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Alternative Enrichment Classes for Kids

by on 01/10/2018 4159

Gone are the days where after-school enrichment classes are largely directed towards the goal of academic advancement. Kids now are exposed to environments rich in diversity – think everything from standard school subjects to sports, cooking, dance, and speech and drama – where learning can blossom in all directions at a very young age. Within that extensive range of programme offerings exists innovative enrichment centres that aim to expand the possibilities to unlock young minds with unique experiences. Read on for our curated list of offbeat enrichment programmes that are individually stimulating, fun and challenging.



Image: Origami Academy


Learn the wonders of Japanese paper folding at Origami Academy and be amazed at how multiple folds on a single sheet can be transformed into decorative and practical three-dimensional creations. Origami is more than just a fun hobby. It stimulates the brain and builds on fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, mental concentration, memory, analytical skills and cognitive development. With knowledge of the underlying intricacies and fundamentals of geometrical and mathematical concepts from folding paper models, origami makes an excellent asset in the design of furniture, buildings and teaching.  



Contact: 012-515 5689 / 03-6211 2589




Image: Mr. Ian Sy


What is parkour? Originally developed for French military training, it is an activity of moving through urban environments swiftly and fearlessly without any assistive equipment. This requires the practitioner to leap, climb, run, roll, flip and perform other movements necessary to navigate pass concrete obstacles.   


Tap on children’s nimbleness and agility with the acrobatic elements of parkour training with coach Mr. Ian Sy. Classes progressively challenge individuals with advancing parkour moves and techniques, while learning to land safely. In the context of practicing their skills, they expand their problem-solving skills and imagination, and build endurance.  






Mermaid Swimming

Image: Dolphin Lee Aquatic


While Ariel in The Little Mermaid is fascinated with life on land, this animated Disney film may have left many of us with the fantasy of weaving through corals like a mermaid. Located in the modern township of Klang, Dolphin Lee Aquatic makes the mermaid dream come true. Instruction educates learners on the swimming techniques of being a mermaid and mastering the fluid wave-like movement. Besides being great fun morphing into a mythical aquatic creature, swimming through waters with a tail makes a great full-body workout.



Contact: 03-3344 1228



3D Printing

Image: Crafty Minds


Spark curiosity in children by introducing them to emerging technologies through project-based learning programmes at Crafty Minds that teach the fundamentals of 3D design and 3D printing. Children will gain an understanding of the design process and see a 3D printer in action, as well as explore how 3D printing will provide new opportunities for enterprising engineers, architects, designers and artists. This innovative hands-on experience adequately prepares children with the essential 21st century skills – digital literacy, problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.      



Contact: 03-9054 2033


Indoor Snowboarding

Image: First Traxx


Ever dreamt about snowboarding in tropical Malaysia? Now you can at First TraxxMalaysia’s First Ski and Snowboarding Centre. Whether you are a snowboard enthusiast trying to spruce up your skills before your next winter holiday or an experienced snowboarder trying to relive vivid memories of snowboarding tricks learnt in mountain parks, we can practice our snowboarding skills all year round at this indoor centre. Paid sessions cover professional instruction, supervision, boots, snowboards and helmets.         



Contact: 03-7932 3303



Inline Skating

Image: Skateline


Inline skating is another fun way to sneak in some exercise. Learn the correct techniques and get proper training at Skateline to prevent forming bad skating habits that may be difficult to get rid of. Qualified inline skating intructors ensure learners strengthen all the basic positions, go through safety procedures and progress smoothly. This sport brings the community together, providing opportunities for sports networking and social interaction.             



Contact: 018-242 2955





Financial Literacy

Image: MoneyTree


A lot of times adult find themselves strapped for cash before the next pay day. Start them young with good money habits and knowledge to manage money through financial literacy workshops at MoneyTree. Laying a strong basis of smart, time-tested financial information, principles and habits can prevent learning it the hard, expensive way down the road. It is practical money skills made engaging and fun. 



Contact: 03-7651 7752


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