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8 Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by Parents About Tuition or After-School Care Centres

by on 15/07/2022 3365

Nowadays when both parents are commonly working, the need for after-school childcare or some sort of solution to balance a job and care for their school-age children is high – and will continue to grow in demand. However, it’s understandable for parents to feel a little apprehensive about sending their children to either a before- or after-school care centre, especially when it’s for the first time. To put parents’ minds to rest, we’ve put together the most frequently asked questions about tuition or after-school care centres.

Image: Mywis Academy

What programmes and services are offered at after-school care centres?

Most after-school care centres offer Tuition (English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia, Science and Mathematics), Homework Coaching, Daycare Services (includes balanced meals), and other holiday or enrichment programmes (e.g. reading, STEAM projects, etc.). The classes are also aligned with the standards of the latest KSSR curriculum.

My child is struggling with homework and seems to be falling behind in certain subjects. Can an after-school care centre help?

Most definitely. These centres aim to help students improve in the 5 core school subjects, especially those who are lagging behind. For languages, students are guided to strengthen their reading, listening, writing, speaking and reasoning skills; for Science and Mathematics, students are encouraged to develop their problem-solving ability and strengthen their engagement in learning. When it comes to homework, the teachers are trained to not only ensure everything is done correctly but also inspire students to be self-motivated when it comes to completing their homework.

Images: Clever Education

What about during school holidays, do I have to find a different way to care for my child?

After-school care centres got you covered. Usually during school holidays, they will organise fun holiday programmes that are based on different exciting themes like Little Detectives and Junior Special Agents, where students will get to participate in a variety of hands-on activities to deepen their knowledge about topics such as the value of money, advancing technology, global issues and more.

Images: Mywis Academy

With the abolishment of the Primary School Achievement Test (UPSR), what learning outcomes do after-school care centres focus on now?

They have moved away from exam-oriented teaching and now emphasise on the holistic development of students, i.e. nurture the child’s intellectual, social, emotional, physical growth and support their overall well-being. They also strive to build up students’ confidence levels while preparing them for the future with soft skills like critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration.

How do I know if my child is progressing?

For the best results, the centres usually have some sort of tracking system in place where teachers can continuously and accurately monitor the overall progress of each individual student. If any student requires additional support, these needs can easily be identified to ensure no one slips through the cracks. In fact, feel free to check in with the teachers anytime, they are always open for communication and would be more than happy to give you updates on your child’s performance.

Are the tutors at the centre qualified?

Besides being equipped with the minimum qualifications to teach, most after-school care centres make an effort to train their teachers on a continuous basis so that they can remain up to date in their professional knowledge and skills.

It’s difficult to take time off in between work to send my child to and fro. Are transportation services available?

To cater to working parents, most centres offer transportation services (or at least available by arrangement). Some centres even open till late to suit the convenience of working parents. Plus, after-school care centres usually make a conscious effort to locate themselves within close proximity to primary schools.

Image: Cubs Daycare and Tuition Centre

As a non-working parent, should I still send my child to an after-school care centre?

Even non-working parents who do not need someone else to look after their children during out-of-school hours, it is still highly beneficial for children to be enrolled in an after-school care centre. The environment of these centres is actually designed to be conducive to learning, unlike most home environments which can be distractive instead. And there are qualified and trained tutors to assist your child in his/her schoolwork, while ensuring the child progresses with confidence. Also, interacting with other children in the centre can help boost the child’s social and communication skills, preparing them for secondary school later. On top of that, the day care schedule encourages children to follow a healthy routine of daily activities, including eating balanced meals.

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