singer, First winner of Malaysian Idol

Image: Courtesy of Jaclyn Victor via Instagram


“Ultimately, the unique bond that exists between my children and I will remain for many years to come, not just on Mother’s Day,” wishes Jaclyn. “I treasure the warmth and affection expressed by my children, making that connection our highest priority.”

Sereni Linggi

Certified traditional yoga instructor, Mall manager at Green Heights Mall and Co-founder of Sereni & Shentel


Image: Courtesy of @yogawithsereni via Instagram


Mothers, as we have learned, are wholly selfless creatures who simply want the best for their children. Sereni Linggi is no different from all the mums out there. All she wants is “for her two girls to grow up healthy and have kind hearts.”  



Wang Xiao Xian

Founder of Bright Star Chinese Education


Image: Courtesy of Wang Xiao Xian


Anything handmade is always a good go-to Mother’s Day gift. “A simple DIY card with a heartfelt note is just the gift that mums will treasure for a long time,” concurs Ms. Wang. “Reading a personalized message is a great way to understand my child’s mind and my role as a mother better. Showing the same love and appreciation with a bouquet of flowers is lovely too.”



Daphne Iking

Content creator, Emcee, TV host, Actress 


Image: Courtesy of daphneiking via Instagram


Many mothers often find their professional interests interrupted by the responsibilities of caring for their children. Given all the family and financial obligations involved, Daphne Iking hopes to eventually find time to fulfill her desire of pursuing a doctorate degree.  



To all the mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day, from Kiddy123.com



Kiddy123.com would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all the mothers for their contributions, without which this article would be impossible.

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