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By . 28/09/2014

Attachment Parenting - In a Nutshell

Many parents are conflicted when it comes to how much they should respond to their children. Too much will spoil the child? Too little will left them feeling neglected? Clinical psychologist, Daphne Su, talks about attachment parenting.

By . 19/09/2014

Ask the Expert - The Losing Game

Kiddy123's resident expert, Prof. Dr. Eric Lim takes on your questions about parenting and childcare.

By . 11/09/2014

Why Malaysian Kids Have an Edge When They Grow Up?

In conjunction with Malaysia Day, we should take a moment to appreciate what we have now and consistently work our best to build a better nation. In that spirit, let's take a look at why our kids have an edge by being Malaysian kids.

By . 28/08/2014

Autism 101: Understanding Types of Delays and What Should You Do

Parents are usually the first ones to think that there is a problem with their child's motor, social, and/or speech and language development. This parental concern should be enough to initiate further evaluation. Prof. Dr. Eric Lim explains.

By . 25/08/2014

Nutritious Food for Kids is Not Expensive!

Many parents make the mistake of thinking that in order to feed their kids healthy food, they need to buy the most expensive or branded items. But it's worth to remember that, Expensive doesn’t mean quality and cheap doesn’t mean bad.

By . 23/08/2014

Ask The Expert - Divorce Dilemma

Kiddy123's resident expert, Prof. Dr. Eric Lim takes on your questions about parenting and childcare.

By . 22/08/2014

Pause and Play

Have you ever felt that your child might be too attached to smartphones or tablets? Do you have the gnawing guilt for using gadgets as "babysitters"? Read about a mom's way of controlling how much (or how little) her son uses technology.

By . 31/07/2014

Price of Education - How Much Are You Looking At?

The price of education is skyrocketing each year that it scares even seasoned parents. This article talks about the general price of education in Malaysia for students from preschool age up until they're ready for college.

By . 31/07/2014

Stretching Your RM When You're an SAHM

It’s never an easy thing to run your finances when you have kids. Somehow, you’ll always come short. Here’s one mother’s story of the plunge she took from being a successful working mom to an SAHM and still manages to make ends meet.

By . 25/07/2014

Parenting Style – Austere Asian or Warm Western?

These two parenting styles are so polar opposites that either parent seems to be gaining where the other is losing and vice versa. What would be the best choice for you when it comes to your parenting style?