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Private Tuition Vs Group Tuition: Which To Choose

by on 24/07/2023 2803

In Malaysia's increasingly demanding and competitive academic environment, tuition has become essential for students to thrive. It is also true that most parents need help deciding between private tuition and group tutoring. Additionally, choosing the best tuition option is even more complicated for you when the biases and opinions of others influence you.

Nevertheless, picking the best form of tuition for your children is relatively straightforward. So, let's take a look at the comparison between the two alternatives to help you make a sound decision.

Class Size


One of the most significant distinctions between tuition centres and private tuition is that the former limit the number of pupils in a class to no more than 15. In contrast, the latter often take on one student per tuition session. A significant advantage of private tuition is the lower student-to-teacher ratio. Since fewer distractions are present in a smaller class, students will be considerably more attentive throughout sessions.

In contrast, when there are more than ten students in a class at a tuition centre, there is a greater chance that unwanted distractions will be caused, and teachers may even spend valuable time reprimanding students to rigidly preserve an appropriate learning atmosphere.


Personalised Guidance


Tutors can tailor their teaching methods to meet the unique requirements of their students because private tuition involves just a small group of students—typically only one. Given that each student is different, this is highly crucial. Each child learns at a different rate, processes knowledge differently, and has a different way of asking questions to clear up confusion.

On the other hand, tutors cannot tailor their instruction to each student's specific educational requirements in tuition centres. To help children with slower learning rates catch up, the tutor can only use a limited number of tactics. Naturally, the supervision and direction provided by the tutors will serve as the foundation for this kind of discussion-based instruction in the classroom.


Teaching Style

The fact that each student would ask various types of questions stands out when we visit a tuition classroom. This is one of the most significant benefits that a student might have when taking lessons at a tuition centre. By taking advantage of the chance to study the topic from several aspects and views, students can indirectly improve their exam performance. Students will find it easier to approach difficult questions that test their capacity for creative thinking and to think a little beyond the box.

At tuition centres with manageable class sizes, educators like experimenting with their teaching methods in an effort to make things less conventional. This experimentation increases the interest and focus of the students during the lesson and is also helpful for the teacher.

As a result of a small sample size, the educators are able to improve through the following:

  • Asking for suggestions from various students
  • Identifying areas for improvement
  • Honing their teaching techniques to better meet the needs of their students


Effective Learning

Students receiving private tuition can pause the educator and ask any question at any point during a class. They can even request that the instructor repeat specific passages numerous times to ensure comprehension.

However, tuition centre students cannot exercise that freedom since they must consider other students. As such, they cannot frequently disrupt other pupils by addressing their own specific questions.



Students who have private tuition frequently attend lessons in the convenience of their own homes. This eliminates unnecessary stress and the necessity for a student to waste time travelling to a location for tuition.

On the other hand, some tuition facilities in Malaysia have digital tools and projectors to use in the classroom. These resources can help students learn more effectively.



Compared to private home tuition, group classes are frequently more affordable. This is because they do not have to cover the teacher's travel expenses. In addition, the tuition centres must maintain lower fees owing to competition.


Which To Choose?


Choose the most effective approach according to your child's educational needs, such as if they prefer individualised attention or do better in a group setting, as you have learned that each tuition style has its own advantages.

Always evaluate the available solutions, especially if cost is a concern. Due to the higher quality of the teaching, private tuition is typically more expensive, yet you save money by eliminating daily trips to the tuition centres. Tuition centres, on the other hand, are a more affordable choice if your child can perform well in a group setting.


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