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LEGO’s New Chinese Culture Inspired Play Sets and Mini Movie Have Arrived

by on 30/06/2020 4134

Monkie Kid Mini Movie Teaser (courtesy of LEGO Group 2020). Amazing content for the whole family to enjoy. Please watch and share responsibly.

LEGO has just launched Monkie Kid, the brand’s first Chinese culture inspired theme. It’s centred around the classic tale of the Monkey King from Journey to The West, a fable cherished by children and families across China.

Simon Lucas, Senior Design Director at the LEGO Group, shares,

We often heard that Chinese children love epic hero stories, but lack a connection to Chinese cultural heritage, as many of these stories come from foreign origins. Monkie Kid aims to address this disconnect by providing a hero universe rooted in local culture, to encourage children to discover and explore their cultural origins, while providing a common play experience for families to bond across different generations.

Still from LEGO’s Monkie Kid mini movie (Image from LEGO Group 2020)

Monkie Kid is LEGO’s take on the next chapter of the beloved legend, featuring an ordinary boy named MK who has been deemed the chosen one. Accompanied by a slew of other quirky and colourful characters, MK and his friends set off together to take down the mighty Demon Bull King.

Core values like imagination, bravery, fun, resilience and friendship are inherited from the original Monkey King story.

We want kids to be inspired by these values to create their own hero legend and act out the spirit of Monkey King in their own lives. - says Lucas

(Image from LEGO Group 2020)

This exciting new theme comes with eight play sets, a 44-minute mini movie and an animated series. Look out for characters like Pigsy, the tough owner of Pigsy Noodles, and a psychic cat called Mo.

The animation will draw you into a world of fresh art concepts, tons of laughs and some epic music.

Both kids and adults will surely have a blast while watching.

Still from LEGO’s Monkie Kid mini movie (Image from LEGO Group 2020)

The LEGO Monkie Kid play sets contain charming minifigures, spectacular vehicles and hidden features. Check out some of the sets below:

Monkie Kid’s Cloud Jet (Image from LEGO Group 2020)

Pigsy’s Food Truck (Image from LEGO Group 2020)

Lucas tells us that the team at LEGO had spent two years working together with colleagues, kids, and parents in China, to develop a modern play theme that was authentic to the local culture.

Just looking at the play sets, you can tell a lot of attention has been paid to details!

Red Son’s Inferno Truck (Image from LEGO Group 2020)

With the new LEGO Monkie Kid theme, we will undoubtedly see the whole family (even grandparents!), come together and get creative.

Red Son’s Inferno Truck (Image from LEGO Group 2020)

LEGO Monkie Kid launched worldwide on May 16th on, in LEGO Brand Retail Stores, LEGO Certified Stores and LEGOLAND.

The Monkie Kid TV animated content will air on TV3 and ntv7 this year.