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How Can Schools Play Their Part in Instilling Proper Hand Hygiene Habits in Children?

by on 07/01/2021 6498

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Firstly, it is a well-known fact today that the first six to eight years of life is when children are at their most rapid learning period. Therefore it stands to reason that they cannot afford too many sick days and miss out on precious learning opportunities at kindergartens, schools, enrichment centres, etc. In a way, this actually places a heavier responsibility onto schools and other childhood education establishments, in terms of providing proper precautions and care towards the wellbeing of their young pupils. Read on.


Ensuring Good Hand Hygiene in Kindergarten and Schools

Teaching little children about hygiene has always been an integral part of society, and that responsibility is largely shared by teachers and caregivers in kindergartens, schools and centres where children spend most of their time today. While there are many facets of hygiene education for children, none impacts their health more than getting them to cultivate the habit of keeping their hands clean - literally. This has been proven to be the most beneficial habit a child can have when it comes to protecting their own health, as well as preventing the spread of germs and diseases.

Our hands, after all, are how most germs get transferred from one spot to another, and not to mention, from one person to another!

It’s not hard to see why every child deserves to be well-educated not only on the importance of hand-washing, but on the best ways to go about it too. A kindergarten or school can ensure the best result in this area by using top notch products and equipment that children will love to use. In doing so, they will be helping to protect their students’ health and build a better reputation for themselves in the process.

SC Johnson Professional - Dependable, Effective Solutions

A child’s safety and well-being are always the parent's utmost concern. Liquid hand sanitisers that come in pump bottles often invite wastage and messy accidents in the playful hands of children, with the added risk of the liquid sanitiser splashing into their eyes.

In line with today’s needs, SC Johnson, a company founded in 1886 by Samuel Curtis Johnson and continues to be helmed today by the 5thgeneration of the Johnson family, Mr Fisk Johnson, continues its commitment to improving lives through innovative products. Its SC Johnson Professional division provides a children-oriented line of hand hygiene solutions that are suitable for modern kindergartens and schools - and each is available with a complete and amiable support system to boot. These solutions include foam hand soaps, unique foam hand sanitisers and purpose-built dispensers with child-oriented designs, all with the objective of instilling and encouraging healthy hand hygiene practices amongst the little ones.

“Choose the hand sanitiser that is proven to effectively reduce the transmission of influenza A by 99.99%”

Refresh FOAM Wash

Recommended for kindergarten and school use, the Refresh FOAM Wash systems are available in scented (Azure FOAM ) and unscented (Clear FOAM). They ensure that little ones get to clean their hands with ease each time, easily and effectively.

Compared to conventional lotion-based hand washes, foam spreads more evenly across the surface of the hands ensuring effective cleaning and germ-busting results.

Kindergartens and schools will have no issues getting kids to form good hand hygiene habits with SC Johnson Professional FOAM Wash systems installed in washrooms and the cafeteria or canteen. Children will be more inclined to clean their hands after using the toilet, before and after meals, etc.

SC Johnson professional FOAM Wash systems come in sealed cartridges that are easy to change, hygienic and require minimal maintenance. The system includes a range of robust dispensers with antibacterial coating to choose from, including the visually appealing NOW Wash Your Hands designs created specifically for little children.

InstantFOAM Alcohol Sanitiser

Another effective way to encourage good hand hygiene habits amongst our little ones is by providing good hand sanitising systems. As kids tend to get their hands dirty anywhere, anytime, through playing, learning, exploring eating, etc. this can be quite a daunting challenge especially when there are no sinks nearby.

Did you know, that one study in Spain actually found that children who were inclined to keep their hands clean using hand sanitisers were able to reduce their sick days, their chances of contracting respiratory infections as well as prescriptions to antibiotics compared to children who used only soap and water to clean their hands? (1).

SC Johnson Professional offers a creative solution with its InstantFOAM Alcohol Sanitiser and Sanitise Dispenser with Children-Friendly Designs. The InstantFOAM Alcohol Sanitiser dispenses as a rich foam, which is easy to spread across the hands.

It’s highly effective formula kills 99.999% of many common germs, which is higher than the 99.9% kill rate common with most retail sanitisers. In addition, it is also formulated to have low allergic reactions to the skin, which is successfully assessed and declared by an independent toxicologist to be skin hypoallergenic. When used with the Sanitise Dispenser with Children-Friendly Design, it encourages the cultivation of good lifelong hand hygiene habits and should be considered a necessity in all kindergartens and schools.

SC Johnson Professional hand washing and sanitising solutions aim to help kindergartens and schools go the extra mile to ensure children cultivate the beneficial habit of hand hygiene. This is not merely through their product solutions, but also a strong customer support which includes invaluable backup materials to help encourage and educate children on hand hygiene through lessons, activities and guidance.

What SC Johnson Professional Hand hygiene solutions for kindergartens and schools has to offer:

  • Environmental and skin friendly product

  • No fuss installation and usage

  • Hand hygiene solutions with or without running water

  • Cartridges made of recyclable material

  • Cost effectiveness - 2000 hand washes per 1 litre cartridge of Refresh FOAM Wash

  • Customer support and backup material to help build better hand hygiene habits in children

  • KKM approved


1. Hand Sanitizer Cut Back on Young Children's Sick Days More than Washing.