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Things To Know About Learning Centres In Malaysia

by on 11/01/2023 2718

In Malaysia, learning centres can be classified as either academic or non-academic. Most learning facilities in Malaysia are run privately and provide a range of programmes.


Learning centres may be found in Malaysia's residential and business districts. They also play an integral part in the educational system to assist kids in excelling in a certain aspect of the syllabus. Most learning centres in Malaysia offer specialised coaching on academic subjects.


So, let's dive deeper into the things that you should know about learning centres in Malaysia.


What is a Learning Centre?

Along with the traditional academic disciplines found in most school syllabi, some learning centres in Malaysia also offer unconventional programmes such as:


  • Lego robots
  • Photography
  • Children's yoga and pilates
  • Culinary
  • Film production
  • Rock music
  • Fencing


These programs give children more chances to enhance their knowledge in subjects that are often not included in the traditional education system. Learning centres usually enhance academic abilities, whilst enrichment centres boost soft skills.


What is the Suitable Age for a Learning Centre?

There is a broad range of learning centres in Malaysia for children of any age. The age ranges that each centre focuses on are different from one another. Some learning centres may offer similar programs for younger and older children. In contrast, some centres might provide diverse programs for different age groups.


What is the Goal of a Learning Centre?

Things To Know About Learning Centres In Malaysia

Parents mostly register their kids in learning centres to help them improve their academic performance, particularly in the following fields:


  • Science
  • Maths
  • English


Children can also develop their passions and interests at non-academic learning centres. Moreover, learning centres are also places where kids can hone their skills and establish new friendships.


What are the Programmes Available?

Several learning centres have designed their own special programmes and approaches. In addition to providing conventional "tuition," some establishments use progressive teaching and learning strategies. As such, this will enhance the educational experience and give the students a chance to tackle a basic topic in a creative and engaging way.


Additionally, some centres provide other programmes and activities to allow children to have a well-rounded experience. The following activities and programmes are not covered in the conventional school syllabus:


  • Swimming
  • Music
  • Martial arts
  • Dancing
  • Foreign languages


What are the Types of Learning Centres In Malaysia?

Non-Academic Learning Centres In Malaysia

Academic Learning Centres In Malaysia



Robotics and coding




Performing Arts

IGCSE Preparation

Martial Arts

IELTS Preparation

Foreign Language

SAT Preparation






How Much Do Learning Centres Cost?

When picking a learning centre, costs are a crucial factor to take into account. Knowing the different prospects that are best for your budget is essential.


Low student-to-teacher ratio courses are also typically preferable because tutors can give each student individualised attention and instruction. Annual fees for learning centres can reach up to four figures.


How To Choose The Right Learning Centre For Your Child

Things To Know About Learning Centres In Malaysia

When selecting a learning centre for their children, parents must take into account a number of considerations. First, it's important to consider a child's learning objectives and needs.


Would it be beneficial for them to learn how to play a musical instrument or pursue their interest in an engine's inner workings? Do they need assistance in better comprehending a subject in school or performing well on an exam?


The next factor to consider when choosing a centre for a child is their learning style. Parents can distinguish which type of learners their children are. The different learning styles include:


  • visual learners
  • auditory learners
  • kinesthetic learners
  • tactile learners


Parents must also take into account the knowledge and skills they desire their child to obtain at a particular learning centre. The belief that academically oriented lessons would improve a child's chances of getting a good job and continuing their education has changed over time. As such, parents now recognise the developmental benefits of introducing kids to activities like music and painting.


Finally, parents should avoid overtaxing kids because they already have homework, extracurricular activities, and social lives. It's crucial for them to get some relaxation and spend time with their loved ones. Parents should only enrol their children to learning centres if they have the time and interest to do so.