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Why Do We Study Math?

by on 24/11/2016 4534

Childhood is the best time to learn Math because Math is a powerful tool to develop cognitive ability. Math teaches the child the power and ability to think, such as selecting the best method to solve a problem. While doing Math, the logical thinking ability of a child will be raised. Eventually, doing Math will provide skills for creativity learning.



Don’t just study for school exams


Math is an important academic discipline that is essential to our lives. After all, Math can be beneficial and valuable if one has a solid foundation. So don’t just study for school exams only; share the benefits and usage of Math with your child. For example, calculation of distances in astronomy and earth involved mathematics and physics knowledge. People who involve in economic activities, computer graphics, sports activities uses statistical data analysis. Even professional fields such as medicine and healthcare are now integrated with technologies that are based on Math. If your child have a solid foundation in Math, he can further ventures into these areas and become an expert in these field.



How to learn Math effectively?


In the beginning, Math is easy and straight forward. When your child goes up to a higher grade, the difficulties and complication go up. He will face difficulties in applying the concepts, if your child have yet to master it in his previous grade. For example, if a child in lower grade depends on objects like “sticks” to add, he will have trouble when there is a need to add larger numbers in higher grades. Therefore, in Maths, we need to emphasize on basic numeracy skills first such as arithmetic and four operations.


Let us compare how to swim with learning Math. In order to learn how to swim, we need to learn the basic swimming skills needed to swim first such as knowing how to float and master the basic stroke. Second, we need to practice constantly and repetitively. Good swimming skills will be attained through continuous practice and consistent training. Finally, when a swimmer mastered the swimming skills, your child will be able to swim easily and experience enjoyable swimming.



The same goes to learning Math. In order to acquire basic Math skills in his childhood, your child needs to master the basic concept such as being able to work with four operations (×, −, +, ÷), only then he can handle different types of numerals like fractions, decimals, percentage and etc. In order to do well or mastered Math, your child must practice constantly and repetitively until he is able to understand it well.


It is important to solve a lot of Math problems presented in various ways. When your child solves the problems of a wide variety, it enables him to think logically and creatively. When your child is active in calculating and repeating it until he is fully familiar, eventually he can solve all kinds of Math problems. Even though the difficulties and complication go up in a higher grade, Math can be perceived as a manageable and enjoyable subject to children who mastered it. For example, in Eye Level Math, children who studied consistently and being practiced repetitively, they will not find Math concepts above their school grade a challenge. Instead, it is exciting for them as they can venture into something new and interesting.


Eye Level has launched its new blended learning program called Eye Level Math Online. The program offers online practice that provides instant feedback on top of the as existing offline learning. Students are able to learn new concepts through the booklets with trained instructors at the center and receive immediate feedback on their homework that can be done online. In addition, students’ results and statuses are accumulated and provided as feedback to the parents.


Unlike before, now your child are lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn online, a simple, interesting way to learn a wide range of subjects. You will be amazed that your child become skillful with technologies at a very young age and learn to recognize his or her own achievements through rewards.


Flexibility and creativity are what we emphasize. Four repetitive studies for each online booklet are available for students to upgrade themselves. We all know that “Practice makes perfect,” meaning the more we practice, the sooner we will achieve perfections. Don’t you think it is awesome that the instant feedback function of Eye Level Math Online will help your child recognize mistakes and learn from them immediately? Or course, if your child needs conceptual guidance, you can always go back to your centre instructors for a further explanation.



Tips to Improve Math Skills


Try to solve problem by oneself




Learn through continuous repetition




Monitor the solving speed and accuracy 

Learn from mistakes


Finally, do not forget to prepare your child with a positive mind in handling Math problems. Words of encouragements can be advantageous to every children as they needs positive encouragement and motivation in helping them improve Math skills. With the Eye Level Blended Learning Model which contains both classroom learning and online components, children are exposed to a variety of learning tasks so that they can approach with excitement and motivation. The auto-grading system installed Eye Level Math Online allows children to understand their performance instantly and so encourages them to strive for improvement. Lastly, Eye Level’s ultimate goal of education is to help children think for themselves, realize the joy of learning, and help them improve in a wonderful way.






Article contributed by Eye Level Malaysia. Check out Eye Level website and centre locations to learn more.