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Is Your Child Watching Too Much TV?

by on 30/09/2013 6164

Did you know that watching too much TV can be bad for your child’s health and increases the risk for obesity and Type 2 diabetes? The average child spends close to nine years of their life in front of the TV. Although some TV shows can be good for your child, too much is always something to worry about. If you are worried about the amount of time your children spend in front of the television, here are some things you can do to take control.

Get the TV out of the Bedroom!

Although having a TV in the bedroom helps to keep kids quiet, you end up losing control over how much they watch and what they watch. Studies have shown that children who have a TV in their bedroom watch more TV and perform worse in school evaluations. If you have a TV in your child’s room, have an honest talk with him as to why you need to remove the TV and just do it. Word of warning, be prepared for some protest!

Don’t have the TV on in the Background

The ‘off’ button on your TV is there for a reason, so when no one is watching, turn it off. Having a TV running in the background makes it difficult for us to concentrate on other things on hand. If your child or you are watching a program, turn off the TV right after instead of going for a marathon each time.

Agree on Programmes

Agree with your child in advance about the programmes he can watch. Sit with him and go throught he guide and make your selections. This will save your children from hours of zombie-like channel surfing and continuous TV time.

Agree TV Time

Come up with an agreeable amount of time your child can watch TV during each day, and each week. Be firm with your negotiations and be firm with your decision. IF you set this pattern from earlier on in your children’s lives, it is not something that will come in your way often. If you are dealing with children who are already TV addicts, the way to go is by slowly reducing TV time gradually. The best way to help TV addicts is by replacing the TV time taken away with purposeful and meaningful activities that will challenge their mind.

Discuss the Plan

Today, talking to children is a good way of helping them understand why you need to do what you do. Talk to them about why watching too much TV is a bad idea and ask them for their opinion and input too. When you explain your actions, they will understand.

Cut the Cable…

If you have satellite TV, get rid of, at least till the situation is more under control. It will save you a lot of lecturing, money and your sanity. Once you have the situation under control with your kids, you might want to turn it back on. Or you may have realized that life is so much better without the cable.

TV Dinners watching TV & obesity

Never, ever, ever let your kids have their meals with TV for company. When you eat in front of the TV, you can’t keep track of how much you eat, and that is why many people overeat when they eat while watching television. It is probably okay to do this a couple of times a year when they whole family is watching a TV show but never when your child is alone and never regularly.

If we as parents watch too much TV, our children will most definitely do the same. If you find yourself doing the things in the list below, you might be a TV addict and you should probably cut back on your own TV time:

  • Leave a social event early so you can watch TV
  • You watch TV out of habit, not interest
  • You channel-surf
  • You cut short intimate time with your partner to watch a TV show


 You are the most important role model to your children – so maybe you should cut down on your own TV habit!