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Raw, Honest Podcasts to Make Mothers Feel Loved & Encouraged This Mother’s Day

by on 26/04/2022 2234

Nothing else can produce the joy and other fantastic benefits that come with the “job” titled motherhood. But, parenthood also comes with a lack of sleep, personal space, true vacations and real off days, even when you’re sick. Check out these great podcasts – from ones that offer super helpful tips to some that expose hilarious moments – while you’re celebrating Mother’s Day.

1. Unapologetic As A Mother

Certified branding and life coach, JaVaughna, helps ambitious women with children develop the skills and mindset to achieve the goals they have in mind. Listen on as she discusses the good, the bad and they ugly of being a woman trying to juggle life, career, business and success.

Listen here: Apple Podcasts, Spotify

2. Coffee + Crumbs

Looking for lighthearted conversations to get you through your days as you take your kids to and from school? The hosts of Coffee + Crumbs – Ashlee Gadd, Katie Blackburn and Jill Atogwe – will make you feel loved and encouraged as they chat about motherhood.  

Listen here: Apple Podcasts, Spotify

3. The Longest Shortest Time

This award-winning podcast is about parenthood in all of its forms – the surprises and the absurdities. It’s for everyone really. You don’t even need to be a parent to enjoy this.

Listen here: Apple Podcasts, Spotify

4. Respectful Parenting: Janet Lansbury Unruffled  

Janet Lansbury is a parenting author and consultant whose work supports parents by helping them create authentic relationships built upon trust. Each episode addresses a reader’s parenting issue with Janet offering a perspective shift through her respectful parenting philosophy, which ultimately frees parents from needing to use tricks and tactics on their kids. 

Listen here: Apple Podcasts, Spotify

5. Raising Good Humans

Most parents, especially first-time parents, will feel overwhelmed. Here, this multi-hyphenate doctor, Dr. Aliza Pressman, goes deep (but brief) with both experts and parents to share the most effective approaches and tools to raise kind, confident kids.

Listen here: Apple Podcasts, Spotify