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Montessori Preschools In Kuala Lumpur To Check Out

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The term "Montessori" may have been used frequently, but it is not just a trend. It has been in existence for more than a century. The Montessori approach is founded on self-guided, experiential learning in a specially designed setting. With little to no adult involvement, children study while growing self-confidence and an unmatched, pure delight in learning.

Now that you're familiar with the term let's check out what Montessori where to look for schools in Kuala Lumpur.


The children's house

The children's house is unquestionably a national leader in early childhood education as Malaysia's first fully accredited and all-encompassing Montessori Preschool. Their success stories and track record spans more than 30 years.

Many Malaysian and foreign parents have come to trust and respect The children's house, and it is frequently acknowledged. The Montessori preschool aims to develop compassionate, well-rounded children who are self-assured, independent, sociable, and, most importantly, optimistic lifelong learners.


Acacia Montessori, Kota Kemuning

Acacia Montessori, Kota Kemuning is one of few preschools in Malaysia that offers authentic Montessori education for children aged 2 to 6 years. The kindergarten’s unique strength lies in its commitment to uphold Montessori pedagogical standards to educate the whole child academically, emotionally and physically. Parents can rest assured that the standards maintain the level of excellence that Dr. Maria Montessori originally envisioned as every aspect of Acacia Montessori is underpinned by the guidelines of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) – an organization founded in 1929 by Dr. Maria Montessori to ensure that her philosophical approach continues to be practiced consistently across the world.


Children's Discovery House

Located in the heart of a thriving expatriate neighbourhood in Ampang, Children’s Discovery House is a close-knit multicultural community of joyful children, supportive families and dedicated teachers working to provide a nurturing learning environment rooted in the Montessori philosophy of education to children aged 1.5 to 6.5 years. It is unique in that it is accredited by the Montessori Association of Malaysia (MAM) thereby meeting the highest of pedagogical standards that Dr. Maria Montessori originally envisioned to educate the whole child to become a fulfilled individual who is prepared to contribute to the world.


Choo Choo Train Baby & Child Care Centre

Choo Choo Train Baby & Child Care Centre is a reputable and competent early childhood education and care institution in the Klang Valley. They aim to establish a happy medium between providing care and educational opportunities for infants and young children from 2 months to 4 years old.


Knowledge Tree Montessori

The main goals of Knowledge Tree are to foster a child's social, spiritual, personal, physical, emotional, and intellectual growth using the positive Montessori approach with other pedagogies and teaching techniques.

They want to enable the future generation to enjoy studying in a safe, loving atmosphere by offering meaningful experiences that inspire young minds to pursue knowledge. Each kid is encouraged to cherish lifelong learning and become a contributing member of society who improves their neighbourhood and the world.


British Montessori

British Montessori is a welcoming, pleasant, secure, and enriching place where your kid can find the safety they need to thrive emotionally, academically, and physically. Compared to all other institutions of a similar nature in Kuala Lumpur, British Montessori provides about 100 days more annually.

As a result of this and their extended business hours, your child will have plenty of opportunity to participate in the activities they provide and progress at their own rate.


Roots & Wings Montessori Preschool

In order to foster independent, social, intellectual, physical, and emotional growth, Roots & Wings Montessori Preschool is dedicated to cultivating the foundations of education and development using freedom and environmental experience. Additionally, they are a preschool that provides a solid foundation for your children to thrive on trilingual exposure in language and literacy.


Blue Daisies Kids' Club

As they firmly believe in letting kids be kids, Blue Daisies' curriculum and activities are always designed with fun and enjoyment in mind. When a child is young, play is a crucial component of their development because it allows them to use their hands to explore and learn about the fascinating and dynamic world around them.

Blue Daisies' Early Years Eduplay Programme is designed to provide an engaging and immersive educational curriculum for children aged one and a half to six years old.


Dripping Colours Montessori

Dripping Colours Montessori believes that providing children with relevant knowledge and skills in an appropriate setting is their responsibility. Their Montessori classrooms allow youngsters to explore unconventional decisions in what they learn.

The quality early education offered here covers the key crucial areas of kindergarten education, and they include the three main languages spoken locally, mathematics, science, culture, practical life skills and sensorial learning. Trilingual learning, together with the kindergarten’s Montessori practices allow little ones to learn, develop and grow like children should, with essential skills in communication that will serve them well in our community, as well as plenty of opportunities to explore and learn at their own comfortable pace.


Tadika Bethany Montessori

Tadika Bethany Montessori Kindergarten incorporates Montessori techniques into its curriculum. This Montessori school emphasises practical learning. Students engage in tasks that teach language, maths, culture, and useful life lessons, emphasising concrete education rather than abstract learning.


Taska Precious Steps

With many years of expertise using the Montessori child development and education methods, Taska Precious Steps are educators and trainers in child development. They provide families with a cosy, loving, and nurturing setting modelled after a home to improve your child's educational experience. A shared goal of the management and staff at Taska Precious Steps is to use various Montessori programmes to bring out the best in a kid.


Lil Footprints Infant & Childcare Centre

Lil Footprints Infant and Childcare Centre is a licensed provider of early childhood education and specialised child care for children from one month to four years old. Children of various ethnicities and cultures are welcome together at their centres to learn and explore their surroundings.

Furthermore, Lil Footprints Infant and Childcare Centre respects the individuality of every child and is aware of each child's distinct characteristics. Additionally, they go to great lengths to meet the needs of the children for a safe environment, gentle, loving care, and wholesome food.


Equip Your Young Ones With The Best Education To Set Them Up For Success

While choosing the right Montessori preschool for your child can be challenging, remembering your priorities can help with the decision. It is also essential to look for schools with values and goals that align with your family's principles.


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