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Better than iPad

Old school games like "batu seremban" or "lompat getah" may sound alien to kids nowadays. But for parents, we know how much fun they can be. So why not bring the good ol’ games back and have fun with your kids!

Do You Really Need Insurance for Your Kids?

With the ever-increasing medical costs and reported cases of critical illnesses among children, it’s no wonder parents are busy buying insurance policies for their kids. But do you really need insurance for your kids? Read on before you decide.

Why Do Most People Prefer a Boy?

Boys are easier to take care? Boys are less clingy? Why do most people prefer a boy to a girl? It may sound like an old-fashioned belief but surprisingly many families still prefer a boy.

Are you raising a spoiled child?

Kids will always strive to push their boundaries, it is part of how they learn and grow. But before we label our kids brats, let us take a closer look at our parenting style. Are we encouraging bratty behavior? If so, how do we handle it?

5 Ways for Moms to Make Money at Home

Gone are the days where being an SAHM is deemed a boring “job”. Many SAHMs are making real money by working from home that more and more working mothers are considering being one. Here’s how you can turn your time into money!

Raising Children Who Love Learning

Learning is a word children cringe from today because of the boringness of it all. Pump some live and fun into learning and see how your kids love learning.

8 Top Educational Apps for Kids Under 10

The age of technology has brought on an onslaught of learning through sounds and images through phone and tablet apps. Have a look at the top apps your preschooler can gain basic knowledge from.

Taking Care of Your Children’s Eye Health

Children’s eye health is as important as any aspect of their health. As young children aren’t usually able to tell their parents if they’re having vision or eye problem, parents need to ensure their children’s eye health are well taken care of.

Your Lil Chef and the Kitchen

When kids are allowed to explore in the kitchen they learn and practice basic math concepts, reading, following instructions, and building language skills. These skills will aid in building their self-esteem and sense of competency and independence.

Help, my Spouse is a PERFECTIONIST!!

Is your spouse difficult to please? Do you find that no matter how hard you try you can never satisfy them or meet their standards? Here are some suggestions on how to survive living with a perfectionist spouse.