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Mid-Autumn Kids Activities

on 20/09/2021 3534

Prepare for the Mid-Autumn Festival by making these easy-to-follow festive crafts. Remember to take pictures of your creations and share them with us on social media!

1. Lava Mooncake from Bread!

Images were taken from 肆柒

You’ll need: 1 slice of bread, 2 teaspoons Milo powder (or other flavourings as desired), 1 teaspoon sugar, cream cheese (cut into pieces), and a splash of milk

Images were taken from 肆柒

Images were taken from 肆柒

  1. Tear the bread into cubes and mix with the Milo powder, sugar, and milk.

  2. Mix everything together in a mixer, then knead it into a dough. (Don't add too much milk; it won't hold its shape if it's too watery.)

  3. Roll the dough into a smooth round shape.

  4. Wrap a piece of cream cheese in the dough and push it into the mooncake mould.

  5. Microwave for 10 seconds, and the lava will ooze out when you bite it!

It can also be served cold or eaten right away without heating.

2. Paper Cup Shadow Game!

Images were taken from 大小丑的女王

You’ll need: a paper cup, plastic wrap for food, scissors, a flashlight, a rubber band, and a marker pen

Images were taken from 大小丑的女王

  1. Poke a hole at the bottom of the paper cup and make an 8-section cut with scissors.

  2. Secure a plastic wrap to the cup's mouth with a rubber band

  3. Draw cute patterns on the plastic wrap with a marker pen.

  4. Turn on the flashlight and insert it in the bottom of the paper cup.

  5. Switch off your room lights and voila!

Images were taken from 大小丑的女王

3. Orange Peel Lantern!


Images were taken from 旺仔麻麻在家早教

You’ll need: an orange, a tealight candle, a blade, a toothpick, a marker pen, and a rope or string

  1. On the orange head, draw a circle and remove the peel with a blade.

  2. Take the orange lid off.

  3. Scrape out the pulp using a spoon.

  4. Cut 2 little ears.

  5. Attach the ears with a toothpick.

  6. Sew the rope in place.

  7. Draw on the eyes, nose, and mouth to make it more vivid

  8. Light a candle and place it in the orange.

  9. Your orange peel lantern is now done!


Images were taken from 旺仔麻麻在家早教


Images were taken from 旺仔麻麻在家早教


Images were taken from 旺仔麻麻在家早教

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