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Merdeka Fun Pack: 3 Exciting Activities for Kids

by on 26/08/2021 10491

How do you occupy your littles this Merdeka? These are the top home ideas you must try for a perfect Merdeka long weekend.

1. Merdeka-Themed Worksheets

Images were taken from Kiddy123 E-Learning

Celebrate this year's Merdeka with Kiddy123's FREE Merdeka-themed E-Learning Resources!

In the collection, your child will be able to participate in a variety of activities to learn and have fun!

There is total 7 activities: A quiz, matching, word puzzle, colouring, observation game, and Chinese word tracing.

All are useful activities that will help kids to understand more about our home country, Malaysia!

2. Telling-Time Game

Images were taken from The Go To Dad

This is how you can teach your children to read time like a pro! A brilliant "learn through play" family education activity that you can practise at home.

How to Play?

  1. Firstly, teach kids to recognize the hour and minute hands.

  2. Explain to kids what the numbers on the clock represent

  3. Roll the dice to get a time

  4. Let kids adjust the clock hands to match the time on the dice

Before you start, prepare your game equipment first! Here’s how to do it.

To make a clock:

Images were taken from 创意美术小陈陈

Use a two-legged nail or a twist tie to pin the clock hands in place.

To make the paper dice:

Images were taken from Craftsuprint

Write the time on the dice and let the game begin!

*You'll need two dice. One dice represents the hours, while the other represents the minutes.

Also try our FREE Telling-Time Worksheets below:

3. Har Gao Dimsum with Rice Paper

Images were taken from Penang Foodie

A prawn dumpling dim sum recipe that is seriously easy to make. Only 2 materials are required, all can be done in just 5 minutes!

Ingredients: Vietnamese rice paper, frozen steamboat shrimp paste

    1. Make several balls out of the shrimp paste.

    2. Cook in boiling water for about 30 seconds or until fully cooked. Then remove them from water and set them aside.

    3. Cut the rice paper in half.

    4. Take a sheet of half-sized rice paper, dab with cold water to soften it.

    5. Fold the sheet in half.

    6. Place one shrimp ball on the rice paper, and wrap the edges together.

    7. Cut any extra edges if needed.

    8. Steam for 1 minute or eat it straight! *Repeat for the rest :)

Images were taken from Penang Foodie

Images were taken from Penang Foodie

For more activities, click here for the list of Online Programs for Kids (organised by schools and learning centres)!

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