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Selected Preschool: Q-dees, Puncak Jalil

by on 21/11/2016

On the way to Q-dees Puncak Jalil, we were quite skeptical as to how a kindergarten could operate from a shop lot. However, when we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the roads are wide, the surrounding areas are clean and there are ample parking bays! You will be able to pick out Q-dees Puncak Jalil immediately from their now well-known and colourfully appointed façade.

We were met by its principal Madam Woon. What struck us was the way that Madam Woon was always smiling, always affable and very expressive. “Kids need to be nurtured and what better way to start than with a smile!”, she beamed.

Madam Woon did not start her kindergarten by chance. She had a desire to provide the children of today with a solid and stable foundation upon which to build their futures and education. “Education today is very challenging. Without a solid foundation upon which to build, children will find it very difficult to learn and absorb what is being taught today.”

Part of that foundation is “peace of mind”, which is, having your very own premises!

Q-dees Puncak Jalil uses the Q-dees Starters programme with its “Link & Think” methodology that maximises the child’s innate brain activity to build meaningful connections. The more the connections, the faster the child learns – ultimately building a strong foundation for a lifelong passion for learning. This programme is unique in that it is designed to enhance the children’s learning experience and nurtures them to become confident and independent learners, be it academic or creative.

At Q-dees Puncak Jalil, they also focus on the mastery of all three languages, English, Bahasa Melayu and Mandarin together with understanding and respecting each other’s customs and cultures. A healthy reading habit is cultivated via the Beamind Foundation e-readers programme. This programme is offered exclusively to Q-dees students at authorized Q-dees centres only. Over the course of the programme, students will be taught and encouraged to read Intelligently, Expressively and Creatively. This programme is run before actual classes for the day begin and a student’s progress is closely monitored by the teachers.

Q-dees Puncak Jalil also has a special Pendidikan Islam class and Iqra class for its many students who are of the Muslim faith.

The interior of Q-dees Puncak Jalil has been extensively restructured. For example, most of the passageways have been widened. This was done so that the children do not bump or knock into the walls and injure themselves during activities or moving from class to class. Madam Woon is especially proud of the play and exercise area.

“This area has been widened significantly for the children to conduct their outdoor activities and exercises indoors, come rain or shine. For extra realism and safety it has also been laid with green coloured non-slip vinyl.” As we toured the kindergarten, we noticed that every room has been equipped with an air conditioner and air freshener / purifier machine – even the play and exercise area! No more smelly socks and sweaty shirts odors!

As one of Q-dees Puncak Jalil’s parents so aptly puts it, “Q-dees Puncak Jalil is a quality, well-resourced kindergarten with top notch staff and a caring and nurturing principal who will love and nurture your child.”


Q-dees Puncak Jalil (Pusat Perkembangan Dunia Intelek)

35, Jalan PUJ 3/1
Taman Puncak Jalil
Seri Kembangan, Selangor 43300
012 - 229 5XXX
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