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MCO 2.0 | Preschool Reopening Guide for the New Normal

by on 20/01/2021 4661

Preschools are allowed to open for MCO 2.0! This is great news for young children, their parents, and the preschools that are struggling to teach effectively online (as we know, virtually teaching early years education is extra hard).

The government has released guidelines for both public and private preschools during this period, which we’ve compiled below. Stay safe, everyone.

Guidelines for Preschool Operations

Operation hours

As set in the Standard National Preschool Curriculum (2017) (KPSK)

Class layout

Physical distancing, hygiene, and student safety must be taken into account


Must be worn by teachers, teachers’ assistants and students

Student Attendance

Parents are encouraged to send kids to preschool, ensuring preparation for further education

Key Actions for Parents/Caretakers

Drop off & pick up

Parents must send and pick up kids according to the specified times


Parents must encourage kids to wear masks

  • Kids with a weak immune system must wear a mask at all times
  • Kids who cannot independently manage a mask do not have to wear them

Visitor Procedures

Parents must adhere to visitor procedures for preschool entry during drop-off and pick-up time

School Bags and Packed Food/Drinks

Parents must ensure that kids do not bring bags and food/drinks, UNLESS:

  • A child requires a special diet (permission must be given by the preschool)
  • The preschool does not provide food/drinks to students

School Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival time

Teachers must record student’s temperature in front of parents/caretakers before entering class

  • If student’s temperature is 37.5°C or above, parents must bring the child home for treatment

Class entry

Parents/caretakers are not allowed to enter classrooms


Students must wash hands as soon as they reach class


Students must sit in their designated place

  • Students must have breakfast and carry out activities in their own seats


Teachers must ensure that different groups do not mix

Dismissal time

It is recommended for parents to bring kids home immediately when school ends

  • Teachers shall give assignments in a safe manner to parents, regarding home learning activities

Preschool Teaching and Learning (PdP)

Opening Discussion

Students must sit in their respective seats during this session

  • Students shall be taught safety and personal health practices, for class and at home

Break time

Students must practice social distancing during handwashing

  • Students must eat at their own seats
  • Students must not share food or tableware
  • Students must clean their own tables before and after eating

PdP Activities

Students must wash their hands before and after activities, while for the utilisation of learning centres, teachers must:

  • Limit materials and equipment
  • Limit it to 1 to 2 students while considering social distancing
  • Ensure materials and equipment are cleaned before and after use

Prohibited activities

Activities outside of school are not allowed

  • Group activities or activities that involve touch are not allowed
  • Sharing of materials and equipment between kids is not allowed

Closing activity

Teachers and students share the day’s learning experiences, with emphasis on health and safety aspects

  • Teachers shall inform students about hygiene practices and home learning activities

It’s important to talk to your child about Covid-19 and how to stay safe. Here’s a guide to make it easier.