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Educator's Mental Health and Wellbeing

by on 11/02/2020 3558

It is a no-brainer when it comes to pursuing quality education teachers are the most important resource. They represent one of the main pillars of high quality learning. When so much weight is placed on one's shoulders, it is easy to overstretch and exhaust one's mind. Nobody wins in such a situation. Educator's work morale becomes low and children's learning is compromised.

While there are no formal survey results to show the mental health and wellbeing of local education professionals, it is not a secret that many teachers in the staffroom are eagerly counting down the days until they can begin their well-deserved break. Just like other professionals, teachers are human too. It is important for teachers to switch off and simply, just to rest their voices.

Building a Sense of Community from the Staffroom

What better place to start than from the school itself. The staffroom to be specific as it is the heart of the school where the pillars of education spend most of their non-teaching school time. It is a place for building a sense of belonging and bonding. It is easily one of the most underrated resources to educator's wellbeing. Just by choosing the right colours on the walls and setting up cozy furnishings is already a good step towards feeling appreciated.

Beyond the Staffroom

Other possible strategies to help boost educator's energy resources and restore their psychological health include planning, staff development, acceptance and having a strong staff support system.

  • Planning – Clear expectations and goals is a vital objective.   

  • Staff development – Providing assistance to teacher’s skill-building and training will help build their self-esteem.   

  • Acceptance – An encouraging management and staff recognition inspires motivation.

  • Strong staff support system – It is a good idea to measure staff wellbeing annually through customized surveys. Allow teachers to provide feedback in a suggestion box and make necessary changes based on the results.

Taking a Moment to Develop Healthy Habits

In addition, good mental health and wellbeing can also be addressed by educators on a personal level. Combining small simple steps such as progressive relaxation through deep breathing and mindfulness practices can help improve an educator's mental health remarkably.  

Principals, make it a priority to build a strong staff support system. Educators, make it a habit to stop for a brief moment and smell the roses. This will ensure the longevity and sustainability of a challenging role. Parents and children are sure to rejoice.