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LEGO® Rebuild the World | Preschools Discover the Infinite Possibilities of Creativity Through Play

by on 03/11/2021 2043

Last month, LEGO’s Rebuild the World campaign made its debut in Malaysia to celebrate the limitless potential of creativity to change the world. The campaign also included a mini film that showed the amazing things that can be achieved when people work as a team to overcome challenges.

Kiddy123 invited several preschools across Klang Valley to get on board to discover the fun, playful universe of LEGO. 200 students, aged 5 to 6 years, got their hands on some Rebuild the World LEGO polybags which contained LEGO bricks that they could arrange into various object formations. Just like the children in this campaign who came together to build and work out different solutions, our local preschoolers picked up the LEGO pieces and let their imagination soar.

Through this campaign, we inspired children to unleash their creativity to create a world of endless possibilities with LEGO play. Children were adventurous; they experimented and tried out numerous ways to build their creations; they came up with better new ideas and made improvements to the construction pattern of the bricks; they engineered artful layouts accompanied by dialogue and stories as they indulged in their new imaginary world. Everyone had a ball.

Even though children didn’t get to work collaboratively in groups due to the COVID mandate to keep a physical distance, the process of exploring with LEGO benefited them in so many other incredible ways. As children stacked and interlocked, replaced and rebuilt, they were developing lifelong skills such as creative problem-solving, resilience and self-confidence, all of which are essential in preparing them for a successful future ahead.

As Rohan Mathur, Marketing Director Southeast Asia, The LEGO Group, shared in the press release, “It is clear that parents believe play is important for their children – not only for the fun and enjoyment, but their overall development too,” we encouraged parents to facilitate the play experience by joining the Kiddy123 x LEGO Facebook contest. To win, parents had to share their best tip on how they cultivate creativity in their children.

“Every time my husband and I bond with our children, we make sure that they are learning and honing skills such as creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving. For example, when we do outdoor activities like playing basketball, we incorporate counting and other fun tricks into the game so that the little ones can learn new things along the way. Another great way to bring out their curiosity is by letting them build things with LEGO bricks, not to mention the fun that they will have when they play along with friends,” says the winner of the LEGO Friends Heartlake City Park Set. Two other lucky parents in the Facebook contest walked away with a LEGO Large Creative Brick Box and a LEGO City Wildlife Rescue Off-Roader.

The LEGO Rebuild the World campaign showcases the inspiration of being able to create infinite possibilities to rebuild a brighter future through creativity and collaboration. Through this, they hope to help children around the world develop the ability to shine no matter where their lives take them in the future.