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5 Ways for Moms to Make Money at Home

by on 23/12/2013 5418

Being a stay-at-home-mom or SAHM, as this group of mothers is more fondly known, is often associated to not having financial freedom. This is because an SAHM no longer earns a paycheck at the end of the month from a company like how she used to if she was a working mother before becoming an SAHM.

Unlike many decades ago where most stay-at-home-moms have never worked in an office her whole life, many current SAHMs are ex-professionals who decided to resign to look after their own children themselves. With this, there are SAHMs with certain skill sets and expertise that can be put to use.

These skill sets and expertise is a great steppingstone for stay-at-home-moms to make money from the comfort of their own homes and have that financial freedom if it wasn’t theirs before. More and more SAHMs are utilizing their skills to work from home and have grown to become more successful people compared to when she was employed in a company.

If you’re an SAHM and would like to work from home, here are some pointers to give you an idea where to start:

Sell Your Stuff

Being at home means you have more control over your time and schedule.

Many SAHMs are venturing into online business where their products are sold on the Internet. With the ever-growing number of netizens, selling your products online can be one of the best and most lucrative things you can try.

Online marketplace like Etsy or eBay allows you to upload photos of your products and list them for sale. These sites are accessible by anyone all over the world so you can reach more customers and not just the ones in your country.


Facebook has also grown into a very reliable place for online businesses. With apps like Instapps, you can track your sales and visitor traffic statistics and even customize your page with free templates to make it more attractive and stand out from other businesses.

Freelance Work

There are many work-from-home (WFH) platforms that offer various categories of office work. This freelancing work ranges from article writing to data entry to web designing to apps review.

With a very minimal fee, you’re given access to literally thousands of work available. Chances are, you will find something that suits your skill sets or one that’s in your niche. If you provide quality work, there is a good opportunity for you to forge a long-term relationship with the clients that hired you. This way you can have a steady side income.

Just be sure to thoroughly check the work-from-home platforms before joining them because WFH scams are very common.

Get Paid Blogging

If you feel that writing for clients feels like too much of an office job, you can still write and make money. There are companies that pay you to blog. Granted, you still have to include links that bring readers to the companies’ sites but at least you can write your own content according to what you want rather than follow what the clients are looking for.

There are also companies that provide links to promotional items, discount on clothes or household items, store coupons and many more categories that will suit your blog niche. All you have to do is share these links on your social networking sites like Facebook, blogging platform, Instagram and/or Twitter and you can make money through this. You can get paid through pay-per-click, means whenever someone clicks on the link, you will generate your sale. You will also get higher commission if the person actually buys something from that link.

Think of it this way, the more you share these links, the more chances of you making more money!

Impart Your Skills

If there is something you’re really good at, don’t let the talent go to waste.

You can open up a small-scale class at your house. Even if you start with just one student, word will soon get around. If you live in an area with a community notice board, put up an advertisement on your class. Home classes like baking, tutoring, piano classes, sewing, and DIY home décor items are favorites among many.

You will definitely find someone who is interested and from there, you can look for way to grow your class i.e. business.

Get into Groups

Here’s a great chance to get out of the house for several hours, meet other adults and have a discussion on almost anything.

There are many companies that look for volunteers to participate in their surveys. This kind of focus groups usually pays RM100-RM200 per session and each session usually last for 2-3 hours. Depending on the subject of discussion, the more complicated it is, the higher the pay is.

Ask around if anyone knows any companies looking for volunteers or you can Google under “focus groups” with your country and city as the search term.

Working from home for SAHM can be very rewarding as you have total control over how often and how long you work. But if you’re starting to get serious about it, it is advisable to workout a feasible timetable just so you’re able to conduct your business or deliver your work while handling household chores at the same time.

Good luck, mommies!

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