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Eye Level Math Online: What Are The Strengths?

by on 02/03/2017 5832

What is Eye Level Math Online?


Let’s start with a definition. What exactly is blended learning? Here’s a great, generally useful definition found on the City Prep Academies website that clarifies the term: “Blended learning integrates face-to-face classroom time with online learning facilitated at all times by a classroom teacher, combining the effectiveness of classroom with technology enhanced online materials.”


Eye Level has launched its new blended learning program called Eye Level Math Online. The program offers online practice that provides instant feedback on top of the as existing offline learning. Students are able to learn new concepts through the booklets with trained instructors at the center and receive immediate feedback on their homework that can be done online. In addition, students’ results and statuses are accumulated and provided as feedback to the parents. The program ultimately helps students achieve mastery in learning. How about letting your child try out the Eye Level Math Online program so that he or she can take advantage of studying a blended program?



How much enjoyable can Eye Level Math Online be?


According to John Von Neumann (1903-1957), one of the greatest mathematicians in modern history, “If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is.” Unlike before, now your children are lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn online, a simple, interesting way to learn a wide range of subjects. You will be amazed that your children become skillful with technologies at a very young age and learn to recognize their own achievements through rewards.



What are the habits of a mathematician?


Students can experience the habits of mathematician through online practice such as thinking that “Even if I don’t know how to solve this problem, just let me try it again and again. I’ll figure it out eventually.” This represents the pedagogical philosophy of Eye Level, Self-directed Learning (SDL). SDL is “a process by which individuals take the initiative, with or without the assistance of others.” SDL can be cultivated from the first day students step into their Eye Level Center or even at home. One of the ultimate goals of Eye Level Math Online is to train mind flexibility and mental calculation.



How much is Eye Level Math Online beneficial for your child?


As a parent, would you rely everything on the center instructors to monitor your child’s progress? Supportive parents may be interested in learning more about the stages of their child’s development. Eye Level Math online provides an efficient record for parents to be updated. As learning can be fostered on a continuous commitment of motivated students, dedicated teachers, and enthusiastic parents who work hard to meet each other’s expectations, Eye Level Math Online invites parents to participate in maximizing the efficiency of their child’s learning experience. Through Eye Level Math Online, a sense of achievement is encouraged. By sharing their scores in “Hall of Fame” as healthy competition among Eye Level Math Online students all over the world, students are motivated to work hard to achieve high.



How can math skills sharpen through repetition?


Flexibility and creativity are what we emphasize. Four repetitive studies for each online booklet are available for students to upgrade themselves. We all know that “Practice makes perfect,” meaning the more we practice, the sooner we will achieve perfections. Don’t you think it is awesome that the instant feedback function of Eye Level Math Online will help your child recognize mistakes and learn from them immediately? Or course, if your child needs conceptual guidance, you can always go back to your centre instructors for a further explanation.



What is Arithmetic Math Games?


Incorporating games into math teaching and learning is found efficient in many research studies in the field of math education. In her article titled, “Using Games in Your Math Teaching” (www.synergylearningorg, 2003), Marilyn Burns, the creator and founder of Math Solutions Professional Development, highlights the benefits of using games as follows:


• Providing students practice with skills


• Giving students ways to apply mathematical ideas to problem-solving situations and develop strategic thinking, important aspects of mathematical thinking


• Building students’ interest in and appreciation for mathematics by engaging them in enjoyable activities and challenges


• Supporting the idea that learning can (and should) be as fun as possible


• Creating a class menu of choice activities that are educationally valuable and provide options for those students who complete assignments more quickly than others



One of the greatest advantages Eye Level Math Online Games with no level boundaries is to provide your child with a fun learning experience. Helping our students to become smart and happy is our ultimate aim. Online Math is designed to help learners approach math problems with ease and fun without having them feel unnecessarily burdened and stressed.



Are you an up-to-date parent?


With the Eye Level Blended Learning Model, which contains both classroom learning and online components, is one of the most rapidly-growing learning approaches in the field of education nowadays. It is expected that approximately 98% of the pedagogical methods available will incorporate Blended Learning components by the year of 2020. Technologies are integrated into our Eye Level Math Program aiming at the high-level efficiency in learning. Eye Level students are exposed to a variety of learning tasks so that they can approach with excitement and motivation. The auto-grading system installed Eye Level Math Online allows students to understand their performance instantly and so encourages them to strive for improvement. As our chairman emphasizes, the ultimate goal of education is to help children think for themselves and realize the joy of learning. Becoming a high achiever is good, but becoming a “happy learner” is even better. So let’s start online now!






 Article contributed by Eye Level Malaysia. Check out Eye Level website and centre locations to learn more.