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By . 16/12/2014

Ask The Expert - Child Losing Focus

kiddy123's resident expert, Prof. Dr. Eric Lim takes on your questions about parenting and childcare.

By Kinderland Malaysia . 30/11/2014

7 Useful Benefits of Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes as easy as 1,2,3, can really help you and me! Do you know that Incy Wincy Spider and other nursery rhymes like 10 Little Indians can be a toddler’s (and parent’s) best friend?

By . 28/11/2014

Occupy Beach Street, Penang

Every Sunday ... rain or shine, we will be there to play on the streets! Come join us and share the fun of PENANGITES!

By . 25/11/2014

Interview - Oh LeWen, The Inspiring 9-year-old Author

Heartiest congratulations to Oh LeWen on his debut book release. Kiddy123 took the opportunity to interview this inspiring young author to learn more about his and his book-writing experience.

By . 23/11/2014

Play IQ - Ways to Play with Your Child

Research shows that babies learn best through play. When babies are playing, they are really developing their Play IQ. They learn about the world around them and develop a wide range of important skills.

By . 17/11/2014

Interview - Shelter, Home for Children

During kiddy123’s visit to Shelter, Home for Children to hand over the proceeds of the donation drive that we held recently, we took the opportunity to interview Shelter’s General Manager, Mr Cheok Hoong Poh.

By . 16/11/2014

Ask The Expert - Handling Bullies

kiddy123's resident expert, Prof. Dr. Eric Lim takes on your questions about parenting and childcare.

By . 08/11/2014

Author at 9: Anthony Foxter, Teenage Spy by Oh LeWen

Oh LeWen is only nine but he has written and published his debut book, ‘Anthony Foxter, Teenage Spy’. Read more about this inspiring young author.

By . 01/11/2014

What Is Right-Brain Learning?

Understand what exactly is right-brained learning and how it can help your child to achieve the best with his or her potential.

By . 23/10/2014

Survey Results: Malaysia ECCE Survey 2014 has conducted a survey on Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) in Malaysia. This survey was participated by 328 parents who have children of the appropriate age for early childhood education. This is the full report of the survey.