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Public Schools vs Private Schools: Benefits, Quality and Costs

by on 03/10/2022 11309

Quality education is one of the best presents you can offer your children, but top-tier schools are far from affordable. In your quest to look for the best school for your child, you may have seen the constant dispute between private and public schools, which has persisted for years in Malaysia.

It’s true that both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Which is why it can be challenging for most families to identify the ideal learning environment for their children. It’s definitely worrying, especially when you need to enrol your child at a primary school in Malaysia soon.

Not all schools can fully address the needs of every kid, given the knowledge we currently have about the varied learning and skills needed for the 21st century. Which is why it’s good to do your research and weigh your options out to make the best choice for your child. So here is an in-depth look into Malaysian public and private schools to help you in your decision.


Public School: Diverse student population

Public Schools vs Private Schools: Benefits, Quality and Costs

It may be a rewarding experience to study with a student body that is more racially and ethnically diverse because it will help to develop students' bilingual and social skills. Besides, your children can learn better about the various cultures of their friends with different backgrounds.

Private School: Encourages students' all-round development

They might provide a more extensive curriculum because they are not subject to the government's strict regulations. There are typically more options in terms of subjects and extracurricular activities with improved technological accessibility for school activities, including homework, assignments, sports, music, and the arts.

Some private schools, such as those that are international, frequently use the Cambridge IGCSE or another international curriculum, such as the American, Canadian, French, and many more. This increases the likelihood of your child being accepted for higher education globally.


Public School: Lack of personalised attention and support

Public Schools vs Private Schools: Benefits, Quality and Costs

Since the introduction of Pentaksiran Tingkatan Tiga in 2014, government schools have been experimenting with educational programmes. The effects on children when educational plans are changed are significant since children must catch up and follow the rules. Any child can become worn out by it, and may have a harder time catching up.

The student-to-teacher ratio is higher, and the class size is larger in public schools. This is a result of the government's budget cuts or insufficient funds. The education industry has high costs.

A typical class has a total of 30 pupils. There may also be ineffective communication between the teacher and the students. The ability of a teacher to give every student their undivided attention is constrained.

Private School: Care for students on a one-on-one basis

Public Schools vs Private Schools: Benefits, Quality and Costs

Private schools have the option of not having to follow the Malaysian public school syllabus. Rather than adhering to the country’s education system, they are free to select their own syllabus. They are able to provide a more efficient educational plan that accommodates the student's abilities.

Following that, private schools often have smaller class sizes and allow up to 10 to 15 pupils per classroom. Interactions between students and teachers may be more lucrative in a class with fewer students. As a result, communication is more successful than it is with pupils from public schools.


Public School: Determined by states in Malaysia

Public school teachers must be certified in the state, subjects, and areas of expertise in which they teach. Every state in Malaysia has the authority to set its certification standards, which may differ. These certifications may include:

  • Program Persediaan Ijazah Sarjana Muda Perguruan (PPISMP)
  • Program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Perguruan (PISMP)
  • Diploma in Education
  • Degree in Education

Private School: Certification can be an option

Private schools vary in their requirement for teacher certification; some do not require certification, while others require certification but are open to certification from other nations.


Public School: Supported by government funding

The government allocates a specific amount to schools as part of its yearly budgeting process. The school then manages the allocated money and the things they will spend. That money could be used to fund infrastructure, tools, and maintenance of schools.

The majority of the public schools in Peninsula Malaysia are in decent condition. At the very least, the children may study comfortably and have access to the essentials.

However, several public schools in East Malaysia are in trouble due to a lack of basic facilities. The demand for dormitories arises from the fact that some students reside in remote locations. With dormitories being provided, attending school for the students will be much more convenient.

Private School: Supported by students' school fees

Public Schools vs Private Schools: Benefits, Quality and Costs

The cost of the student's accommodations is reflected in their costly tuition. Along with paying for the infrastructure, you are also paying for the excellent education. The majority of private schools have tennis courts, gyms, and swimming pools.


Public School: Based on geographical location

The student's address determines the acceptance and application to the various primary schools in Malaysia. The schools must admit students who reside in their respective geographic zones.

Private School: Regulated by the school administration

In private schools, the administration controls tuition and entrance requirements. Whether a student fulfils the qualifications for admission or not is a decision that the school needs to make.


Public School: Funding through income taxes

Compared to private schools, public schools have less costly fees. This is among the main factors for which most parents choose to enrol their kids in public schools. Public schools are more affordable due to the fact that each state receives funding for education from the federal government in a specific quantity.

Income taxes, lotteries, and even property taxes are used to pay the state government. Tax funds are another way local councils might contribute.

Private School: Individual funding

Public Schools vs Private Schools: Benefits, Quality and Costs

Private schools are in charge of their own finances, and the majority of their income comes from student tuition, fundraising activities, gifts from donors, and donations from those events.

The cost of attending a private school is significantly higher compared to a public school. Not all social statuses and classes can afford the costs. The fees are typically collected once a month.

How To Choose Between Public School And Private School

Public Schools vs Private Schools: Benefits, Quality and Costs

It is really difficult to determine which school is the finest. Each school has its unique benefits. The choice ultimately rests with you, who is the parent or caretaker of the child.

If you can afford private education, you should think about selecting the institution that will best serve your kids' needs and interests. Public school is a fantastic alternative if private education is out of your price range. For a more in-depth learning session, you can think about hiring a tutor and paying for tuition.

Keep in mind that you, as a parent, are also accountable for your kids' education. No matter where you send your kids to school, get to know them and be involved in their education. Encourage your kids to be good students rather than putting pressure on them to achieve high academic standing.

Every parent wants their children to pass with flying colours, but it is essential to also take into account the child's mental health and well-being.

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