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Free Activities at Home with Your Kids!

on 21/05/2021 3983

Don’t let MCO get in the way of family fun. Keep your kids entertained at home by doing these fun and educational free activities!

1. Penguin-themed Yoga!

Images were taken from Cosmic Kids Yoga’s Video

Come and join the penguin-themed yoga adventure! We've got not one, but TWO penguin-themed yoga adventures, as well as some simple meditations to help your family instill a positive mindset.

Watch and follow the yoga poses in the interactive video below.

2. FREE Multiple Intelligence Diagnostics with R.E.A.L KIDS Online

Images were taken from Kiddy123’s Events

Have you ever noticed how fast your child picks up on certain skills?

Discover your child's talents and strengths with this Multiple Intelligences (MI) Test by Dr. Howard Gardner from Harvard University.

This Free MI Test will help to reveal his/her unique capabilities such as Logical-mathematical, Interpersonal, Verbal-linguistic, Musical, Bodily-kinesthetic, and more!

3. Spot the Differences!

Images were taken fromKiddy123’s E-Learning Page

Let's see if you can spot the differences between these two images!

Download the HD version of the image in the link below for a larger and clearer view.

4. Arts & Crafts!

Images were taken from Kiddy123’s E-Learning Page

Get crafty with your child on this DIY Paper Lantern project. Or learn how to draw the traditional oil lamp by connecting numbers and dots.

Download the Art Templates here:

  1. DIY Paper Lantern

  2. Connect the dots - Oil Lamps

5. Learn Chinese!

Images were taken from Kiddy123’s E-Learning Page

Use these free printable worksheets to help your child learn Chinese. These worksheets are designed to help children in recognizing and writing the most commonly used Chinese characters!

Enjoy our E-learning worksheets and activities? Head over to our E-Learning Page at for more Educational Videos, Fun Quizzes, and Free Printable Worksheets! (New contents will be uploaded every weekday!)

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