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What are the Habits You Like to Instill in your Children?

by on 13/10/2016 3656

It happened a few days ago when Christopher got up in the morning to drink milk.


It is the family habit to drink milk by putting the bibs around. Early in the morning, Christopher took the milk he cried out: "I want bibs, I want it now." The mother told him: "Please say ‘please’."


Christopher was probably not having enough sleep which put him in the emotion to cry. He began to cry and cry more loudly. The mother ignores his cries but told him: "Please say it. I will give it to you after you say it." However, Christopher did not stop crying.


The mother waited until he was nearly stopped, then told him: "Say it nicely. You have to say ‘please’. Call me when you are ready." She went back to the room. She came out and found their maid had given him the bib. She walked over and took away the bib. She told him: “You did not say ‘please’.” Christopher replied angrily with his sobbing voice: “I don’t want to drink milk.” She saw his tears wet the neck, so she helped him changed his clothes. Until he was relatively calm down, he whispered: “Mummy, please give me the bib.”


Later, she reminded the maid, she did not give a bib to Christopher because he did not want to say "please". Saying "please" is a very important value for her. She hopes that Christopher can go through a variety of details in life which cultivate a good habit. If she compromised, he would know that she could have flexibility. Thus, he would take things for granted.


In general, children try to test their parents’ principles. Not just about the polite behavior, but also in daily life, such as brushing teeth, eating a meal on the table, washing hands before meals. We need a continuous reminder, repeated exercise, and thorough implementation to nurture these good habits in them for a lifetime.


Parents might have different values and principles which conflict on upbringing their children. Therefore, it is important to seek a common understanding and a mutual agreement on upbringing their children. With that, children will grow up with good habits which are an invaluable asset to them.


In Eye Level, we encourage students to do their booklet daily even they are in holidays. It is not about pushing them to the edge to miss their enjoyment during the break, but it is our intention to develop their study momentum and instill them with a good study habit as an invaluable asset for their life-long learning.







Article contributed by Eye Level Malaysia. Check out Eye Level website and centre locations to learn more.