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Juggling Priorities and Effective Parenting

How does a parent juggle priorities to keep the family going while being an effective parent at the same time? What may seem like an impossible task to do, juggling priorities and being able to parent effectively is not as hard as it sounds.

Parenting after Divorce

Though many admit that it is hard to accomplish at the earlier stages of a divorce, effective co-parenting can be achieved. Read to find out the basics of co-parenting after a divorce to help ease in the transition and make the process easier.

Do You Really Need a Maid?

When is it considered necessary to have a maid and when is it deemed as an easy way out of having to do housework? Consider these to answer the question – Do I really need a maid?

Dealing with Difficult In-Laws

What do you do when you can’t stand your in-laws or you feel that they have made it their life’s mission to ruin yours? Do you feel stuck between being the good spouse and the obedient child? Here’s a quick tip in handling in-laws conflict.

Should Kids Get Paid To Do House Chores?

Many parents having different opinions on whether kids should be paid to do house chores. Some said it’s a good way to teach about money management skills; some argue that this will send out a wrong message.

Tuitions - Are they Really Necessary?

One reason many parents had for sending their 7-year olds for tuitions is because these classes would give them the necessary revision of what is being done in school. My question is, would you not want your child to revise his lessons on his own?

Different Teaching Methods in Malaysian Pre-Schools

Teaching methods have changed tremendously with pre-schools offering various different curriculums for parents of today to pick from. Let’s look at some of the teaching methodologies available in Malaysian pre-schools.

Teach Your Children to Respect Other Religions

Teaching your child to respect other religions as well as the people of other faiths can be key in upholding the peace and harmony of the community and country alike. So how do you talk about this sensitive subject without being prejudiced yourself?

Creating learning opportunities at home

Young children are natural mathematicians and scientists because of their desire to explore, experiment and their natural curiosity. Here are things you can do with your pre-schooler at home to increase his learning experience.

7 Ways to Promote Creativity in Preschoolers

By the time your child is 4 years old, you will begin to notice how they use their creativity and imagination to play, interact, make decisions and solve problems. Here are some top ways to promote creativity and imagination with your children.