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A Health Supplement Your Kid Will Actually Love: Scott's New Range of Gummies with DHA

by on 25/11/2020 3232

Petaling Jaya, Nov 19, 2020 – Mums always want their children to grow physically, mentally and emotionally. They are constantly looking at ways to offer the nutrients for a healthy development. Docosahexaenoic acid or DHA is a major building block of brain and retina, it also contributes to normal brain and eye development. Scott’s gummies with DHA contains DHA and helps mums to provide DHA for their children.

Scott’s, trusted by generations of mums, aims to support children’s immunity, growth and development. It continues to make nutrients in interesting forms and formats that appeals to children.  Scott’s introduced today, an exciting range of Gummies with DHA, with 3 delicious flavors in one convenient bottle.

► Bryan Wong, General Manager of Consumer Healthcare, GSK Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei (centre) officiating the launch of Scott’s Gummies with DHA in assorted flavours, witnessed by Foo Hwei Jiek, Head of Trading of Watsons Malaysia and Yasmin Hani

Scott’s is No 1 in Peninsular Malaysia for Child Health Supplement and Vitamin C(Child) category. Kids are very particular when it concerns consuming food or supplements. They tend to have their preference for taste. Hence, it is important to ensure the nutrient is presented in a fun and engaging format that appeals to them. We also want to ensure that they are enjoying Scott’s Gummies with DHA in assorted flavors and consuming the nutrients as often as possible,” added Bryan Wong, General Manager, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (GSK Consumer Healthcare).  

The Scott’s Gummies with DHA in assorted flavors are made available in a variety of fruity tastes, namely strawberry, orange and blackcurrant, all the goodness in one bottle/pack. These three exciting flavors come in the shape of three different sea creatures, fish, octopus and crab. It is made available in a pack/bottle in the delicious taste children love. However, this does not substitute the proper food diet.

Scott’s Gummies with microencapsulated DHA technology locks in the DHA goodness from fish oil that gives kids the taste they like. In addition to DHA, Scott’s Gummies with DHA also contains Vitamin D, which helps with calcium and phosphorus absorption.  

► Bryan Wong, Foo Hwei Jiek, Yasmin Hani and the kids of Generasi Z and Z Power at the virtual launch of Scott’s Gummies with DHA in assorted flavours

GSK Consumer Healthcare collaborates with Watsons Malaysia in an effort to engage consumers to enjoy exclusive savings when they purchase via the Watsons’ e-commerce platform. Consumers who make a purchase of RM100 and above will receive a free gift.  This exclusive super brand day promotion, is held for 3 days, which will end on 26th November.

In conjunction with the launch of the Scott’s Gummies with DHA in assorted flavors, a special contribution will be made to Smile Train, an international organization that provides corrective surgery for children born and/or living with cleft lips and palates. Smile Train will channel the contribution to an organization that supports children born and/or living with cleft lips and palates in Malaysia. 

“As a brand that supports children’s growth, Scott’s is embarking on this initiative to offer children with cleft lips and cleft palates the opportunity of experiencing a healthy growth and life. In Malaysia, it is estimated that one in every 700 babies are diagnosed with cleft lip and cleft palate.[1]  Through this initiative, Scott’s is committed towards helping these kids lead a normal life with confidence, where every child deserves to smile” concluded Bryan Wong.

For every purchase of Scott’s Gummies with DHA in assorted flavors, RM0.50 sen will be contributed towards the initiative to help improve the lives of local kids with cleft lips and cleft palates.   

Participants of reality game show, Generasi Z and Z Power sponsored by Scott’s Gummies with DHA, which is currently being featured on TV3 and 8TV respectively, were present at the event. They were engaged in a series of exciting games. 

► Yasmin Hani, Isabelle Tan of Z Power, and Muhammad Adam Haqimi from Generasi Z sharing their experience of the new Scott’s Gummies with DHA in assorted flavours

The new Scott’s Gummies with DHA assorted flavors, that retails at a recommended retail price of RM 39.50 for a bottle of 60s and RM 10.70 for a pack of 15s can be obtained at all leading pharmacies. 

About GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Malaysia

GSK Consumer Healthcare is one of the world’s leading over-the-counter consumer healthcare companies, developing and marketing a portfolio of globally recognised, consumer preferred and expert-recommended brands across a number of categories. These category-leading brands include Panadol, Sensodyne, parodontax, Polident, Scott’s, Eno and Voltaren.

GSK Consumer Healthcare is one of GSK’s three global businesses alongside Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines, with a common purpose to enable people to do more, feel better, live longer.

About Scott’s

About Scott’s – Scott’s first started back in 1873 in New York City where the search of a new preparation method that will give cod liver oil a more agreeable taste was created. For nearly 150 years, Scott’s has dedicated to helping families embrace the daily possibilities in life. Driven by GSK’s values and mission, and embodied by the iconic fisherman, Scott’s work tirelessly to provide the very best in everyday nutritional healthcare, keeping families healthy, protected and prepared, so they can make the most of every moment. Scott’s in Malaysia have been available for nearly 60 years, available in a range of products, aiming to help support development, immunity and growth every day. The Scott’s products available in Malaysia are – Scott’s 

Gummies with DHA, Pastilles with Vitamin C (Mixed Berries, Peach, Orange, Mango), Scott’s Emulsion (Original and Orange flavors)