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Is Your Child Watching Too Much TV?

Take steps to prevent TV addiction in your children with these simple steps so that they have a wholesome and holistic life ahead. At the same time, look into your own TV habits.

Are you experiencing the Baby Blues?

Having a baby is a blessing and a joy, but there are some mothers experience sadness right after the baby comes. What reason is there to be sad? How to make yourself feel better?

Help Your Child to Stop Bedwetting

Bed wetting can be a frustrating problem if we don’t handle it properly. Read here to see how you can help your child to overcome it, and save yourself from the mess!

Natural Remedies to Treat Cold / Flu / Fever

Natural remedies have been trusted from generation to generation to cure almost any ailments. With these readily available ingredients found in almost every house, it is possible to cure fever, cold or flu when they strike.

How to Handle a Jealous Sibling

Having tough time in dealing with a jealous child? There are few things parents can do to help them stop feeling this way.

Better Sex Life for Parents

You’ve been teasing each other since dinner and now you’ve settled into bed. Just when you’re in the mood, the baby cries. Don’t be discouraged. You can still become lovers after being parents. Try these tips to bring the fire back into your marriage

Schools for Special Needs Children in Malaysia

We now have several types of education systems in Malaysia, all harmoniously living under the same roof. The one type of school that is still lacking in many ways is schools for special needs children.

Juggling Priorities and Effective Parenting

How does a parent juggle priorities to keep the family going while being an effective parent at the same time? What may seem like an impossible task to do, juggling priorities and being able to parent effectively is not as hard as it sounds.

Parenting after Divorce

Though many admit that it is hard to accomplish at the earlier stages of a divorce, effective co-parenting can be achieved. Read to find out the basics of co-parenting after a divorce to help ease in the transition and make the process easier.

Do You Really Need a Maid?

When is it considered necessary to have a maid and when is it deemed as an easy way out of having to do housework? Consider these to answer the question – Do I really need a maid?